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You Cannot Change what God Established

You cannot change what God established

May 4, 2015


O God, it is 11:16 on Monday, May 4, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statues of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Theresa, and St. Juan Diego.

I just had the opportunity to receive the messages from the Holy Spirit and from God.

May I also receive a message from Mother. Before I receive a message from Mother, I asked to take a picture, to see the picture from last night.

This morning, the Eucharist is still present, darker in color, even bigger, and with many more pictures around, which made me feel there are many urgent matters. God also sent messages to people who have roles and ranks for their works in life.

Today there are many things we see that cannot be understood with the normal eyes.

Everything has a reason. God is the Person who clearly understands and clearly knows.

We are simply the people who receive.

Whichever work God wants us to do, then may we do that work.

How God wants us to practice, then guides us for the Holy Spirit to be in me to help and grant the messages in which God reminds each person in particular, and in general for the circumstances that happened and are happening.

There are certain concerns that God wants to say to the children all over in humanity.

Each time like that, I also firmly believe that there are many things Mother also wants to remind us.

In the world today, there are many important things, we cannot be slow and falter with the works God wants, as well as reminded by Mother.

Now I am ready to wait for the words from Mother -the words that God reminds, for the sisters and brothers in the world.

God wants to remind the ranks of the clergy as well as those dealing with the situations they created.

Matters that are not in God’s law, serious matters that cause others to see there is no unity and are not in the way.

Today’s world is like a world in rebellion, in trouble, with many divisions, scattered because of the rifts.

People do not follow God’s law, they do not follow a life they need to enable them to perform, continue to connect and spread the Good News.

Truly, God wants to come to all of His children in the universe in the remaining days of the end of the century, to remind us, for us to believe and unite in one direction, one Church, one program.

We pray for God to intervene and help lead us out of the difficult situations, the tribulations as well as the troubles and revolts in today’s world. Now I wait to receive the words from Mother to come to me at this moment.

Blessed Mother:

My beloved Lucia,

Today is something for you to be able to recognize.

That is correct, this is something urgent.

Through you, God wants to send a most recent message through the Blessed Sacrament, revealed in general to today’s world, with the entire truth, with all matters that are true, with things that God bestows, the Presence of the Holy Eucharist, for people to recognize this true voice, to rouse the soul, the conscience, the matters in which people are acting in contrary to the doctrine and all the laws.

People are being divided and scattered by the evil spirits in the life of faith, in the life of service.

My beloved children,

God always bestows upon you the best.

Everything that He can give to you, from the entire sky, the entire universe, and even the right to be His children.

He never abandons you, in every generation.

It is the same with any generation; God uses this way and that way for you to recognize the voice of heaven, the lively voice that God sends to the world and to you.

So with everything that happened and is happening, He already sees and already knows, but He still allows you, because that freedom still belongs to you, that right to choose still belongs to you.

The good deeds as well as the holy deeds, things that create the opportunity and the convenience, are also from God to you –  all the conditions in every generation.

All of you are His children.

From the first time period till every generation, in rebellion, refusal, disbelief, hardheartedness, indifference, or depravation, it is still love, because you receive the word “God is still full of love”.

Today you can come close to Him, with things He allows out of love.

He so loves humanity that even with all the violations and offenses, He still continues to give you the opportunity to see, to recognize the mistakes, to reform, to return, and to receive the graces in the last days.

My beloved children,

Today I want to remind of the main points, with the concerns that Jesus wants to remind, especially and particularly to the clergy, to the ranks of the Church, the people who are serving in the program who are separating from the Church on their own, ordaining on their own, having a separate Church on their own.

That is something that should not be and cannot happen in today’s world.

My beloved children,

There were many issues in every century, through the years, because of authorities, individuals, human freedom, the ego and personality, achieving and demanding the rights with the realities in life.

People only like appearances and because of these appearances, these disputes, certain matters whereby you do not walk in God’s way, you will be the people who create the opening for the evil spirit to attack.

It attacked and truly led you into its way, just wearing the garment on the outside with the works you did, based on the works in the Church, but you are not the people who are in the Church, you are the people who separated themselves, you were determined to take the path of disobedience in regards to the words left according to the doctrine, the program of the Church.

God does not force you, but I know what is right, what is wrong, what happened, and is happening in today’s world.

My children who are in the Church are also the people whom, because of their ego, because of their weaknesses in the life of faith, because of their immaturity, were corrupted by the evil spirit that raged on, causing you to disturb the order, the points that God established for mankind on earth.

My beloved children,

Because the first world is the world in which you stumbled and offended, in the ranks of truth, sin is always close to you, and the reality of being human, with greed and unrighteousness, became heavy, from the conscience, or the goodness, or the nobility that is in the depth of the heart.

Subjected in the human body were desires and preferences in self-interest, in lust, in personalities that people had, so they were wrong, accepted to be the minions, followed those wrongful laws, continued to disrupt with superficial ways, silently.

However, they were wrong with all that was done to the Church of God today.

You are able to distinguish between what is right and wrong; which person is true, which is false –  though they both wear the same garment, God is the Person who sees and clearly knows their souls.

The people who are true are also suppressed because the realities of the human world are with the talents, arrogances, abundances, the matters people fight for, the appearances, the functions, things that they prefer on earth, while God desires to meet the heart, the zealous heart, the heart that loves, the true and genuine heart that does not need the appearance.

God uses and bestows the means for you to recognize this in a very clear way.

As for what is greed and selfishness, then no matter how ingenious, sophisticated, or well hidden, they can still be exposed in today’s century.

This is the opportunity for you to recognize what is true and false, in all roles, in all components, in all eras and in all problems of life.

You are confused between good and evil, confused with the wicked as well as with the holy people.

You need to look clearly to remove all things people consider as the interior secret that no one knows about.

These people have functions, but they sell out their own brothers and everything belonging to the law that is needed in order to live a pious life.

They make inferences, cause confusion, and they attack and destroy, as minions.

You were mistaken and followed the evil spirit in the darkness, which enchanted and fascinated you with things you indulge in and prefer in the world of reality.

My beloved children,

You read those words or heard of them through the Good News and the Gospel, but you do not follow and act according to the ways that God wants.

You use your own work, with distorted thinking, and explanations with the words to win you over, the fancy words, words that sound logical for you to separate yourselves from the works that God wants since the primitive beginning.

My beloved children,

This time is also the time to make the decision regarding all matters, those who stay, and those who leave.

The decision is also for the matters that you can recognize, which is to prepare for the soul, for the life of faith by deeds, for the battle.

Return to receive forgiveness and salvation in the remaining days, in the time of blessings and graces, for you to be wise and lucid.

Acknowledge and be conscious that all deeds will achieve significance by the repayment from your accomplishments.

All the collaboration from the evil spirit will end up with certain things, if you are not vigilant, if you lack prayers, if you lack love, if you do not walk in God’s way, through His doctrine and commandments, then you will fall into the snares in the present.

The evil spirit will cause you to be scattered, to be divided, to think that your talents can establish a separate Church, and continue with matters that never happened before and are happening in today’s world.

There are certain things that are happening in the world that are the wondrous deeds God gives especially to the world, but there are also the frightening and repulsive troubles for a sophisticated world from the evil spirit whom you allowed to rage in this century.

So you lack the ingenuity to recognize which matters are from the evil spirit and which matters you must turn back and accept, in order to practice the truth.

There is no need to flaunt the works of God.

The works of God are for you to recognize the calling, the reminders that come to you, the words to bring people back to righteousness, the words of truth to help people keep apart, and step out of the snares of the evil spirit.

As for the words today that use ingenuity to conquer, to please the ear, to make the children in today’s world be able to hear according to their understanding and inference, they are not truly loving, do not truly unite and carry out things that God wants, but is only a superficial theory. That is something fearful and also belongs to the sophistication of the present world.

So those people who have the spirit in life that you easily know and recognize is the true simplicity in a sincere heart, true matters they can live with, such as matters that though not completely similar to what you see, in love and support, but at least they complete with responsibility, by boldly voicing and testifying to the truth.

People need to keep away from the evil spirit, the love of appearances, the functions, the reputations, money, ambition, self-interest, and many more things.

My beloved children,

Jesus endured the sufferings on the Cross.

Jesus continues to endure with the days still in the earthly world, through the Holy Eucharist.

His Body and Blood still continue to endure the mistreatments of people, the apathy, the indifference, and the disrespect of mankind.

God still continues to be with you and intervenes for you.

The moments that no one else can help you and intervene in the world in the remaining days such as these, remember that everything you hear and know are not a coincidence, this is something that is happening and happened.

You need to remember, what God established, you cannot change.

Things that today you further separate yourselves from and further allowing for the appearances, from matters in which you demand equal rights, rights with what you had and have is also a gap.

Though you open your mouths to speak the words of God, to be of service to God, you were greedy, and you fell into the snares that led you away from the Church that God established, away from the love of Jesus Christ, away from My support and protection today.

My beloved children,

All the works that were done and are being done are something against the doctrine of God, against the law that God established right from the first moment.

Do not allow those works to go increasingly deeper and become too apparent in the separation.

Today you, the people who truly love God and truly live for the Good News and the Gospel, lend a hand, unite in love, listen and embrace the request and the reminder from the Pope whom God chose for the remaining days.

What people need to embrace is a blessed being, a Pope.

God, through graces, blessings, reminders, and through the words that God, through the Church and through the chosen ones, brings the voice of truth –  the voice that He bestows to the highest function in the rank of the Church –  to invite people to return, unite, and perform what you forgot and became habits in life.

All classes, all roles, be determined with all matters that were done in error, and in separation –  you must return, you must truly give up all things that happened and are happening.

Recognize Mother’s voice, Her reminder.

Any day that you separate, any day you remain apart and do not unite, then on that day, you allow the gap for the assault and attack of the evil spirit.

It will control you and will cause you to waver in all situations in today’s world.

With all deeds, with all the influences common to the necessary works, God invites humanity, in unity, love, and support, to live according to the Good News, according to love.

Live a life where you turn back to one direction and recognize that mankind must embrace and return with a heart fervently beseeching, by the prostration, by things in which you must come to God by heart, soul, sincerity, repentance, remorse, giving up everything and with a heart united in one love.

You need to return to God to beseech Him to forgive, in the days where you cannot deal with the evil spirit in the human world, where you cannot escape from the fearful snares of the century where you are present.

Since all things were foretold, which is also the conclusion, the days you cannot refuse.

Alpha and Omega came into the world, the beginning started through generations, and the Omega generation is the last, and are also the remaining days of the end of the century.

You saw the appearance and the horrifying and terrifying progression, so from mankind’s wickedness and sin, from the devil raging and controlling those who allowed him to enter their lives, this is also a period in which God bestows, to save you in this generation.

There are many events in today’s generation that are filled with abundant graces, with love, and full of that love.

God wants mankind to have extremely great opportunities to meet, to be touched, and to receive abundantly.

These are days where you receive the intervention in the human world, closely, for you to see what God bestows from heaven upon the world with wondrous deeds.

Prepare for the remaining days, you will be able to do wonders.

If you do not listen and return in these most recent days in the century, you will continue to be mistaken and you will continue to walk on the path of the darkness.

Your eyes of faith are being blinded by the darkness, which caused you to be charmed by money, ambition, functions, appearances, and passions so that what others have, you also have.

My beloved children,

This time period is a time where there is no need for outward arguments, for disputes of interests and of functions.

This is a time for silence, for prayer, for practicing deeds that bring about goodness, charity, and sacrifice, all with a devoted heart, to testify to the truth, righteousness, and the Good News, to help the sinful brothers to return, to help people who worship idols and who walk in error under the devil’s control.

You need the strength of unity and be steadfast to testify, and though you are experiencing challenges and sacrifices, you still have the light covering the soul, covering the righteous and covering all deeds.

God will be the final winner to bring you into a new world, a world that is being prepared, a world excluding all hatred, jealousy, evil and the weaknesses of mankind living in iniquity.

So for all the events that are coming and are happening today, you certainly must be vigilant, you must pray, you must believe, you must return.

Return to God by the prostration, by the Kowtows, which you absolutely must practice in your lives in these remaining days.

The meaning of the Kowtow and the meaning of the feeling is your heart, your soul, your body, every time you truly bow and prostrate before the Holy Face of God, before the Blessed Sacrament, before the Cross, before the altar, before the Divine Mercy picture, and at the places where you believe and know that God is present.

If you prostrate by your heart, by your soul, God will certainly allow you to feel peace.

You will be able to pronounce words of repentance, the words that you forgot to say your whole lives, at your deathbed, in the moments of tribulations, in the moments where you have no one else to entrust to.

These are the last opportunities that God bestows upon the century; the days you are living in are days of blessings and days of graces.

To know more, continue to listen and recognize the messages in which God reminds, in the past days, today, and in the days to come.

Today is also urgent because I want Lucia to return to the place where I first gave a message.

And, there are many other things.

I also desire for you to be prepared.

This year is the beginning year; thousands of people have died suddenly, in the countries and in the nations where they do not believe in God.

That is also a gap for evil to rage and to take over your souls.

There are two other places where you also must be prepared; those dreadful tribulations are to wake people up in the human world today, wake people up because they acted against the doctrine, the morality.

You need to return to God.

There is only one path which is the path of repentance, to prepare for yourself.

There are events coming that you cannot expect, but no matter what, if you truly understood what it means to return to God by the prostration, then you need not fear, because only the seal of God can guarantee the salvation of your souls to overcome those events which mankind cannot avoid.

Much is covered by the evil spirit today.

God will intervene and will help you, when you believe and when you return, and when you recognize that God is present in the midst of this world.

Do not continue to make mistakes, to err, and to walk on the path of unrighteousness.

This is something I want to remind today in general to you and in particular to those who are stumbling and falling into these situations.

The law of God cannot be changed.

Whether you choose to return or not depends on each person.

Do not let those things that you prefer in today’s world, the appearances, to lead you in sophisticated ingenuity.

I do not want to see you fall into the devil’s snares, in the wickedness of the modern civilized world.

Use that modern civilization to serve with the good deeds, in virtuousness, and in holiness.

There are many more blessings that you can receive, with faith, in the days you are seeking to return.

Come to the Blessed Sacrament; come to receive the Divine Mercy of God in order to be cleansed through the everlasting water that God grants to those who return to Him.

In today’s time period, with the events ahead, you must be resolutely strengthened in order to overcome the difficulties and sufferings which mankind cannot avoid in the remaining days of the century.

This is all I am saying today.

I hope these words I give as well as the words Jesus reminded this morning, and the words of the Holy Spirit are very clear, in order to train and guide people, for them not to fall into the devil’s snares in the present, for the children who receive and listen to avoid and lessen.

Listen and believe in the existing deeds, present through the mystery of the Holy Eucharist.

God bestows upon your world, to strengthen the life of faith, to intervene, for the deeds, spiritual yet existing in the midst of the human world.

This is all I am saying today.

I hope you understand, and those who are falling into this situation recognize and receive the graces God bestowed, is bestowing, and will bestow, to those who return, who practice what God wants, through the Gospel, through the Good News, and through His doctrine.

I love you very much.

Goodbye children.


Lucia: O our beloved Mother Mary, I thank you for giving me strength, for the clear confirmation to help me be bolder in the past period. Though many years have gone by, I am always very careful with each word, with each message.

I just want all things that belong to God to be realized in me and over me, for what comes from Mother to come to me and lead me on the right path, for me to report and say the words God wants me to say, to say the words Mother reminds and wants me to say.

As for the other matters, I do not want and I do not even know, do not even want anything from the thinking, the inference, or the sensation.

I just know that when I come here, I completely do not know anything to say, and do not know any meaning to evoke.

I do believe that what God bestowed and is bestowing, God will have a means to use me according to His way, and Mother is also using me to bring Her words and use according to the way Mother wants.

I completely entrust and trust.

I lift up everything to God.

I lift up to Mother my whole life, for me to completely be the instrument for God to use me, for Her to use me.

Mother uses me in the way of Mother, She uses me to bring the words to remind the world of the events, to remind those who are falling into the situations today with the errors, with the deeds against morality, with the mistakes as people unintentionally and deliberately let the snares of today’s world charm them.

Today Mother brings me here to realize all the messages for the world in general and in particular for those who are listening to Mother’s words, and to help me boldly move forward in the life in which God gives me the opportunity to be His instrument and Mother’s instrument, to speak the truth, to speak from righteousness and justice.

May the brothers and sisters awaken and return in today’s world, return to God with the prostration, with the Kowtows and with repentance.

Return in time, before the days the events will come and will happen in common to the world.

Mother, please save us, lead us, bring us back to our God in His love.

At this moment, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I do not know what else to say besides the words of gratitude for God.

On behalf of the brothers and sisters, we thank God, the Holy Spirit who helped me complete the message from God and Mother, for me to report.

I also thank the love Mother grants specially for me in this morning, to come here to receive the words from Mother; the reminder, the care, and her intervention for us to gaze at, contemplate and experience the love with which Mother helped us in the past days, today, and in the days ahead.

In the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, I thank God, I thank Mother.

Lucia completed this message from Mother at exactly 1:49 on Monday, May 4, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statues of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Theresa and of St. Juan Diego, where Lucia has the opportunity to complete the messages of God and Mother in this morning.

I thank God, praise God, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera.



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