New Revelations through the Eucharist

I Wait for You


November 14, 2016

L.: O God – it is exactly 4:20 p.m. on Monday November 14, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the Niño Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego, where I usually come with the sisters in the group, especially, sisters M.N., L., M., M. They are the people close to me; we come to this church to pray together – and my family also comes to attend Mass daily and to visit God. Today, especially, I can feel that God is very sad, that God misses us very much.  The church was crowded in the past days, especially on the afternoon the Door of the Divine Mercy was about to close.  Many people came to visit God, with a soul eager to ask for what they need; there were also people who never came before but they also came to ask for a plenary indulgence through the Holy Door of the Jubilee Year, to ask for what is needed in the life of each person.  That is reality, but when it comes to love, it is not only in the Jubilee Year but through the Divine Mercy; God always loves, supports, bestows, and continues to be with us when we ask, when we trust, and when we experience God’s Presence. According to God, there is no limit regarding time and space; His infinite love covers us, anytime, any period, any space, and any situation. This is the truth people must find and must believe in order to know that God loves us unconditionally, that He never forces anything on us. He just wants us to live in happiness, in peace, in the way that He already knows what will be good for us or what will lead us to misery. God recommends, He teaches, He leaves a doctrine for us to be free to choose, free to recognize, free to choose happiness or to choose the path of satisfaction for the flesh, of necessity for the current situation of each person, which will lead to many things in the future regarding justice, with what we do contrary to the conscience, contrary to the heart, contrary to the life of the doctrine.

At this time, all we know is that our understanding is limited and that God’s love reserved and bestowed upon us is infinite, indescribable, but at least we can understand that in this current situation, in the limitation of the heart and in the experience of the mind, we ask God to love and accept, to give us the opportunity to be here at this moment, to feel God’s loneliness, to feel a Father waiting daily for the children’s visit. Today the church is empty, a big church with no one visiting, everything is back to reality, back to the fact that people only know of what belongs to them, thinking only of themselves, thinking of personal gain, of what are conveniences in life – to be forgiven, to receive what is needed, and then to easily forget, to return to their old state in their habits and their way of life. Who are the few people able to come, to understand, to listen, and to comprehend the innermost feelings of God at this moment? I, and sister M.N. – we remain here with God, to listen to His words, to listen to His teachings, to listen to the truth that today we receive from the God hidden in the Holy Eucharist, the God present on the Cross, the God Present in the tabernacle, who continues to be Present at the place where the Holy Mass is celebrated daily, which is a place we revere, a place where we can listen to the divine presence, covered by love, covered by the supernatural things God reserves and gives, in the sacred sense reserved for the heart, for the soul, for the believing heart, for the entrusting heart. At this moment, we wait to receive the words from God.

Father: L., MN., My two beloved children,

That is right, the Holy Spirit enlightens and reminds you that I wait for you.  I wait for the daily voice, I wait for the practices, and I also wait for the little gestures that are My consolation, My joy and this is the reason for Me remaining here with you, for Me to choose this place, to meet you.

L., M.N., do you know that I never leave this place? Whether there are many changes, whether you leave or remain, you know I am present; even when you are busy with your own personal activities; I still wait for you daily; I always miss and look forward to seeing you.  There are children who listen to Me, children whom I chose to capture and to understand that I want to come close, so that I can speak words of advice, and I also speak words of affection for you to understand the God who is not that far away, as you think; the God who is not in the Gospel that you open and then close; the God who is not that removed on the Cross; the God who does not speak, who does not smile, who does not feel; the God in the Eucharist whom you only think of in one way when you come but you do not hear My response and My invitation, with the earnest voice I want you to clearly hear for you to know that I am always with you, that I want to walk with you, that I want to remain in your hearts, in your souls – the place where I want to dwell most, the place where I want to hear your voices, the words you confide, and your daily lives. I accompany you to share with you, to protect you, the times you lack the strength to move forward, the times you fall, the times you encounter difficulties, the times you are physically ill.

My beloved children, indeed, you know I am the Deity; the human race keeps thinking that I am a Person who can be sublime, mysterious; a Person who can fly; a Person imagined and not real. Therefore, to you, your hearts do not feel very close to Me, that distance caused you to become like a machine and your actions to become ordinary customs; you may come to pray, but in the mind and in the heart, you completely do not recognize My Presence, your words become a habit, the external form seems to have been a habit as well; as for My words, My messages, My Presence, you do not know, you do not believe, you do not see. This is something that today I also want you to clearly know; I am not a Person that you see as a statue that does not budge or an image that you look at. There is a mystery in there because I can see every step you take; I can see your state of mind, the days you are happy, the days you are sad, the times you feel lonely or the times you are full of joy. When I see you happy, then I rejoice with you; when I see you tearful or concerned, then I feel the same and remain with you; I want to share with you, and I want you to know that in this life, people may make you cry, they may make you sad, they may make you feel neglected or abandoned, but I am the one who is your friend. I am a Father, a teacher, and also a friend, but whom you forget and neglect. So, you always have a companion with you; that is Me – never lose hope and never forget that you have a friend who is always faithful. Since I am always neglected in life and in the human life, that has become really familiar to Me, I continue to feel lonely and to be alone, and I continue to wait for you; I continue to wait for the love that at times feels like a charity case reserved for Me.

Children, I am the Deity in heaven above and I am also the true Prince, but for love I become so little, I become the Person who greatly needs human love (1); because you do not see and you do not know everything, I therefore want to accept and sacrifice everything to receive the human race’s love. Children, how can you understand love? Can you understand how to love? You do not clearly know what you must do when you love. Who can die for love besides Me? Who can accept the Cross even knowing there will be pain, suffering, shame, betrayal, humiliation, slander, and human cruelty? I quietly accept it all because I want humanity’s love.

I want your love; I want you to respond by true love when you can understand love. Today, throughout countless centuries, how many people can understand this? I look for you all over, everywhere; I try every way to capture hearts, to capture the human race’s heart, and your hearts. Even though you are hardened, indifferent, even though you reject Me countless times, when you turn back and remember Me, when you return to Me and recognize Me, I am always ready to embrace you; I do not reject and I do not refuse any opportunity when you turn back and return. Who is able to know this? The all-powerful God, the almighty God, the God who has the right to judge, the God who has the right to give and take away; yet when facing love, I cannot strike, I cannot stand to look at the children I created, I cannot stand to look at the children for whom I died to save, to see them turned against Me, to see them become cold and indifferent toward Me, to see them oppose Me. You consider Me as a person to just look at, and you ignore My Passion, My sacrifice, My complete silence, for you to have love, for you to be saved, for you to be freed, and for you to be redeemed from sin.

My beloved children, this is a really sad day for Me, a really very lonely day, because in the past days, the church was crowded with the children who came from afar, who came from nearby, with anxious hearts, to ask for blessings, to ask for plenary indulgences; they came along with others, to participate in the custom and practice of a Christian, but in regard to the heart with the sobbing words from Me who is nearby, it seems that they do not see, that they do not know, that they do not believe. This is something I desire and yearn for you to understand, because humans are creatures of habit; throughout generations, people only hear but they do not meditate; they only hear but they do not know; they only hear but they do not practice and they do not feel touched. How can they know the God who still has a Heart, a Heart that is eager, a Heart that waits, a Heart that loves, a Heart that – even though rejected, even though refused – still accepts. Because of love, accepting to wait to find every way for the loved one, to find every way to lead you back, for you to be touched by My love, hoping for you to awaken, for you to be touched, for you to respond, even if only a little bit. I very much want to see, very much want to watch, very much want to remain with you, to walk with you in the midst of life, to endure alongside you the bitterness, to help and guide you, to accept the path to bring you through the ordeals of life – to comfort you, to lead you in what is inherent in life that you only see in the rationalization, in what is deemed reasonable, while in regard to what I do and give, then you reject, you eliminate, you doubt, you think is from the evil spirit, from the devil, and thus, you are limited to everything in the goodness I reserve and bestow. Today is a day of reminder for you – also a day that is very close in regard to what you already heard, especially on this day.

Indeed, a year has gone by; for countless days I see countless hearts that turned back, that were touched, changed, transformed, reformed, became virtuous and holy over the past year; but there are many who are still lukewarm and indifferent, who reject My Divine Mercy; they do not believe that I can forgive and give them the happiness they greatly need in life. This is a pitiful thing, a sad thing, for the God who still longs for those cold and indifferent hearts with that stubborn belief, for the children who deserve but absolutely reject My love. Children, today is a sorrowful day, a day too silent, too quiet, that makes My Heart shed tears.

My beloved children, who can hear these words, who can comprehend the Heart of the God who still has lamenting words, who still has confiding words, who still has moments so lonely, so forlorn, so heartbreaking, when people come to Me only with what they need, only with what they ask for, only with what is appropriate in the human world. As for what is in the divine realm, what is splendid, for people to regard in a noble way, in a patient way, in a meaningful way, in the doctrine and the truth, then, is too little in this earthly world?

My beloved children, today there are many things I already said and already confided; but that was only a small part; there is still so much in Me that is filled with bitterness. There are so many things in which today I still see how people have changed very fast; they need Me in times of crisis, in times of tribulation, in times of sorrow and misery; I cannot look away, I cannot refuse, I cannot ignore their pleas, but once they reach the shores of freedom, once they achieve their purpose and they recognize what is in a human life with its necessities, they hurry and immediately forget Me. Today, I am still lonely and I continue to be alone throughout months in waiting and I go on waiting; today is a day I would like to confide to you and to the brothers and sisters who already understand; throughout the past years you heard My words, you also understood My feelings, you did sacrifice for Me, whether in large or small deeds. Today is also a day I have been able to wait for; though the church is empty; though My children came every day and today they no longer come; from now on, they will hardly come and seem to come not to visit Me; but no matter what, in this stillness, in this solitude, in this quietness, in this emptiness, there are you, the children who listen to My words, who listen to the words I confide, who listen to the God who is defeated in the face of love. I want everyone to recognize love, the meaning of love, and everyone must continue to understand what love is. Because with love, when you define and understand it, there must be sacrifice, there must be many things as I did throughout My life with the days on earth; just know to give away, just know to endure, just know to love and accept, just know to look for all kinds of ways to teach; eventually one must end and die for that love to become victorious, to become everlasting, to become the eternal sign in the ruling with love, to lead the human race back – back to the source of grace, back to the doctrine, an ordinary doctrine yet extraordinary according to love; to act in love is to be worthy to say the word “love.”

My beloved children, I struggle and I defeat everything that is inherent in human suffering, in things contrary to morality, in wickedness, in everything upside down, for Me to have victory over death, to guide and lead you into My doctrine. The path of life still has many crooked ways; there still are many things that are not easy for people to face between themselves – people have love, but they look to things borrowed and returned; as for the true love God reserves for them, then they easily forget, they let it be, and at the same time let it become a habit. So, if you want to be nurtured by love, then give yourselves the opportunity, quiet your souls, for Me to be with you, to dwell in you, by the deeds you practice in holiness so that you reserve Me a place, even though little, yet I still want to be with you, to hear you laugh, to hear you go on with the days you must endure, for Me to walk with you and to endure with you through the days that every human life must undergo while carrying one’s own cross, for that to have meaning, for that to earn accomplishment. That is the genuine rule of a person entering into life, and in the final ending, to have victory and a glorious resurrection with Me in the eternal kingdom.

My beloved children, the door of the Jubilee Year has closed but the infinite love and Divine Mercy, which God the Father reserves for mankind, is forever from generation to generation and never ceases, so continue in the mission and your schedule; you already know, you already perceive, you have been touched, you have been sent forth; that closeness must have an inspiration and should have, which is the liveliness in you. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you must be lively in your work; you must be certain and you must trust for that life to be nourished by great things in the divine realm, manifested in you and over you, by the smallest deeds, by the greatest deeds, by the most ordinary words, or by the most essential messages that you testify to the entire world, with the most extraordinary things you already received. When people return, surrender, repent, in complete trust; then in everything, I do not ignore and I do not forget – with the knees completely in prostration, to choose Me in their lives, to return to Me with a heart recognizing what needs to be removed and with a truly repentant life, they no longer belong to the world but they belong to the heart of heaven, of the divine realm.

I always, always look out for you and let the Holy Spirit remain with you.  He will help you on your daily path, which has difficulties and challenges, but your difficulties and your challenges will earn you accomplishments, will bring benefit to the people around you, will bring benefit to the world with the testimony of the truth as you bring faith to all people with what is known, with what is heard. That action is to remind and attract people back to Me, to a love that is the only love that can give them a happy and peaceful life, full of meaning in this world and thereafter in the infinity of heaven. It is not asking too much when you cannot, but you must return with a sincere heart, with a contrite heart; you must reform your lives and resort to My grace for Me to help you on the path of perfection, of holiness, of reformation. There are still many things with necessities; if you want this, then do not forget the gift Mother gave (2), which is the path of life that you need, which you must have, because thanks to that, I can see what belongs to you in the Spirit of God, for Him to continue to lead you, for Him to teach you, to enlighten you, to help you recognize between good and evil, recognize what is good, recognize and choose your path to happiness today and for the future of the soul. No one can know it all with just one step, no one can be perfect, and when there is something good that guides you to what is divine and does not have explanations but gives the soul peace and hope, then that comes from Me.

Those are the matters that today you can feel; what belongs to the divine realm cannot be described by words, but it is that faith and implementation that brought you a gift too big for today’s humanity, which is also to let you recognize in terms of what is ordinary, which are matters that must be practiced in life to lift up what is best for God and return what He reserved and bestowed, but people still cannot understand and still cannot perceive this yet. This is something divine God chose to give to the human world and at the same time you can also prevent everything inherent in reality that is arrogance, the way people have chosen for themselves with what has become the routine and rule of human banality, forgetting the frail human condition that needs help, that needs divine providence, that needs God’s enlightenment and guidance, and that needs God’s protection and intervention – for you, for each one of you, for mankind in general, for each soul, for each of your lives. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; everyone has flaws and strong points, but what is in goodness becomes strength, things in faith, to entrust and trust, which will help people keep away from situations, help lessen the realities people tend to look for in a human life but forget about what is inherently great that they need to have, which can only be realized with grace, to help them pass over the bridges and overcome things that are being shaken, controlled, and dominated in the life of every class, every role, and every person on earth.

Today, this is all I am saying; I hope you do understand that the door of the Jubilee Year has closed but My Divine Mercy still exists; additionally, the gift from Mother will lead you with the days you see and feel; at times helpless, at times lonely, at times seeming to be devoid of hope and light; this is the way of the enlightenment, arising out of each person, which you can feel in faith and experience in striving. My Word remains, My Church continues; there still are many wonderful things, and in the mind and heart you have another gift offered: to experience the Presence when you surrender and prostrate. Do not think of what can be today and what will be tomorrow, who can know that? Recognize soon what belongs to you and always cultivate it to become a condition for your daily lives, because you encounter the Holy Spirit through a humble life, and you encounter the Holy Spirit when you practice what He taught; you can also decide on what brings you joy, what makes you sad, overcome temptation and what is surrounding you in the midst of the earthly life.

Children, the days are indeed present but there are many things that must come to an end; the day has come, I try every way to lead you to return and also to let you see that everything outside of My love cannot last permanently. Today, you recognize what are in the needs, in the requests, in the return; the pleas were answered and were given to you, but it requires a faithful heart, a persevering heart, a heart determined to live in the truth for the doctrine to last and to be raised, there must be boldness to decide in the life of each role, each class. Especially for those who have high positions; if you are swayed by the influence of the positions, swayed by all that is contemporary, if you lose touch with things that violate the laws, then you cannot avoid what is inevitable, which is what has been predestined for the human world. The day has come for everything to be completed and all the events will come and are coming; I have mentioned this many times, it all depends upon your acceptance, your return, your unity, and your faith. There will be things that God will intervene to wait for mankind, and everything will be defined and centered toward one single place; that is the surrender and the return so that you may belong to a world that God the Father has arranged and planned – a new world. What remains is a world being purged and continues for people to recognize the conscience, to know that My doctrine is not only written in the pages of history, either closed or opened, but to be practiced in the human life. This is the day that evil people, arrogant people, people who do not follow the law must be exposed to the light; what is evil will be completely burned and no longer exist on earth; what remains and exists then will be for God the Father to decide what belongs to the new world.

So, in everything today, do not look at that as victory but you must constantly pray and continue to pray; pray, and pray for what has not yet been fully recognized and has results, pray for people to walk in one direction, which means to be determined in the truth and to practice the laws that will not be offensive to the creations of God the Father and will not be offensive to the precepts. Because I desire people to be happy, to be peaceful, and to be blessed, I pour abundant graces that you cannot receive in “time” – graces bestowed from on high, poured out abundantly upon humanity, which is a pity because this is what God the Father wants and wishes. I also let you know that this is something I yearn for humanity to receive; but you made the wrong decision, you followed your own path, you placed reality above all of My laws. You forget the salvation, you forget the Creator; you even forget, distrust and reject the Divine Mercy, and from your weakness, you opened the door to evil. Your lives rely on the clever and sophisticated ways under the guise of civilization, which is a justification; with no correction, with no sanctification, with no transformation, rejecting sanctification and what was reminded to the earthly world. These are the final stages, the stage of decision and also the stage in which you cannot refuse what is in the predestination arranged by God the Father. The world must come to this day; you really need to return soon for you to stand firm and not be afraid when every catastrophe comes, when every disaster comes, when everything happens unexpectedly; those are the events that people cannot survive, those are the big tribulations affecting the whole of humanity in which a certain number of people will certainly have to die unexpectedly. There are very important matters people must face in the truth; if you know what needs to be known, if you hear what needs to be heard – for you to prepare the soul, for you to prepare yourself – then do not fear; no matter what happens, stand firm in your standpoint, the encounter that you beseech and that prostration will be covered by the light of God, through the meaning of each kowtow, you belong to God, you have assistance and help. But if you do not know and you continue to be apprehensive, relying on what people do not believe and do not practice, then you will be frightened and extremely terrified for the days that are getting very close, which people cannot avoid, with everything that will enter the days of purification.

I desire that today there are children who are prepared for the life of faith, prepared for good deeds, prepared for what is good and holy; you cannot decide on your own but you must rely on what is divine for you to believe and peacefully accept what comes to you – even if those are things you cannot tolerate or cannot accept – this is something in common in the world, in every country, in every nation; there will be tribulations, to remind people and for people to awaken to return to what is true, to what belongs to God. As for what belongs to the human race, with your belief in idols, there will be an answer; what is contrary to morality and ethics and does not come from the truth will be destroyed and will completely cease to exist on earth; as for what belongs to God, and what has been blessed, it will remain with the new world that I reminded and bestowed to you.

Today, God confides these words – this is also said in a sentiment simply with love to lead you back – and desires that you understand, for you to soon recognize what is greatly needed in life, to strengthen the life of faith, to eliminate what is unrighteous, to return with a true and sincere heart, to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, for that fire to be kindled, so that you may understand the love God reserves for His children. The Holy Spirit’s teaching helps you distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, in order not to fall into the devil’s snares that are so pervasive today that in every age, in every part, in every role, people are falling into personal gain, into the clever civilization; into matters people do not care about leave to the era, ignoring all matters. You must have a heart, you must have a conscience, you must have the time to belong to God, then you can understand and recognize – what belongs to man will disappear but the works of God are eternally bestowed upon you and every soul. This is the day I want to remind this, for you to have a clearer understanding in the divine mission reserved for those who are selected to profess, to witness, to pioneer, who also hear, know, through the days with the Door of the Jubilee Year at this parish; I come to you and you represent the people who hear, who know the words I confide and the words I remind to the world, which are words that you need to hear today, for you to prepare for yourselves and to prepare for your souls.

My peace be with you L., and with you M.N. With both of you coming here, indeed, it is at this time that I see many brothers and sisters coming to visit Me in the chapel as well as here; I see the prayers, the contrite hearts, the heart thinking of others, with prayers to the Divine Mercy that I want to reserve especially for you at this place, also to reserve graces for that special hour, for you to understand that there are many brothers and sisters who are able to receive, to return, healed in body and soul. Trust that what you pray for I will realize for you. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children, goodbye L., goodbye M.N.

L.: O God – today is the first Monday of the week, I and M.N. are supposed to and must stay with Father the whole day because it is also the first day after the closing of the Holy Door. Father is very sad, I can feel Father’s loneliness; anywhere I go, there is no other place like this place, there is no place like this place – the place where I with M.N., with the brothers and sisters, have heard Father’s teachings, heard Father’s voice. We have peace when we are close to Father, we feel removed from the external world, from the days of toiling, working for the livelihood, and dealing with all kinds of things in daily life. Father – Father reserved for us everything; took care of us during the past years; it was Father, teaching us to speak, to pray, to sacrifice, to do penance; Father also teaches us about righteousness and gives us the strength to leave and to reject what has defeated us through years of sin and death, with imperfections abounding in us. Today, thanks to Father, we learn to understand maturity, duty and responsibility, though little, yet we can see that Father loves us more. No matter what we requite, it cannot be compared to what we offer to Father today, though little yet Father still loves, still accepts, and gives us more than what we sacrifice: these are things from the truth. Father, please help us, even if the world rejects, even if people do not know, do not believe, but we will always remain here with Father, remaining here until the last moment of our lives. Let us kneel before the Eucharist; if Father takes us back through death, we still kneel before the Eucharist to revere, to worship, to thank, for things that Father does for me in particular, in general for the brothers and sisters, with the days of happiness, the days of encounter, the days of peace, consecrated to Father at this place.

I represent all the brothers and sisters who still do not know, who still do not believe. One of these days, Father, urge them, for them to know, to hear, to believe, so that together with us, united in love, we thank, praise, honor, and prostrate with the meaning of each kowtow that we respectfully lift up on their behalf. One of these days, they will by themselves lift up to Father and they will represent us to pray for the world, just like the brothers and sisters who are on the path, and everyone will be wholeheartedly united to worship, to praise, to honor, to continue to revere the only God to whom we surrender, prostrate. Then everyone returns to Father, in one heart, to honor and praise, to ask Father to be the master of our lives, to be the master of our generation, to be the master in every class, in every nation, to be the master of everyone – in each soul, heart, and body.

I thank, praise, glorify, and honor our God, now and forever. L. completes at exactly 5:06 p.m. on Monday, November 14, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the Niño Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego, where we complete the message from God, with the words that touched my heart and made me cry for the all-powerful and almighty God. Because of love, He cannot be merciless, He cannot be heartless, and in loneliness, sheds tears for the human world, seeing the betrayal of people, and still accepting, and continuing to bestow upon us His love and His Divine Mercy to lead us back. What other love can compare? Who else can do that for us? What was proven through death and the Five Holy Wounds? Today, we cannot reject the prostration, we cannot reject what is needed to lift up to God, and we cannot remain stubborn and hardened. This world must surrender and return for God to realize great works over us and in us to bring everyone back; to bring all nations, all people to surrender, to revere, to praise, to honor the God we worship, the God worthy for us to worship, the God we must worship; besides God, there is no other Supreme Being ruling over us whom we can prostrate to. I ask for God to come, I ask for God to listen, I ask for God to accept; may many people know so that they unite with us to kowtow, to praise, to honor, to wait for the day God will come a second time in the life and in the world of humans.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God: the Door of the Jubilee Year has closed but God’s Divine Mercy is forever. The Six Kowtows will encounter the Divine Mercy; the Six Kowtows will lead us to understand the duty of a human being; the Six Kowtows will help us learn to be humble, to learn to become little and simple, to receive the blessings and graces God reserves for us in this human world. Please help us open our ears, our eyes, our hearts, to understand what is most essential that we can receive, practice, and lift up to God, for everyone to be rid of their arrogant hearts, to remove what is in the human condition, to focus on what is best, on what belongs to God’s creations, to offer to Him, by prostrating, by surrendering, by revering, by worshipping, by repenting, to ask God to accept, to forgive, to lead us into days of hope, days of improvement, days of transformation, days with God protecting a powerful nation, for God’s laws to become natural, for us to live in peace and happiness, for us to understand the meaning of the first day God blesses this powerful nation. As inscribed on the American money: “In God we trust” – so may God’s laws be with us; what is needed in human collaboration is for those who have positions and who are selected to represent a powerful nation, to represent the world, to enforce God’s laws, for us to be protected, to last, and to continually have the protection in God’s love and Divine Mercy.

I complete on this afternoon, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God; please accept our prayers; we yearn and wait for the coming of God, through the Six Kowtows that today we continue to testify to – to pioneer, for everyone to hear. May the Holy Spirit enlightens us, work in us, help us, for us to reform and return to our God – the God full of love, the God rich in mercy, the God who sacrificed His only Son, the God who washed away the sins of the world, through the Second Person of God; the God who is in our midst through the Spirit of God, to guide, to work, to help us return to the truth and the doctrine that God longs and waits for, for each person to mature, to receive the graces of the remaining days and the days we have the Eucharistic Jesus with us, teaching us. His Presence shelters us, protects us, for us to have this day, to not forget the Five Holy Wounds of God imprinted deeply in our souls and hearts. We must mature, recognize, contemplate, meditate, revere, worship and honor; so that with Mother Mary’s teaching, we are worthy to be the people to surrender, to prostrate, to honor God by the meaning we lift up, through earnest prayers, with each kowtow, to help us be stronger in faith, to help us be determined and bravely speak up about what people hardly use in their souls, in their hearts, to practice by the prostration. Today, those things are needed to teach us to be humble, to become little, to look back at our human condition to respond to God’s love and Divine Mercy, to teach us of the real victory when we have God – with God, with God’s providence, with God’s intervention, with God’s listening and acceptance, for us to have victory over this human world, for us to return to reformation, to perfection, to holiness, to be worthy on the day we completely surrender and every knee shall bend; all prostrate in one heart – every country, every nation – to wait for the day God comes for the second time to the world.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, one more time, I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. L. completes at 6:12 p.m. on Monday, November 14, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the Niño Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Juan Diego. We conclude on this afternoon the words of God, the teachings of God; we hear the words of the Holy Spirit and He teaches us to lift up the words on behalf of all the brothers and sisters all over the world, to keep on with this, to continue in the life of pioneering, to continue with the prostration, to continue to glorify and honor God in our daily lives, by earnest prayers, for the Holy Spirit to guide, for the Holy Spirit to enlighten and inspire, for us to live in His way, directly and indirectly. One more time, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Blessed Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 

  1. In His divine nature, Jesus needs absolutely nothing, but He chose to need in assuming a human nature; He needs our love, for example, because it takes two to be in a relationship.
  2. The Six Kowtows


New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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