New Revelations through the Eucharist




July 2, 2011


Today is the first Thursday of the month, the month of the Sacred Heart of Father. Father, what do you want me to write down?

Today I am ready with pen and paper. You speak in my thought, I will write down everything You say, or teach me, or want to say to another person. I will do according to Your will. Remember, You must give me Your signal. I am easily scared and am very slow, Father.



The morning light shines in a myriad of colors. I and you walk together to a very far and very beautiful place.

This place of the world once had splendid and magnificent buildings, very beautiful, very affluent. Now no more, o child.

I sadly shed tears, in regret on behalf of human life. The human heart does not obey, to end up with days like these. I truly mourn for My children, but all things were done and over. I reminisce about the old memories; My heart is broken, deeply heartbroken.

Now, I do not want things to happen like that day.

The scene of people scattered, families separated, houses collapsed, water increased in every direction, turmoil everywhere, rampant famine, people are miserable, ocean of fire all around, looking for each other frantically.

The hour and day were set. The appointed time has come.

Announce to the righteous who listen, come home quickly. My commandment is proclaimed.

Child, quickly tidy up, prepare yourself, be ready and wait, keep faith firm. The day I return, quickly announce, prepare the soul. My day is near.

Child, always be ready. Announce to the brothers, the clan, be ready, and wait. More horrible and frightening than a thousand years ago.

My heart is broken, waited for so long, yet do not see.

Whose shadow, dim and distant, rampant deprivation, everywhere, can no longer be stopped. The last resort, to purify the world, the good are saved, the wicked into the furnace.

There is no certain day, be ready, and wait. Inform N. to be ready, inform the group to repent together.

Beseech, pray a lot, repent, and quickly return. Child, that is the secret for you to know, as for countless other matters, I will reveal.

Do not worry, do not be afraid. Be calm. I planned all things, wide-open arms to welcome the repentant’s return.

Shout aloud for them to hurry, help whoever as possible, act quickly to avoid grief.

Quickly announce, there is no longer time. I wait forever, woe to those who lost the way, quickly return, to be in time.

I longingly waited 2,000 years ago, 2,000 years later still waiting. Mankind is still stiff-necked, few return. So I wait till now, time is up. God the Father intended for mankind to be reborn, reunited in the world.

The good remain, the righteous go, and the wicked destroy their own place.

They know where they must go. The heavenly Lord is great and wonderful. Just, righteous, fair. The virtuous people are welcome; apparently the virtuous people are taken to heaven.

The good people remain, waiting for the day of purification. The person who goes into the fire forever will never come out. All people, near and far, quickly repent and return.

Heaven waits for the person who realizes his own mistake, please awaken quickly to be by My side.

This is what I ask you to write down; it is not something that you yourself write down.

Do not be easily scared, hold the pen then you must write down everything that I desire.

Do not be timid and scared, do not guess and exaggerate.

Be sincere when writing, obey when listening. Do not write any words wrong.

Do not question back and forth to be worthy as the writer of Master Jesus.

You are My simple and humble child; your character is like a child.

I ask you to write like that, you are very scared, is that right?

At the same time responsible and afraid of everything. Because of that aspect, so I want you to write.

Learn to be strong and mature.

Wish you be good and write well next time.

I love you.


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