New Revelations through the Eucharist

Pope St. John Paul II: Return to Divine Mercy

john-paul-iiApril 29, 2014

L.: O God, it is 12:10 a.m. at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, in front of the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, and also with the picture of Pope John Paul II. O God, this whole day, I have been longing to pray to You for me to receive the words of Pope John Paul II. The Church canonized him on Divine Mercy Sunday. The Church in heaven and the Church on earth officially honored him as a saint, and this is possible from the fact that the Church had the evidence of the miracles that he had done, from the grace of God, and these miracles are the proof for the saints, whether they had departed a long time ago or just recently, to be officially canonized on this earth. Pope John XXIII was also canonized on the same day as Pope John Paul II, officially, on the Divine Mercy Sunday. The Church on earth honors Pope John Paul II as a saint.

These events took place two days ago. Today is a new day. It is 12:15 a.m., the first hour of April 29, for us to pray to God. We are present here and we just offered to Blessed Mother the Rosary. If God wants, I would like to pray to Him to give me the opportunity to meet Pope John Paul II, for me to receive the words that he wants to say to this world, for me to receive the words that he wants to say to the future generation of the remaining days, for him to talk about the works that God did, that God is doing through him, for our faith to be strengthened, for us to be able to recognize everything divine that God had poured down upon the world on the Feast of Divine Mercy, which is also the day that the Church officially grants the plenary indulgence for Christians who had completed the novena. There are so many more things in the divine realm that each of us recognizes and just received on Easter, in the Octave of Easter. These are all the events that are happening in today’s world, which is also a period of time in which we are able to see all the works that the Church is doing, which we think are not a coincidence but a plan from God, for each phase, for each era. There had been events happening from the divine realm, there had been events happening from the graces that God pours down upon our world. If we have absolute trust and we use our eyes of faith, then we will be able to see that the Love of God is always with us, that the Love of God continues to pour abundant graces upon this world, though we are falling into the snares of today’s society.

There are so many things that need to be changed, so many things that we need to rise from and step away from – doing things out of habit, things that are not done in the right way that Jesus had led us in the years when He was present on earth, 2,000 years ago, for us to look back into history, into the teachings that God wants to see realized in this world, to be natural and supernatural through the graces that God gives to the world. O God, we could take a look at all the works accomplished by the Popes in history. Each Pope brought to the world glorious works, in the life that God had called and chosen for him. There is nothing in this world that is not a blessing from God. There were so many occasions that the Popes had recognized as deeds from God. The Popes are the ones in the place of Jesus, and they also are the ones chosen by the Holy Spirit. The Popes are the ones who go on with the teachings, the Gospel, the truth that Jesus brought to the world, on their shoulders and in the works that they did, from the minute they had received their faculties*, to the day when they were chosen for the most important rank in the Church, to be Popes, to be the leaders of the Church, in the entire world.

Through their lives, their works, their discourses, they bring so many things to the sheep of God. God entrusts them with this responsibility. Their acts of righteousness, the decision from God choosing them, comes from their holiness, their benevolence, the way they live with their hearts, toward humanity, toward all the sheep of God. As we can see, today their deeds were rewarded. They were canonized and became saints. This is the highest reward for a religious person who had consecrated his entire life for the Good News, for the truth, and this could be seen through the Popes, who bring only the love, the peace, the mercy of God, through them, to renew what was missing and had been lost. These are the things that we are able to see in this world, in the history of the departed Popes. Today is a feast day** that we truly receive, and we pray to be able to meet Pope John Paul II.

O God, from the works that Pope John Paul II had done, Your choice was a great honor, as He was a great person that You had chosen for the world, in the works that He did when he was still on earth. God had revealed to Him the Divine Mercy***, the Divine Mercy that God wants to be proclaimed all over the world, through him. The Divine Mercy of God brings back the things that we had forgotten: love and salvation. In our lives, we start to forget about the teaching of the truth that Jesus wants to bring to the world, for us to have peace in our souls, and for us to have the eternal, happy life of heaven. Through the death of Jesus Christ, through the departed Popes in history, the Gospel continues to spread further by the previous Popes, through their lives to bring the lost sheep back, to help those who are not able to understand yet what kind of religion Christianity is. In the history of the lives of these Popes, their accomplishments were immense. No one can deny the love that the Christians are practicing, and the invitation in truth and righteousness continues for all generations.

It is the same thing today; the divine blessings continue to be poured down for our world. There are certain works that we cannot do by ourselves, it is the Holy Spirit who is working, and the Spirit is working through those who have been chosen. We cannot deny the ways of those who live a truly consecrated life. Jesus had chosen the Apostles, and these apostles of Jesus Christ, through an honest life, through a holy life, attract a multitude of the children of God all over the world and bring them back. They are coming back to being a Christian, to being a person who is able to recognize God. They are coming back to a religion that brings love, mercy, forgiveness, benevolence, and Jesus Christ is the One, through Pope John Paul II, whom today we are praying to receive a message from.

O God, we might not be able to talk about all the works that Pope John Paul II had done. We might not be able to describe all the love of God through Him. He was an exemplary person, the most high in the ranks of the Church, with the right to make decisions. He was a shining example regarding humility, meekness, benevolence. He had a way with the people who were looking to return to the Church, to return to Jesus Christ; who recognized peace, who had respect for all religions, who had respect for those who have freedom of choice in this generation, and when these people came to Pope John Paul II, all of them were united in a single truth, in one love, and in one direction toward the Most High who is our God. In everything, God left us the freedom. To God, time and space means patience and waiting. As for mankind, whether we make the decision or not from what we see and follow depends on each of us, depends on each of our roles. When we recognize from our hearts the religion of a Most High, mighty with power, we have but one God who is God the Father, and Jesus, His only Son, who was on earth, with the Holy Spirit working in every century and in today’s world.

Let us spend a little time in quietness for us to meditate on all the events that are happening in this century, on anything that can help us make a decision regarding our spiritual lives, a decision very important, for our souls to be able to receive salvation, through Jesus Christ who died and rose on Easter. He rose to bring the Resurrection to mankind, to bring renewal and to bring to all His children the shining example through the Pope who had departed, as well as through the present Pope today. We are able to see the history of each Pope. Each of them showed the blessing that God wanted them to bring to the world, in a clear way, through their lives, along with their roles as well as the works that they accomplished with their hearts, with the truth through their master, Jesus. Pope John Paul II accepted the responsibility of an apostle, for Him to guide the sheep of God to the moment He departed. The succeeding Pope**** has also accomplished everything according to the teaching of God, in benevolence, in holiness, in a life full of love, in the teachings of Jesus Christ our God.

Saint John Paul II: Dear L.,

Do not be reluctant regarding everything that is on your mind. Everything that God had planned and had given, to whomever, that person is to receive. The responsibility of that person is to accomplish the things in the spirit, in the soul, in the way that the Holy Spirit wants you to realize.

Dear L., I am very happy to be able to meet you. This is happening, not from your own will, but is God’s action. We cannot understand the way God works. Though I am no longer living on earth, though I was a Pope, in the Love of God we are His children. We are the children who have been called to serve, and you need to devote yourself to do the works that God entrusts to you, so that there will be things that will be realized in the world, according to the things that God wants you to do in the world.

Dear L., one more time, I repeat it, I am very happy. I am very pleased and happy. God allows me to meet you, and you are part of the future generation in today’s world, whom God has chosen to be among those to bring the Good News. This is a great grace that God is pouring upon today’s generation. No one is able to understand the things that God does and the choice that He makes. Just know that the works and the service that you are doing come from the Holy Spirit who is dwelling in you. With the permission of God, everything will be realized, in a perfect way, in a cautious way, so that no one can protest and no one can deny the graces that God has given to His children on earth, just as the blessing that God gives to the departed ones, or to the ones living on earth, for them to be able to meet and to have a message for the things that you long for and desire.

Dear L., maybe you are still reluctant with the graces that God is giving to you. I just want to remind you of one thing, for you to be able to see everything that you have done in the past months and years. You have met the saints. The works that you encounter are from God’s plan and arrangement for you. Today, it is no exception in regard to me, as with the departed saints, and the highest honor for me is that today, the world and the Church have truly accepted me into the ranks of the saints. Along with the brothers who had departed, I am one who is also accepted, in this world where so many events are happening in today’s society, with worries for all the remaining brothers. Everything is from the grace of God and that fact helps us to be stronger when we are accepted by the Church, the Church on earth and in heaven. We only know to pray for our brothers, to pray for the people who are still on earth, to pray for the entire world, and especially to pray for Christians.

Dear L., maybe there are certain things that make you worried and fearful, with the works that you are doing and are receiving. Do not be tense; be calm, for you to receive each word, each sentence. A human person cannot do this; you know that only God can make this meeting between you and me possible. Though everything is written in history, God wants to remind this generation of certain things, the abundant graces given, the fact that you live in this century, all the things that He gives to the Church, the many concerns for the world in this period of time, the Church’s concern, Jesus’ concern. He wants everyone to know about the deeds that He did, that He is doing, through the divine graces and through the miracles, through us, the departed ones, and even the works that He did through the Holy Eucharist are for the faith in people to be awakened. In regard to a life in faith, in regard to the faith that is at its lowest point in this generation, everything will be renewed. God has planned for things to be renewed and the changes will happen by the graces that He pours abundantly on today’s generation.

Dear L., I served in my life with the role that He chose for me. To the Church, to all the laity, I was a Pope, leading the Church, to bring the Good News and everything that Jesus wants, for each Christian and for each of His children, for them to live in His Good News, for them to meet Jesus and His Love, the love for which He had died on the Cross, the love from which He had brought salvation to humanity, the love that He continues to give to the world, to the Church, to the priests, and to all the children in the Church, who are the Christians. What is it that God longs for and desires? In those days when I lived on earth, I was able to do the works that God entrusted to me. I wanted to accomplish everything that God longed for and desired. Spiritually and physically, I was able to persevere and I did my best till the last minute. I had done all I could in my life of service, with my responsibility. I just wanted to do the things that the Holy Master, Jesus, wanted. I just wanted to serve with my love, offering my whole heart, in the way that the Master meets the children all over the world.

All the faithful, all the brothers in the ranks of the Church, and all the sects wanted to understand the intentions of Jesus through us who are the Church, to be able to bring peace and the truth that God wants for everyone to practice and to live in that life of truth. The freedom was left to each sect, for them to make the decision when they recognize the invitation. We are the people who practice the divine works that God blesses us with. In their lives, with normal eyes, if people delve deep into the teachings, into the Gospel, then the truth is clearly stated, with those who recognize and who practice the teaching from Jesus, which is a teaching about love, a teaching about salvation for all*****, a salvation to bring life to everything that is dead, to bring a new life to those who are caught in a world surrounded by evil and sins. The Love of God is the love that saves all those who open up their hearts to receive. It is a conversion every time they recognize the truth. The power of God will bring His children back with their hearts, and a life of practice for those who listen to the Good News and who practice according to the Gospel. Everything should be done according to the law of the Church, for the brothers. The teachings are full of the Spirit in Jesus Christ, in the love, in the benevolence, for us to continue to be united to those close to us, for them to also learn about Jesus Christ, through the lives of those who are our leaders.

Dear L., today is also the opportunity that God gives to me, as well as to you, for me to talk a bit about my life. I simply accomplished my mission and I did everything that I could, with all of my capability, with my heart lifted to the things that the Holy Spirit guided me to do. I just let God decide and I allowed God to work on me, and so in my life of service, I simply did all the things that God wanted me to do, just as today, you are doing your duty. Do not think about being too insignificant or unworthy, just accomplish your duty. Whether a person holds a small position or a high position, teaching the things that God gives to their knowledge or being in a life chosen for the positions, in the eyes of God, everyone is the same. Everything, according to God, according to love and to the heart, we are the people who bring the Good News, we are the people who do the works that God wants us to do. This is something that we do not need to worry about, to fear, to hesitate, or to be reluctant about; instead, we need to exercise our duty and responsibility with heart.

Dear L., there were so many graces that God gave to me, and there were many blessings that He gave to me, for me to have the opportunity to serve till the last minute of my life. With faithfulness and obedience, all the works that I did were not of my own but it was the Holy Spirit who worked in me and it was the Spirit of God who guided me. For this generation today, and the future generation, like you, in the works that you do, do not look with the eyes of the world but look with the eyes of faith. When God wants, then everything could be done, on the brothers and the sisters in Christ. We are the children of God, in the same love that He gives to us and He chooses us.

Whether in the past generation or in this generation, there is only one purpose, as the saints had done in their lives, to praise God, to glorify God. That is the life that we need to live, with humility, with belief in God, for Him to guide us in this life. No matter which role, no matter which responsibility, no matter which position, if we truly have God in our hearts and we truly believe in Him, when we do the things that we need to do, and when we practice the things that we need to practice, this will bring many benefits to the brothers and the sisters in the whole world, for them to return to our Jesus Christ.

Dear L., everything that God gives to us, this day of honor, I am very happy on this day, a day that all the children of God, the people in the Church, all of us who have one Father in heaven, are celebrating. This is also a day, a historical fact, for me to be officially accepted by the Church on earth, for me to be canonized. I have the duty and the responsibility to pray for the brothers in the ranks of the Church. This divine event cannot be explained. This is a grace that God gives to us, for us to continue to support the Church, when we are able to hold the title that the world is giving to the saints. Though the world has accepted everything officially, all the things that everyone in the world concurs; to me, God had already blessed me, for me to be in heaven, the happiness for me to contemplate Him and to be with Him, right from the moment I entered heaven. It is such a joy.

Indeed, the things that Jesus had done for mankind, the things that Jesus had done for His Apostles, were done with great care. Indeed, only one thing is the happiest for us, which is for us to be the children of God, this is the happiest thing possible, and there is no word to describe this. I just desire for your generation, for my brothers in the ranks of the Church, to follow the life that Jesus urges in His teachings and His Good News. Not only live it daily, but continue to truly live for the Good News of Jesus Christ, recognizing the moments when you receive the love that He reserves for mankind, so that on the day you leave the earth, you are able to come to heaven. There are so many surprises, so many joys and the bright light for all of the children who have accomplished the works and returned to Him.

The Church faces challenges, difficulties, with issues that need to be resolved. The most difficult problems and the challenges are also the journey for every priest, for every role that God chooses. The path of suffering is the path of love. The path of love is the path to meet God. The path to meet God means we have to go through the challenging phases in life, so that when we go through those sufferings, we can feel and we can recognize the Love of God, forever with us, never leaving us. When we pray to God asking for help, He will definitely hear us, and He will continue to guide us, for us to be able to see a new window in a life of faith, and for us to be able to see the grace that He pours on the children who are serving God, no matter in which role. All that is required is our hearts, the hearts as Jesus desires in today’s generation.

He is present for everyone to be able to meet Him, from all ranks, for everyone to recognize that His Love is always there, always with the Church, always by the side of each person, when they open up their hearts to accept the love, through the Good News, through the celebration of the daily Mass, through the hands anointed by the Church to all the brothers, to the clergy. It is a great, divine thing that God established through the Body and the Blood, through the celebration of Mass. As long as the Church exists, the celebration of the Mass continues to be offered for everyone on earth. As long as the celebration of the Mass continues, the grace of God and the Love of God still meet each person when they open up their hearts to worthily receive the Body and the Blood of Jesus, for the Body and the Blood of Jesus to work in them. It is in a divine way that God works on individuals with the recognition, with the awareness when they open up their hearts, when they truly receive the Body and the Blood of Jesus.

There are so many events that happened in my time, as they also happened during the time of my succeeding brothers. There are certain special things in every period of time that God wants to summon and to show the meaning in each Pope entrusted with the duty, the things that He wants the world to clearly recognize in the role of those who are still on earth or who had departed. The works and the ways the Popes accomplished their works will forever stay in the history and the hearts of mankind. Everything that happened to me came from the blessing and the permission of God, for me to recognize the Divine Mercy that God brings to the world, to all of His sheep, to invite humanity to return to Divine Mercy.

Today you are also being reminded of the grace, that through the Holy Eucharist, He wants to meet all of the children, to remind all about the Divine Mercy, alive in this generation. There is no one who does not know about the Divine Mercy of God, there is no one who can deny the things that the world needs, which is to be able to recognize and to feel the Love of God through the Divine Mercy, to transform, to sanctify the world, for the world to be renewed. The anguished Jesus Christ desires the world to know Him, to recognize His Love, to practice the love with which He wants to embrace all of His children – from the Church, to the laity, to those who have diseases, to the sick in their souls and in their bodies, even the sinners or those who had left the Church, who had done wrong that had influenced so many of the sheep of God; and from those errors, from the things that they came up with themselves, the brothers had not recognized the teaching of God, and they had not recognized Jesus Christ. He just wants to bring to humanity the teaching of love, the teaching of peace, to bring to humanity eternal life in His kingdom. This is the meaning that Jesus wants to bring to the world.

In the days when I was still on earth, I learned about Divine Mercy through the revelation. Today, I am being reminded of Divine Mercy, through the revelation from God to you, as well as the things that you are able to receive today that testify to the fact, clearly important, through the Lord’s Body and Blood, through the Eucharist offered today, that He is alive, continuing to spread the things that people need to hear, that people need to know and to practice. It is through the living of Divine Mercy that you are able to receive the Plenary Indulgence, through Divine Mercy that just ended in the Octave week, which is also the day that the Church chose to canonize me and my brother.

Dear L., there are many things I would like to talk about, to you, who are the person who receives the words, but probably, you are not able to understand the things that I want to say, because the works that I had done and the works that you are receiving are from the Holy Spirit, who wants to give to today’s world. The events that never happened before are happening today through the people that He chooses in this world, which is the most simple, the most normal, but which is the most extraordinary, the most amazing thing that Jesus is working in your generation. Everything will become legitimate when God wants it, at the right moment that He wants, and when He wants to realize it, everyone definitely will be able to receive. What God does, no one can have the proofs or be able to understand all the things that He had arranged ever since.

Today a divine world is truly meeting the earthly world, with His permission, to be able to meet and to share everything that I can share with you. The reminder is for my brothers to continue the spiritual life that He chose for them, to completely fulfill the roles as guided by the Holy Spirit, for them not to fear the challenges, for them not to fear the oppositions. We simply lived the truth, to prove to all the children in the world today that God only brings love and peace to the world, that God only wants mankind to repent, to return to Him, to return to the infinite Love, to the immense Love that He has waited for from mankind for so many months and years. In this century there have been so many miraculous events – how can we not believe in the amazing signs that He reserves for today’s world?

I desired for this meeting, which is also the opportunity for me to meet the people on earth with a real voice. I pray for God the Almighty to bless all of the people in your generation, for you to do the things that you are able to do when you receive the Good News of God, for you to practice the true teaching, to be guided in the things that come from the truth, from righteousness, with love as the purpose, which is the salvation that He gives to the world, in the hope that mankind will be renewed in the salvation, to truly become the children of God, with His teachings, with His laws, with the things that were established for mankind to follow the way, for us to avoid evil and sins. As long as people are still breathing, there are still weaknesses, there are still thinkings, there are still choices, and there are still certain things in life that are not easy to remove, with the greed, but there is nothing that God cannot do. If mankind believes in the Resurrection as they celebrated this day of solemnity, this is an everlasting history, which our God had accomplished on earth, which brought us salvation, the everlasting light for those who are in the darkness. As for the things that need to be changed and that need to be made right, when we open the eyes of faith, then we will see the bright light. He did that for humanity and in particular for those who are serving, for them to truly return to God, for them to fulfill their roles, in the divine way that He invites all the brothers. There are so many things that God brought into the world today with the reminders. He is Jesus Christ, alive, through the Holy Eucharist.

In this testimony, I have the permission to meet the people on earth, with a real voice, to testify to everything that had gone by in history and the things that are present, for the purpose of bringing mankind back to God, of bringing mankind closer to God, through a life of action. Understand that the Good News still continues to be pointed out through a life in the truth, in the teachings, in which we can see the Divine through the extraordinary works and the Love of God, the love that is always present, the love that wants to meet every heart, when the people open their hearts to recognize the things that God gives to your generation. These extraordinary events are happening for the people on earth to recognize that we are children of God.

We are able to enjoy the things on earth when we open our hearts, when our hearts truly follow His teachings, when we fully act in the duty of a life being called, through the role and the function received in the Sacrament of Ordination. The brothers in the ranks of the Church need to return, they need to collaborate with the works that are being realized through the current Pope, to live in the way as promised in the consecration to Jesus Christ, to proclaim the Good News with the things that we had, that we are having, and continue to have. Jesus is present in the Church. His Holy Spirit is working through the present Pope to clearly remind mankind that they have to return to nature and every supernatural deed that God works on the people who are living in the world.

Everything belongs to the plan and the arrangement of Jesus Christ from 2,000 years ago. He is alive. He continues to give permission to all the miracles that are happening. He is saving mankind in this generation of darkness, in today’s society, where evil and good are mixed together, for mankind to find the true light through the salvation that He brings with the Resurrection. He wants to change mankind, to change their faith, for them to recognize the closeness, to recognize the love that Jesus wants everyone to come to Him for and to return to Divine Mercy to be forgiven, to be sanctified, and to be transformed in the love that He reserves in a special way for humanity in this period of time, to save many, to guide those who are in the darkness to find the way back, to guide those who are in error in their thinking regarding a religion that is true and that has a Most High in the divine realm, always by our side. The things that we believe in and pray for, they will happen and they will be proven with all the extraordinary events. They seem quite normal but they bring the benefit to a life of action, to a life being called, to a life of love, and to a life being poor in spirit, to be practiced in this world.

Dear L., today I am giving you this message, to share the words that you long for, in meeting me. I still see many things in you, with all the questions that you want to ask me. Find an opportunity and pray to God. I will meet you one more time to say all the things that you want to know and will certify everything that is happening in your life, in the events that give you the opportunity to be a witness for God, and also to be a messenger of the remaining days, chosen by God through the Holy Eucharist.

Dear L., believe in yourself and be strong to do the works that God wants you to do. No matter which role, in regard to the people who had been chosen, God is with you and He is working on you. There is no need to be fearful, just move forward and try harder, for you to accomplish the divine mission that He entrusts to you in this world. Remember, the next phases of the journey will have many difficulties. When you speak about this, it will not be easy to be accepted, this is the same as in the past history of the world. Anything that comes from God that you have known and testified to – everything will be clearly proven. No matter how long it will take, everything that belongs to God will never fade away and the things that are true and that are happening in this generation will never be denied. May God bless you with peace and continue to guide you, giving you the grace of the Holy Spirit, for you to continue to testify for Him, and for you to do the works that He wants you to do. One more time, I thank you for spending the time to meet me in this encounter. May God continue to pour His abundant graces upon you and help you through the phases of the journey for you to be strengthened, for you to show everything that you have been able to see, to hear, to know, to testify to the truth that God is working on you and that God wants to perform in the life that He invites you to. Goodbye L.

L.: O God, indeed this is something that I feel in my mind, which I still cannot fully believe in, so I am still reluctant and there are still certain things that I truly do not know that You have done and that You are doing. In the past months and years, I had received the messages that You had allowed me to receive, from these saints, to other saints. The testimony was clear through the messages that were recorded******. There are certain things that are so new, like these messages that I am able to receive. I am very reluctant because in my mind and in my thinking, I do not know absolutely anything. I do not have any reasoning or any words when I meet the people in the Church, to be able to receive the messages from them, so I completely entrust myself to the Holy Spirit. If I pray to You and You give the permission, then the saints will be able to meet us, and we will be able to receive their messages. And if I do not hear anything then I understand that maybe it is not yet the time and the moment. Today, indeed this arrangement does not come from me. I had looked for a way to meet Pope John Paul II, on the day of his canonization. Today is already the second day, it is already late, and when I completed the Rosary, I thought that Mother had arranged for the longing and this is the place that Mother wants me to meet the Pope, in the first hour of the second day. All of this cannot be my own decision but are the signs that God gives to the world. These are the things that simply as a person in the group of humble people, I continue to accomplish the things that God gives to me, with the opportunity to be His instrument, for me to be able to hear and for me to be able to receive the messages that God gives to me in particular, and in general to the Church and humanity.

The things that God gives to me in His way with the saints, allowing the saints to be able to speak with their voices, to the people who are serving in the grace of God, and to all the people that share in a life of faith. The departed saints, in their lives of service, they left so many accomplishments to the world, yet they are humble, they never talk about their accomplishments but always praise God and glorify God, in the life when they were still living on earth. When they become saints, they are still humble, and they continue with their mission so that they can glorify God. As the future generation in this world today, we are not worthy, we are simply the small grains of sand among the multitude of grains of sand that God uses, allowing us to receive these roles. May we truly trust and may we accomplish the things that God wants of us, in the same way that the saints brought His words to share with the world. This is the greatest happiness for our generation, to be able to have this grace, to be able to receive this grace.

I do not know what else to say besides these words to thank the grace of God, to praise God, and to glorify God. I thank Pope John Paul II who has given me this message and who also has given a message for the Church. This is the testimony that he truly has gone to heaven, and that two days after his canonization, I had the opportunity to receive his message, to receive the words of remembering, to receive the words of confidence, to receive everything on this day. The departed person is in the spirit to glorify God and the person on earth is also the person who glorifies God, so then in our lives, no matter which role, we should decrease, for Jesus to increase, in the spirit of those who serve Him, of those who have been chosen, who have grown in the love that God wants, for humanity to return to the Divine Mercy, with charity and forgiveness, for mankind to have an eternal place as promised, which He has obtained for humanity through His death, to bring the light to many, for them to return to love, for them to return to the salvation that He gives to the world. The only thing needed is the collaboration of mankind, with heart, to meet Him, to trust in Him, and to understand that His teaching is a teaching of love, a teaching for mankind to live in peace, a teaching to bring the happiness that mankind has forgotten in this world.

While we are still breathing, let us come to our God, let us believe in Him, and let us truly live with the truth that He brings to the world. Let us reject evil, let us reject sins, and let us reject the modern attractions in our lives, of this era, of the conveniences. If we do not know how to do things in the correct way that God gives to each individual, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit for good deeds, then we cannot show in our lives that we need love, that we need charity, that we need poverty of spirit, so that the conveniences of life do not control us and do not cause us to distance ourselves from His teachings, leading us further away with the pleasures, with the modern views that are the cause of the errors in the teachings that God wants to realize in all of the children who have been called for roles in the Church, in the invitation to each Christian today.

The Love of God continues to bless us with sanctification, transformation, for us to be cleansed in the love that He reserves in Divine Mercy for the departed saint. He revealed a great grace to humanity in the things he accomplished for the world. There is no one who does not recognize that Pope John Paul II is the Pope who brought the Divine Mercy to humanity, who testified to the Good News through the five Luminous Mysteries that the Church has today, and who testified to all the works of God. Through his works, God used him to bring so many things that God wants to recall to humanity, to recall to the children in the ranks of the Church, with the Good News, for his teachings to forever bring salvation to a life tied to passions, to jealousies, to the things that belong to the world of sins, which are luring all classes, luring all the duties that are living in the spirit of a child of God, of a Christian, in unity, in action, with the things that everyone has to know in a life of goodwill, in a life of love, practicing everything that mankind ought to know.

For all of the children in life who are able to be the children of God, who learn the teachings of God, who are able to understand the truth, they have to live in faith, hope and charity, they have to entrust themselves to God and trust in Him, through His works and His concern for each person in the world. In every century, in every situation, we look with our hearts, to understand that God came with Divine Mercy, for each person, so that when they repent and they come back, then they will be able to meet Him. If we believe in God, we will be able to transform our souls, our views, our lives, to practice the teaching of love, to practice with the righteousness that God wants everyone to receive. The gifts that we acknowledge from the transformation in a new life, they are not on this earth, but we have a place in heaven, for us to enjoy and to forever receive the graces that Jesus had brought to the world, through His salvation, hoping for mankind to collaborate, to practice the words that He continues to recall to us.

For mankind, because of God’s Love, and because of His Mercy, He continues to forgive, desiring for mankind to repent of all the wrongs in the life of being the children of God. Those who have been chosen with their duties and responsibilities also need to come back to Divine Mercy to receive the forgiveness and to receive the love through Divine Mercy. Our world today has heard much news and seen so many extraordinary events about Him wanting to meet the children in the entire world. Prepare for a life in faith, always try to live a life of discipline, believe in the words spoken by Jesus, who is expressing Himself through the saints, who reminds the world to come back, to be ready for the events that we cannot avoid in this world. Everything is in motion and we need to be prepared, as we are surrounded by the battle between evil and good, in this generation.

We are the children of God, we live in His teachings. Through the Divine Mercy of God, we are able to be sanctified and to be transformed, for us to always be the children who believe in God, who trust in God, who return to God with our hearts. This is the waiting that Jesus reminds us of, and even the departed saints continue to remind this world through the sharing that we receive from them. Their messages continue to be alive in our generation. This is the grace with which He wants to strengthen the faith of humanity through the works that are truly happening in our generation.

At this moment, I do not know what else to say besides these words on behalf of all the brothers and the sisters, on behalf of all the people who listen in love, on behalf of our generation and in God’s Love that allows the saints to come to our world and to give the messages to help people return, to help people recognize the Love from God, in every era, till the last century. Even in the world where there are so many sins, God still loves, and forever God still shows love, to sanctify and to transform humanity. This is what we are able to recognize. Let everyone listen. Let everyone receive the message that Pope John Paul II gives to the children on earth, in this generation. The things that we are able to know, to hear, are the truth, in the divine blessings that God gives abundantly to our generation. At this moment, I do not know what else to say on behalf of all the brothers and the sisters in the entire world, those who listen, those who receive, in order to believe in the truth and in the new discovery, in the history in which God allows a person in heaven and a person in the divine realm, to meet, to give a message to our present generation, to meet the people on earth. This is a miracle; this is the power of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist, who gives to our generation in this present time, who gives these particular graces to His children. We have to stand up in our faith, and with our faith recognize the words of Jesus and the words of the departed saints who remind us. These saints are the saints who also bring us so many things that are true, to prove that we are children of God, that we are able to receive the divine gifts, to strengthen our faith, to remind us, and to guide us to return to love, to return to the truth, to return to a world where God gives abundant graces through Divine Mercy, to welcome the children who return, and for the sinners to have the opportunity to repent, for the Divine Mercy of God to forgive them and to give them the salvation in the remaining days.

L. a complété ce message du pape Jean-Paul II. C’est aussi un message de la direction de l’Esprit Saint. Il est exactement 1:25 h. Une fois de plus, dans le Saint nom de Jésus, je remercie la grâce de Dieu, je loue Dieu, je glorifie Dieu. Je remercie aussi maman. Par la grâce divine, la mère est présente à cet endroit, pour moi d’avoir l’occasion de prier Dieu, pour que Dieu permette au pape de me donner un message pour les enfants dans le monde. Je remercie le pape Jean-Paul II. S’il vous plaît continuer à prier pour ma paroisse, ainsi que l’église de Jésus. Il veut toujours apporter toutes les grâces à travers l’église pour donner à l’humanité, aux enfants, aux chrétiens. Je continue à demander au pape de prier pour moi, pour que je remplisse le rôle que Dieu veut. Bien que je sois timide, si je ressens dans mon cœur les grandes choses quand nous avons l’occasion de recevoir les messages des Saints, tout est par la grâce de l’Esprit Saint, qui aide à me fortifier, pour moi d’ouvrir ma bouche, pour moi de reconnaître , et pour moi de recevoir les messages que Dieu veut, pour me donner l’occasion de rencontrer les Saints quittés, aujourd’hui, et aussi dans les jours à venir. S’il vous plaît continuer à prier pour moi d’être fort dans la mission où j’ai l’occasion de servir Dieu, à travers la Sainte Eucharistie. Il veut que nous ayons ses messages, et il permet également aux saints de donner à notre génération les messages aussi bien. En ce moment, une fois de plus, je remercie la grâce de Dieu, au nom Saint de Jésus, qui est notre Dieu. Je remercie la grâce de mère. Je remercie aussi le pape Jean-Paul II. Alléluia. Alléluia. Alléluia. Je remercie Dieu. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Je remercie Dieu. Je remercie Dieu. Je remercie maman. D’une manière divine, la mère prie pour moi et la mère me permet aussi d’être forte pour continuer à recevoir le message avec l’arrangement que la mère veut que je puisse rencontrer et recevoir les messages des Saints. Mère veut que je sois en mesure de recevoir en personne, pour moi de proclamer toutes les œuvres que Dieu fait, et a fait. Dieu veut aussi fortifier tous ses enfants quand ils ouvrent les yeux de la foi et voient toute la vérité, tous les miracles qu’il fait, qui continuent dans cette génération, dans le siècle où nous sommes présents aujourd’hui. C’est la joie que Dieu me donne en particulier, et en général à tous les frères et sœurs du monde, avec les grâces qu’il réserve pour tous ses enfants, pour ceux qui ouvrent leur cœur, pour croire et pour comprendre les œuvres de Dieu , qui continue à aimer, qui continue à se fortifier, et qui continue à donner l’occasion aux gens qui vivent vraiment une vie dans laquelle ils croient en Jésus-Christ, à travers la Sainte Eucharistie qu’il donne pleinement à ses enfants dans le monde d’aujourd’hui. Si nous croyons que nous serons en mesure de voir les événements extraordinaires et miraculeux qu’il réserve pour notre génération, dans notre vie de foi. Une fois de plus, je remercie la grâce de Dieu, je remercie la grâce de la mère, je remercie la grâce de l’Esprit Saint qui m’aide à compléter le message que j’ai prié pour ce soir. Je remercie le pape. Amen. Amen. Amen.

* Faculties are the powers/abilities conferred by the Church in the Sacrament of Orders to fulfill one’s role as a deacon, priest or bishop.

** That is, referring back to Divine Mercy Sunday two days earlier

*** He was indispensable in promoting this private revelation in Krakow, Poland, from his time there in the episcopacy through his papacy. On the day he canonized St. Faustina and proclaimed Divine Mercy Sunday a solemnity, he said, “This is the happiest day of my life.”

**** This is a reference to Pope Benedict XVI, whose time as Pope, too, is now over.

***** To clarify, this means salvation available for all.

****** The way L. receives all the messages is through interior locutions. L. speaks the words as they come and they are recorded with a small recording device before they get on paper.

New Revelations through the Eucharist


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