New Revelations through the Eucharist

Come Back to God with Your Hearts


October 30, 2013 – 11:37 a.m.

Blessed Mother: L., A., My dear two daughters,

This morning, both of you have made me remember the time when I was living on earth, the feelings that I had, facing the day of the Passion of Jesus.  The extreme sufferings and the other things that you were able to read only described a part of My feelings, but there were sufferings that I endured that were a hundred times worse.

My beloved children,

Today is a day that made Me think of those past days, the sufferings that My Son had to endure for mankind.  I also had accepted to walk with Him, to walk the Way of the Cross. Everything that I silently accepted I offered up to God the Father, with the purpose, along with My Son, to redeem mankind. Do you know My feelings as well as the feelings of Jesus on the day He had to walk the Way of the Cross? The feelings of Jesus today, as well as My feelings, are the same feelings of suffering as in those past days, when I had to witness the tortures that the soldiers inflicted upon Jesus, My Son, and also towards Me, in the same way we are being treated in this present world, with indifference, with insensibility, with callousness, which throughout many years, because of love, He had endured for mankind, He had endured for the world.

I still continue to look for different ways to help My children who are on earth, for them to understand the present situation, the sins committed, the truth that throughout so many years, throughout so many centuries, you still have not been able to recognize. You still have not been able to recognize the truth of God. You still have not been able to recognize the Love that God has for each person. You still have not been able to recognize My love, by the side of God, praying for you, hoping that you see this love, for you to change, for you to reject sins, and for you to walk away from the bondage of sins that are dominating you in today’s world.

My beloved children, in the world that you are living in today, you cannot see the dangers, you cannot see the things that are distancing you from the Love of God, distancing you from My embrace because of your sins, because of the lures that you are passionate about in today’s societies. You are living in the darkness. You are living in sins. You are denying the power of God. You are rejecting the words of God. You do not listen to nor do you act on My counsels. I have interceded for you to God, for you to recognize, through many eras, the sinful ways that you have been living in, the things that you burden yourselves with in your daily lives, the things that you deem important, while your souls are starved, and your thoughts and your spirits are lacking righteousness. You continue to walk in sins, in wickedness, in the lures of the passions, of the comforts, of money, of fame, of the pleasures in life from lust, and other indulgences. People are always unsure about things in their lives, though they have received the graces from God, though they have been blessed with the sacraments, but people still have their own ways, they do not do the things that they say they will.  They can hide their actions from everyone’s eyes, but they cannot hide from God, and they cannot hide from their own consciences.

I only hope that all of My children will not be foolish, that they will not do things the way humans do, for their own ego, for their own interests.  Those things dominate you, they do not lead you to the truth, they do not lead you to the plan from God, they do not lead you to live in the truth that God had left for you. He had left His teachings to you. I have also taught you the things that you need to learn in your lives, in these end times, in this century. You have to repent. You absolutely have to come back to God, because you will encounter the tribulations that will happen, as written clearly in the Gospel. This world cannot last forever, because this world was created by God the Father, so one day God the Father will have a way to either re-create it or destroy it, to create a world that He desires, a world in which He wants His children to live with worship, to recognize God as the Father of mankind, to recognize His Love, and to recognize the love for each other. That is the world that God is waiting for, in these end times.

You are living in a very short period of time. The things that you have been able to hear, to know, to receive, they are miracles, they are the power that God has revealed to the world, through My reminders, to remind each soul, to remind each of My children. Allow your souls to have the time to find God. Allow your souls to learn about the things that you need to have for your spiritual life, because you will all have to face God, some of you sooner, some of you later.  You will definitely have to face God. I do not want to see My children in this world heading for the place that God does not want them to see, because of the ways you live for your ego, because of the sinful ways you live in, leading you into death. You cannot see the sufferings and the darkness that you are living in, because of your sins, but the consequences that you will have to bear will be a thousand times more than when you are living on this earth.

Your souls were redeemed by Jesus when He came to the world. He evangelized you. He taught you. He guided you. He helped you. He died for you.

My Son had accepted the Cross, He had accepted His Passion, with all of His accomplishments, from the smallest ones to the ones that you saw, up to His Death, to bring you back. He is the One Who had brought you back, from death back to life.  Your lives were given to you from Jesus, for you to return and to receive forgiveness from God the Father.  For that reason, it was a tremendous work accomplished by My Son. It was an immense accomplishment. God so loved mankind that in everything that God did for you, in everything that you would not have been able to do yourselves, you cannot understand the dangers and the immense, magnificent value of what God had done for humanity.

I was able to see that, and that is the reason for Me to constantly be by His side to pray for your shortcomings, to pray for your daily offenses, to pray to His Divine Mercy, to pray for the people who have been led astray, who do not recognize the Light of Jesus Christ, who do not recognize the light of the invitation, who do not recognize the things that are righteous, the things that are good, who are deep in the darkness of sins, who are still passionate about the pleasures in the world, who are trampling on the Love that God has for each person on earth.

My beloved children, I always grieve for humanity.  I am in heaven now. I am in the eternal place. I can see everything.  Do not be foolish. Everything in this world is temporary. You have to accept everything that happens, because of the sins committed. This is the journey that you have to accept, with everything that you encounter in this life. Every person has their own crosses to bear.

I always remind you and I invite you, you who are living in this world.

The first parents had sinned. I also lived on earth, a descendant of the first parents. The first parents had sinned, they had disobeyed the commandment of God, but God had given us the opportunity to be able to come back to Him. He had given Me the grace, on behalf of mankind, to live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for Me to help you to see the joy and the glory of God, to see the things that God did to save mankind, to bring you out of the world of darkness, for you to return to the light of heaven, for you to return to the Source of great joy, from the Love that God had for Me, and for all of mankind.

You are My children. Listen to My counsels. Look at the past generations, at the stubbornness, at the hardened hearts, at the people who did not listen to the invitations from God, who did not see the magnificent joy.  Look at history to see – how many people were able to recognize, for them to return to God, in heaven? In these end times, through so many centuries, through so many eras, I still continue to come to remind you. I still continue to come to protect you. I still continue to help lead you away from the darkness, away from the earthly passions, away from the things that people tend to do, without knowing the seriousness of their wrongful actions, violating the commandments of God. I always wish to bring to the world the love that you need. God had taught you, but you did not want to practice it for each other. You continue to live in hatred, in jealousy, in competition, and you allow evil to rage in the ways of the world. You have fallen into the trap of the devil, and you keep staying in it. You do not listen to the invitation from God to you.

You do not listen to My counsels. You do not listen to My messages with My tears, you do not listen to My messages with My tears of blood.  I came to you with My Heart, to remind you, to wish for you to be able to remove yourselves from your bad habits, for you to be able to change your hardened hearts, your stubbornness, your ways that are not from the truth.

Come back and believe in God. Believe in the Love that God has for you. Believe in the power of God to help save you from the darkness of sins for you to come back to Him. You have to listen to My counsels. This world does not have that many days left, and these days are also the remaining days of this century. I cannot see you heading for the abyss, sinking deeper into the darkness of sins, in a world where you do not know that you need to receive the graces from God, that you need the help from God, that you need to hold hands, that you need to treat each other in a united love, to get away from the traps of the darkness. You need to be united in love, for you to be able to hear the invitation from God, and for you to have the support from each other to fight against the traps that harm your souls, that destroy the world that you live in, that lead you into a place of darkness, in an open and straightforward way, in the sophisticated way of today’s societies, in a way that people will recognize as reasonable. You have been deceived by the cunnings of the devil, you have been deceived by the modern world.  You are falling into the trap, and if you do not listen, if you do not come back, if you are not determined, then none of you will be able to get away from this trap.

My beloved children, I have reminded you about so many things. I have taught you, clearly. I just want you to take a look at this world with the current situations regarding the economy, the fighting between nations. They focus on the things that harm mankind, that divide mankind, that bring about the desire for victory, either for the nations or for individuals, because they have erred, they do things under the influence of the devil, who is dwelling in their bodies.

You do not recognize the things that are righteous, you do not recognize the love that can bring you back, you do not recognize the things that you need to reject from your actions in today’s world, fighting for the religion that you considered worship, wallowing in selfishness, in the things that you compete for, things that do not come from the heavenly truth, but from the ways you live for your ego, fighting for the things that you want to achieve for yourselves, to satisfy your desires.

You have erred. You have acted against the teachings of God. You continue to kill each other, in the nations where you had received the Love of God. God had taught to the nations that He had lived in*, the places that He had invited, in the nation where He was born, in the places where I lived, and in the nation where the history of God is evident, to invite His children to come back to unity. You are the people who had received the teachings and the invitations before the other brothers. You are still hardened in your hearts. You are still stubborn. You continue with your evil actions in the world.  With those hardened hearts, with that stubbornness, where will you end up? There are still killings between brothers. There are still wars. Wars within nations, within families, within societies. You continue with your daily killings, for what?  Where are you going with this? You are acting this way because you do not accept God, because you have gone astray from His teachings, because you have gone astray from your worship.  You continue to have days without peace, the peace that your lives need to have, the peace that only God can give to you.  This is the mistake in this century, and it is becoming clearer with each day. Every day, you still fight, you still kill each other, in blindness. You do not recognize love, for you to be able to sit with each other in peace.

God wishes for each person to be able to find the truth, for you to receive the joy and the peace that God has for each of you. Through His Cross, He still continues to give His graces to the people who believe, to the people who follow Him, to the people who know the signs that God gives to mankind, that these end times are the times where you need to come back.

The world does not have the time anymore to be hesitant, with the obstinacies, with the stubbornness, with the foolishness in a life where you continue to trample on each other, where you continue to fight for your own victory, where you continue to kill each other, from the adults to the babies. Use your consciences to take a look at the innocent babies that you have involuntarily caused to die, by your actions. You do not see the hunger in the world. You have destroyed with atomic bombs. You have created weapons to kill each other.  You continue like this,from one century to the next, to accomplish what for your lives?  You continue to live in the sins you committed.  It is because of the sins you committed that people who live in the world end up with diseases. Everywhere, things are getting worse – because of your evil ways, from your rejections of God – for you to correct your mistakes, for you to return to being the people who were created in the beginning. Everything that God created was natural, giving life to humans, giving eternal peace, not only in heaven but also on earth.  All of this had been corrupted by human reasoning, by human stubbornness, by human sins, by human desires to dominate in this world, and by not accepting God. You continue to be selfish, to be hateful, to compete, to live in that kind of life.

You know the things on this earth, you see the sky, you see the earth, you see space, you see the animals, in everything that you see, you know that they do not come from you, you know that they come from the Most High, Who has power over the whole universe, but you do not recognize Who that Person is, you do not accept the joy that He gives to you. You continue to act in your evil ways, you let evil take over your bodies, and evil continues to win in this world.

Today, as well as in the past days, I have reminded you throughout many eras.  God had been more than patient waiting for mankind, waiting for the things that He wants from mankind, in every era. He had given you the freedom to choose, the freedom to see right from wrong, the freedom to accept the happiness that God wants for each of you to come back to Him, to come to Him with your hearts, voluntarily, and truly feeling the love that a Father has for His children. God does not want to force you, and for this reason, God had waited for thousands of years. It is now time to decide. The Bible is there for you to read and to look for the commandments from God, from the beginning.

Today, there are revelations that explain the events written and the events are in the plan that God wants you to recognize and to know that they are happening. You have been reminded in these end times that everything will happen as predestined, that since God had created all things for mankind, then when people live in evil, in sins, God can use His hands to destroy everything that does not belong to Him. This is true, and this will happen, as you are encountering it presently. Gradually, you have recognized the frightful tribulations, the calamities, the disasters, the wars. And there will be more frightful tribulations that will come closer to you.  For this reason, there is not much time left. Sins are rampant on earth. People continue to sink deeper into the abyss of sins. They are blind though they have eyes, they are deaf though they have ears, and they have no feelings though they have hearts.

This is the most frightening and pitiful thing for mankind. Because you are My children, because you are the children that Jesus had to shed blood for you, for your souls, I am crying out to you, I want you to know that the things that cause you to be in the darkness today are a huge mistake.  You have to come back. You have to come back and you have to let go of everything. You have to come back to God. You have to recognize your mistakes, you have to reject everything from your own ego, that have caused you to be in the darkness for so long in your lives. Reject the things that you need to reject, so that you can have trust in God. You need to truly love God. You need to return to Him.  You need to come back with a repentant heart, asking God to transform you, asking God to sanctify you, and to give you the eyes to see the invitations from God. Along with the other brothers and sisters, continue to help the brothers who do not know what they are doing, speak about God to them, testify to the works that God does. There is not much time left. If you continue to walk on the wrong path, if you continue to live in the ways that you live in, then when things happen, you will sink with the decisions that you make in life, because you hear, but you do not practice; because you hear, but you do not do the works; because you have been taught, but you completely go against the teachings that God had left for you. In every society, in every nation, in every era, take a look at yourselves, and come back to God, come back with a repentant heart, run to the Divine Mercy that God has given to this world, which is the last opportunity in these end times.

I am by your side to give you graces.  The blessings that God gives to me, I use those blessings to come see My children, to meet the children who open their hearts to receive, to meet the children for them to see the truth. Through those children, I send My messages to you for you to be able to hear. You have to remember that for everything that will happen in this generation, everything has been warned to you, and everything will gradually happen.

If you do not hold on to God, if you do not come back to God, if you do not choose God, if you do not walk away from your evil ways, then you will be tied up in the trap that you do not recognize.  When you have received and heard My messages, then you have to make a decision and you have to do what you need to do, which is for you to come back to God with your hearts.

For the situations in your present lives, you need to have a spirit of sacrifice, for you to accept them. You have to practice right now, so that when the tribulations happen and you have to face them, you will be able to walk firmly in God, you will be able to trust in God, and His power will help each soul, His power will help each person. I am always by your side to protect you, for you and for all the brothers to come back to God, in the way that He guides you and in the way He gives to you in this world. Continue to testify, continue to invite the brothers, and continue to help them in their spiritual life.  They need to come back to God, they need to receive God, for them to receive forgiveness, through Jesus Christ, through everything that He did for the world. Believe in Him. Believe in the only Son of God, for you to be accepted in heaven, for God the Father to accept you and to forgive you, through His only Son. Remember this, for Jesus so loved the world.

I am by His Side every day. I see His worry, His sorrow, His bleeding when He sees humanity still deep in the mire of sins, still rejecting God, still rebelling against the teachings that He had given to mankind. What are the things that can replace what He had given to you? When you reject God, evil will become your master.  When the devil is the master of the world, will you have happiness?  Will you have the happiness and the peace that God gave to you? Or you will end up with misery, with famine, with sufferings, with wars?  You have seen these things happen to you, because you have accepted evil in your lives, and so evil is dominating this world, where there is hatred, jealousy, fighting, destruction.

You have forgotten that God is your Father. God has power. God gave you life, and He can take away your life at any moment. God gives you the opportunity, because He does not want His only Son to come back with empty hands**, because His only Son had shed Blood to give you life, to give you the chance to come back, to give you the opportunity to be children of God.  For that reason, Jesus Christ, My Son, had accepted His Passion, had shed His Blood for humanity, and your souls are the precious pearls that have been chosen.  So do not be foolish and sink yourselves into earthly temptations, with the bodies that you presently live in.  You have to stand up when you hear the truth, when you hear the Good News of God, and you have to recognize what is happening in the present.  You have to come back to God with a life that needs to be changed, to find the righteous things that you need.

First of all, you have to come back to believing in God. You have to repent of your sins, for you to recognize the power of God with His children; with the things that you need to do, with the things that you need to face each other. You need to recognize the teachings that God taught you, teaching you to stay away from evil and to practice the things that you need to have, which is to love each other, to help each other, and to support each other, in every situation, in every era. Only love can resolve problems, only with love will you have peace, only with love will you have unity. You need to learn to be generous, to be forgiving, in situations that you encounter in families, in organizations, in societies, in parishes, and in nations.  Indeed, on earth, you have to feed your bodies, and you have your own needs, and those needs cause the eyes of your souls to be blind, those needs cause your life of faith to be weak, but you are the children of God, you have been redeemed by His Blood, you are the people who have received Jesus Christ, the people who know His teachings, you cannot ignore this and you cannot refuse this grace. In this world, you need to allow your souls to have a moment of rest, you need to allow your souls to have something for yourselves.

No one can overcome death, no one can avoid meeting God at their death. Your world has only a short period of time left, so this is very important for your souls.  When you are still alive, you can make the decisions for your lives, you have to allow time for your souls to practice, in righteousness, in the works that you need to learn from the teachings of God. Because He had taught you, because He had given to you, everything that happens to you does not happen by chance, but one way or another, in the grace of God, things happen as a way to meet each of My children. I had anxiously wished for My children, even in sorrow, even in sickness, even in difficult situations, for you to trust in God. Learn to know God. You have been born into this world, you all need to know about the Father Who is most tender and most merciful, the Father Who has done so much for you, the Father Who has done so much for mankind.

You definitely have to worship, and you have to serve in whichever way you can as long as you are still alive. This is what I wish for, from each of My children, from each soul.

I wish for all of My children to unite in love, to reject hatred, to reject the personal interests of your ego. Treat each other with love, to recognize the fact that you need to have each other, that you need to help each other, and to continue together to do works that benefit the spiritual life of the other brothers. The people who have received the graces of God, the people who are living in His teachings, the people who have heard the Good News of God, you have chosen your path, you have chosen God, you believe in God, and you are living in God, so you can recognize the things from God, which are love, to bring benefits to the works that you do. God has given you so much through His miracles. He has allowed you to see to help you, because in your lives, if without divine help, then you would not be able to know what is right, what is wrong, and what is the grace from God. This is the gift that you are receiving in this world, in this period of time where God is giving abundant graces, because you are living in sins, because you are living in an ocean of fire, which is burning up your souls, but you do not know it.

For this reason, through the Holy Eucharist, He has given abundant graces through His Divine Mercy, and the invitation of the miracles are happening in today’s societies, in this world. Even I, I come to you to heal you. I come to you to lead you back to God. I come to bring you from the darkness into the light, and I come to warn you of the events that will happen. You have to prepare yourselves physically, and you need to practice for your spiritual life right now, for you to recognize that you need to come closer to God.  God gives so many graces to this world, the magnificent graces that God give to you for you to recognize His Presence, for you to recognize His intercession to save all souls.  If you listen, then this is the salvation for your souls, for your bodies, for your minds, for you to live in righteousness, for you to live in the joy and the peace that God gives to this world, in this century.

There are many things that God blesses you with. He has chosen a Pope for you. In this world, there probably are many objections, you are living in a world that is fighting between truth and the evil that is raging, in a world that puts personal freedom above everything else, in a world that puts the personal interests above everything else, in a world that does not pay attention to the works of God and His teachings. His teachings will bring people back to the truth, because His commandments taught people how to truly live in righteousness, in the things that He gave to you. You cannot reject the blessings and the works that God is giving to mankind. For this reason, He gives you something more, He gives you His Presence.  He wants to remind all of you about the commandments that He had given 2,000 years ago. In every era, He continues to come to you, and especially in this generation, God is working more actively, for you to see His power through His miracles. The Holy Spirit is working in today’s societies and in today’s world, for you to have the strength to come back, for you to stand up in your faith, for you to recognize God as your Father, for you to make the decision to reject your ego, for you to receive the graces that He gives to you in these end times, and for you to have the answers to your prayers, in the reasonable ways that He sees fit for each person.

God is a Father.  He sees and He knows the needs of each person in this world. He sees the past of each person, the present of each person, and the future of each person. The things that He sends to you, with your eyes, you cannot recognize, but God will never send you anything that is beyond your strength, a cross that is too heavy for you to bear.  There are certain crosses He sends to help you to stand up, there are crosses He sends to help you to persevere, there are crosses He sends to help you to correct your ways, for you to come back to God.  Every person has a different way to meet God. I invite you, if you walk with God, if you recognize His graces, and if you can see in your brothers the sign of God, then listen to each other and pray with each other.  Every person has a different way of work, but you are in the plan of God, and God has chosen you.  You have the responsibility to make known and to testify for the works that God has done for you. You only have one purpose, which is to glorify God when you have the opportunity to do it, whenever you have the chance to do it in your lives. Continue with the things that you are able to listen to.  Glorify God in each of your lives, through your activities, for you to bring love to the brothers, for you to bring the love that Jesus is inviting each person to come back to, to use your hearts to treat all the brothers that you meet in life.  Do not use the eyes that lack love, do not use the human eyes, do not use the eyes that will not allow you to see the hearts of those you face. You need to always pray, and ask God to give you eyes of faith.

You need to look at the graces and the miracles that God is giving to this generation. God is also giving you the grace to discern right from wrong, especially to each person that God is inviting. Come to God. Come to meet God. Come to pray with God.  Spend some time to meet God at the place where He wants to meet you personally, at the Holy Eucharist. He has given a lot to this world, through the miracles of the Holy Eucharist, to remind you.  He wants you to come to the Holy Eucharist, with your hearts, trusting.  The things that you pray for, He will have a way to answer you.  He has a way to give to you, to sanctify you, to allow you to recognize in your lives, for you to have comfort from the peace in your souls, for you to have joy in your minds, for you to continue to have hope, for you to continue to take a stand facing every situation.

God is the Person Who appoints. God is the Person Who has power over heaven and earth, even over the life of each person. Believe in Him, listen to His teachings, come to The Divine Mercy to ask Him for forgiveness. You have to reject the things that make you sin, then the strength of Divine Mercy, and the strength from your hearts lifted up to God, with your repentant hearts, God will definitely help you, through His Holy Spirit. I can see that, I will definitely help you. I do not ignore My children who come to Me with their hearts, with the desire to come back, to be closer to God.

I also want to remind you, about the works that you do daily, you consider them as habitual, and so they become a habit. I want to remind you that when you pray, when you come to God, when you say the Rosary, when you attend Mass, when you come to Divine Mercy***, when you visit the Holy Eucharist, when you are doing the things that the Church is guiding you, in the life of a Christian, you need to do them with deep love in your hearts. Allow your hearts to have a minute of quietness, to recognize the Will of God for each of you, for Him to touch your hearts, for you to recognize His Love, for you to recognize His waiting, waiting for you, to help you, to guide you to recognize the depth of a religious life, the depth of the life that you want to find by coming back to God, in a different way for each of you to recognize. Practice in the way that God had taught you, for you to love each other, for you to help each other, for you to bring peace to families, to the people that you meet, and when you face sufferings in the world, then you know you can come to Me and I will help you. Use the sacrifices in your sufferings to help the other brothers, accept those sacrifices as a way for each of you to learn, before you go to the eternal place.  Because you have been living too long in sins, because you have offended God for so long, if you do not have a way for you to be fruitful in your bodies, then how can you be worthy to meet God, through the graces that He gives to you in this world?

For everything that happens to you in life, trust in God. Pray constantly, pray for you to accept everything, so that in His power, in His divinity, He will definitely allow you to meet Him. Even when you think things happen by chance, that is the plan from God, sending you this person, or sending you another person, or God gives to you unexpectedly, for you to recognize His Love, for you to have the answer to your prayers, for you to have the answer to the problems that you have to deal with, that you have to resolve, in your spiritual life, or your personal life. There are certain things that God is giving to you, through the power of the miracles, but you do not recognize them, and you reject them. The truth is that you need these graces, you most need these graces in this world, because it is a rare thing to be receiving graces in this world. God only gives these graces to those who truly have faith in their hearts, to help strengthen your life of faith, to help you to look at the situations that are considered as habitual in society with a different perspective, in a world where you only know about the things that are within your own ways, whether those things are done in a righteous way or things that you do in your own ways, there are always blessings that God gives to mankind. For the graces that you receive, with your eyes of faith, you will recognize the works that God is doing, to help you, to give you what you most need in this world.

God is intervening. God is listening to the prayers of your brothers and your sisters. God is listening to their prayers, to give them the graces that you see as supernatural, that only happen by miracles. If you believe, then you will continue to receive the happiness that God is giving to you. If you do not believe, then you will close the door to your hearts, you will reject Him, and unintentionally, this will prevent you from receiving the graces, either through the brothers, or directly from Him. Do not think in your limited ways.  Because if God is giving, then He knows whom His graces will be given to, and as planned by God, you will grow in these graces and that will give you faith, as well as to the brothers in the world. Do not think of your ego, do not be afraid to lose your interests, but think of the graces that God gives to this world, to everyone. Receive these graces.  Be thankful. Praise God through the works that you do, so that the works of God will continue with the people who have been chosen, for you to receive much more, for you to see the power that God is doing and is sending to the world, in the generation that I want you to look with your eyes of faith, with a united heart, in constant prayers, so that you continue to receive the graces that God is giving to a generation and a world, in these end times.

Today, this is My message. I wish that this message will help you, My children, to be able to look deeper, in the days where God is giving abundant graces to lead you back to Him.  This is to strengthen your faith, for you to believe in God, and for you to listen to My message.

May My peace be with you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

The things that you have heard through the graces of God, continue to be with each other in prayer.  Unite, for you to receive the miracles, for the power of God to continue to come to the brothers, to come to the world, to answer your needs, to answer your prayers.  God will definitely answer and gives you more of the things that you pray for and that you need in this world.

One more time, I want to emphasize with all of you, that there is nothing that happens by chance, but that everything happens as planned by God.

Come to the Divine Mercy of God. Come to the Holy Eucharist. Come to the Holy Spirit. Come with your hearts, and you will definitely have the answer from God, Who gives to each of you.  In this world, you need to have faith, you need to open your hearts, you need to put into practice the things that God wants to remind you of, and that I want to send to the children in this generation.

One more time, may My peace be with you. I love you very much.

Goodbye children.


Completed receiving message 12:35 p.m.

* This may be a reference to the three sections that comprised Palestine at the time of Jesus: Galilee in the north, Judea in the south, and Samaria (not part of Israel) in the middle. Jesus did travel through Samaria going between Galilee and Judea (both comprising Israel) and He is recorded as teaching there in John 4:3-43. Also, a “nation” is not necessarily a “country” so Samaria would definitely meet the definition of a nation. Jesus Himself referred to the Samaritan He cured of leprosy as a “foreigner” in Luke 17:18. Or, “nations” could refer to the nations in history in which the Gospel of Jesus has been preached and taught.

** This is a figure of speech, for Jesus has saved and is saving countless souls, but, today, without this special intervention from God the Father, a much, much smaller number would be saved in comparison with past generations and centuries.

*** That is, the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation (also known as Confession).

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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