New Revelations through the Eucharist

He Yearns for the Voice of the Heart

August 26, 2020

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when offering The Six Kowtows.



O Lord, it is 9:33 a.m. on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, the Cross, the tabernacle, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Today is Wednesday. Every week God allows us, brothers and sisters, the opportunity to attend Mass, and after Mass we reverently offer The Six Kowtows. Thank God for giving us the opportunity to always remember to lift up thanksgiving and gratitude when we can attend Mass and receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

Today in Houston, Texas, there is a report of an upcoming storm. Last night we already prepared, we were so busy with the works. Today is Wednesday, a day when we see the sky changing, it is overcast and gloomy, ready for the storm as the weather station announced.

O Lord God Almighty, there were many announcements for people to evacuate, but I only know one thing: if God wants then may Your holy will be done over my life, in particular, over my brothers and sisters, my family, and all the people in Houston, especially in the city of Sugar Land.

O God, thank You for everything. Today is the day when everything feels like stopping so that I can spend some time to be with You on Wednesday. It is also the day to allow the soul to listen to God, through the words God teaches in today’s First Reading and Gospel.

O God, even if all people use human methods and schemes, seek ways to harm the righteous people, and all kinds of means to tarnish the world in a scientific and technical way, O Lord God Almighty, there are still those who pray and believe in You.

There still are holy priests, the Church with Your voice echoing, and the laypeople who are united and who trust, who surrender, prostrate, return to God, and offer the most ordinary, simple, fervent words to God Almighty, with thanksgiving, praise, and honor.

As long as we obey the holy will, our world will never lose hope. The Lord Jesus Christ came to bring hope to the world, so when we have Him, are with Him, and believe in Him, then we always live in hope. So no matter how much worse things are, we still live in hope with the Lord Jesus Christ.

By His Holy Name, we reverently lift up to God the Father, because as Jesus said to the Apostles: Ask the Father in My Name, then there is nothing that He will deny. When it comes to righteous deeds, then God the Father certainly never refuses.

Because of those aspects, the Lord Jesus acted for His disciples. He is acting for His Church throughout all ages. Jesus is leading His people throughout every age. That lofty spirituality through the Gospel the holy Apostles wrote down very clearly, to teach us.

In life, people became habitual and idle in the way of enjoyment, or simply deceive for their own personal benefit. In groups as well as communities everywhere, there is unrighteousness and things according to personal ways.

The words taught very clearly through St. Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians are also addressed to everyone in the world today, to the community, to all people in the same state of mind, to awaken us, for us to be conscious. Because in the lives of the Holy Apostles, they were diligent in their works, so now God also grants to this abundant era the people who do various works.

We need to serve and not be lazy, not work reluctantly, not work for personal gain or for reputation. These are matters regarding which we must carefully listen to the First Reading to clearly understand what God is saying to what role, all classes, for all people who have functions, and for those who often consider themselves as leaders.

Let us live according to His teaching with the righteousness needed to be blessed. The holy Apostles set the example – since the works they did were brought to everyone, we must have the same duty as the holy Apostles, to be the shining example to those who have functions.

The Holy Apostles are also speaking for all of us in each situation, to understand that in life we ​​need to work to earn a living, and we serve in the way God intended in a special way. Each person is assigned work, so let us not be lazy and follow our own way.

This is a reminder to us in particular and in general to all classes and roles. We thank and praise God. Sometimes in the collective life, there is friction, things that are not pleasing to each other. There are also moments of unity, love, support, and sharing, but there are times of conflict, because of the personality, the ego, the personal right.

This is something that happens and is very common in the present age, in today’s freedom. Today we thank God.

The First Reading, from St. Paul the Apostle, seems to remind us daily. People often say these ordinary words of the world: “called to serve, works day and night.” (1) Each one of us shares the works for us to do daily so that we do not sit idle and end up with even more issues.

What is taught is very practical and ordinary yet so true for each era, person, family, association, and human being in the world. I thank God for giving us these words, as a reminder for us to understand what we are doing and must do in determination, for us to deserve things bestowed and granted, the graces God grants in our roles and missions.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks very clearly to the scribes and Pharisees, and not just for the scribes and Pharisees but for each one of us in life.

Let us not live a deceitful life. Let us not live in a superficial way, because people always lead an outward life and live contrary to what belongs to the truth and the doctrine. Just like today, a civilized society, we see all the wealth, the scientific and technical knowledge.

But in life with the days we see clearly outlined with what is inside, then we see the other side: the deceit, the bribery, things that are just superficial, as God is saying. But especially, God is speaking to those who have functions, whom God trains, whom God granted special privileges to remind them to live in righteousness, to not let the power and position of authority cause one to err from the path God teaches.

So God is condemning the authorities, those who have functions so that the scribes and Pharisees do not rely on intellectual knowledge and despise everything God granted.

Moreover, they are the same people who killed the prophets and messengers. Today God reminds us that mankind solely relies on reality, on theory, on falsehood in their hearts to follow a logical and rational way, to dismiss and kill many prophets. It is those things that God reminded society because today’s world always seems to have a rejection because people rely on their functions.

They did not seek to carefully understand yet already judged and doubted others. They did not seek to clearly understand yet already accused others with conviction. So in every age, prophets had to die, and the messengers also had to stop, because of those with positions of power.

Today I pray for all those called to evangelize the Good News to live honestly and properly follow God’s ways for God to reward and grant. The ranks of the scribes and Pharisees and those who have functions in each age need to look back at themselves.

To be appointed to a function God chose, then the more they must treasure, respect, cherish, display the life of service and ministry to God in righteousness and justice. Do not let God chastise. Over 2,000 years ago, God rebuked – 2,000 years later, it is even worse.

Today’s world is facing a plague of both body and soul. May we be treated in the current age. Let us not hide our true face but return to our present position.

All people who are present today need to focus on the words the Holy Spirit wants us to hear because this is the opportunity to receive. This is the most essential thing that all brothers and sisters must listen to when praying to God.

You must pay attention to all these matters, step by step. It is not easy to have this day. How can we continue to do God’s works if all our thoughts are not centered?

O Holy Spirit, I thank You. Surely, there are certain moments we are very sad, maybe our pride is hurt, but it is these aspects that help us stand up. Today, God speaks very clearly, and as St. Paul the Apostle said and affirms, in what belongs to God, we must be honest and live in righteousness.

God rebuked the scribes and Pharisees. Today the apostles that God trains face a situation in which others look at us with such an expression as to dismiss us and reject us in all aspects. So we must be serious in life when we practice what belongs to God.

Let us listen and prostrate solemnly when God teaches us through the Holy Spirit. O God, please give us the humility to listen to what is being taught so that our lives will always belong to you. May we not be distracted under any circumstance when we are totally united in prayer and we kowtow to God because it is not just us, but there are other people who look at us praying.

If without unity in this way, then how can we testify for others to believe and practice? For all these years, we keep blaming others, but at times we must also examine ourselves. We cannot yet realize what God wants in our lives, the most ordinary thing, to cooperate in fervent listening. We cannot do that yet.

Today, O Jesus, You are teaching and reminding the scribes and Pharisees who are people with functions whom You chose to lead Your flock. Today You are also reminding us one by one in the mission of the Good News, in the mission of proclamation and witness.

May we focus. We must cherish the rare things that are not easy to have, as long as God still allows. If the storm comes, a brother or sister is gone, then we no longer have the opportunity. So let us always cherish what is beside us each day, each hour, when we have the time to come to God. These are matters we need to recognize because a human life becomes habitual and neglectful.

In every Mass we see the priests very zealous when they celebrate, we feel very happy because we see God’s presence through them. But there are certain priests when we see them celebrate, we feel very sad, because they celebrate Mass so quickly, so fast, their minds do not focus, and they celebrate like a habit in life. It is the same for us.

So let us remember to listen to the Word of God, because for over 2,000 years Jesus waits for the human heart, when facing Him, praying to Him, doing what He wants in our lives. He is training us to walk in the midst of the world.

So today is what we need to learn. God is speaking to us one by one for us to be in unity, listening, to fulfill our duties and responsibilities. There are times when we see the judgment of people, which is something that always remains the same and does not change.

But let us not be afraid, God will have a way to let those people know whether what they do is right or wrong. Let us fulfill our duties, listen humbly, learn from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our sacrifices are not worth much in the past few days, and our whole life returning by prostration is also never enough. This is a grace and a privilege to be chosen to do these works, so may the brothers and sisters cherish the moments of adoring God, prostrating to God, listening to every word, and completing the works in one’s mission.

Let us remove thoughts of pride, everything within the self that is always sensitive. Let us return to God by the methods in which we can wholeheartedly unite to learn the teaching of the Holy Spirit. He will help us move forward and conquer today’s battle between good and evil in the midst of the world.

The enemy is not the opponent, but the enemy is within us: the pride, the arrogance, the petty resentment in us, and other matters that we still stumble on in life. God, please help us remove those wretched and weak thoughts, remove the thoughts that are in life when pride is hurt, for us to focus on the apostolic mission, the mission that Jesus is leading. Rebuking the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus is also reprimanding His children who refuse to listen, who disobey and follow one’s way in insidiousness or in silence.

But we also thank God for giving us these moments, prompted by the Holy Spirit, because it is not easy to directly receive His teaching. May He continue to train us so that we step out of the habit of life, to truly deserve to be the apostles whom God calls by name and blesses, for us to become the witnesses for God today. Now, together we unite to thank God, praise God, with the meditation through the First Reading and the Gospel. We do not forget to give thanks to God the Father with the words we lift up in the coming moments.

We reverently offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.

O God the Father, the first word: I thank, praise, and glorify You. The second word is to apologize to You. Despite our efforts, we are still human beings, still imperfect people, still weak and wretched sinners, still with days in need of rebuke and reminder.

Thanks to that reminder and rebuke to help us improve daily, otherwise we will become habitual, dictatorial, dominating, with wretched and weak thoughts that always exist. Just feeling hurt in our pride and we completely lost what we have in life. O Father, please let us crush all that, for us to learn, because You are redeeming us.

You want to train us to become people who remove pride to see ourselves clearly first, then look at what is around us and our important mission. As long as we still have pride, as long as we get annoyed and vexed, as long as there are still matters that we dislike, then that day we still have not attained the life in which God wants to train us, for us to give up everything that belongs to us, to live for the Lord of love.

That is an example for others and a mission to prostrate and surrender and return. Because it is only when man repents that he recognizes that there is nothing left to rely on himself, but he is a sinner asking for forgiveness and returning.

Father, please allow me to represent myself as well as my family, my children, my brothers and sisters, my relatives, all the brothers and sisters in my group who have walked with me for nearly ten long years, their families, their relatives, their loved ones.

Father, may we offer an apology.

We seldom ask for this, but if these aspects are not thoroughly removed from us, then I and everyone still live in days of confusion. Whether right or wrong, we always hold onto our ego. Father, please help us to remove everything that does not belong to You.

May we carry out what is Yours in Your holy will. May we be renewed for God to teach us through the Spirit guiding us. Any day we still keep and hold onto what belongs to us, then we cannot move forward but remain in life unable to open our eyes and grow in faith, with depth, height, width, with the infinite that God teaches us in all aspects – from the viewpoint, the experience, the practice.

With the most ordinary viewpoint, things of the Holy Spirit are an insight. From small matters, may we show a decisive thought and action for us to see and choose the best that God gives.

O Lord, the perfect Supreme Being, the wise Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who always is the Lord, thoroughly looking at our needs, and also looking at all that He grants to suit each person. May we embrace our grace granted by God, for each day to be in joy, in hope, with smiles, and to be happy and at peace.

O God, we know the flesh is weak. With the works, we were so tired these past days. The help from the brothers and sisters comes from love, from unity, and is also a contribution to build something that God promised.

I see the fatigue of the brothers and sisters. I ask for God to grant me and the brothers and sisters more strength. We know that we are very tired, but in the spirit, God, please be with us, for us to have smiles and joys because we know that we work for a purpose.

In the present life, there are certain works done in wickedness and unrighteousness, but the people are still happy to get to that point. We work with the purpose of glorifying God, taking refuge by His side, to have a place that belongs to us, to have meetings in freedom, not prevented by others, for us to lift up to God earnest words, without being judged or driven away.

Oh God, please let us think about that for us to rejoice with our works today. We thank You for that hardship because we will obtain what You want to give us in the future. This is the position and things we must experience right now.

That attitude will make us happy, enthusiastic, at peace, and give us confidence. When others look at us, we feel happy and zealous, because everything has God’s blessing and the Holy Spirit’s help – then nothing is ever wrong.

O God the Father, I thank You for all the deeds that You do and grant to us. Today is also a testimony with the words to lift up to You through the First Kowtow and the First Person to whom we lift up. Indeed, every time we kowtow to God or every time we pray, there are certain people who say: I do not know how to pray.

They are people who are highly educated and knowledgeable, but when it comes to prayer, they say they do not know how to pray. This is something absurd, unreasonable. Why is it that in matters of the world they know everything yet when it comes to praying to God then they are indifferent and do not know?

Because their hearts always focus on all matters of the world, for self-interest and all things that belong to them. But what is spiritually related to God then they are utterly indifferent.

The Spirit of God is with them, but they do not cooperate, so God sees it, because if they do not cooperate, then they do not hear, do not know, and always refuse: I do not know how to pray. As a Christian, a Catholic, a child of God, a person whose family raised them with religion yet say they do not know how to pray.

If not praying, then is like a cold stone. If we do not speak to God, to whom do we speak? We use words to write for people to read, but they do not have the power to help us.

However, we have God.

Regarding all aspects, God wants to hear. God wants to listen to us speak with our hearts, even the simplest and most ordinary words. Let us speak to God, even if they are only ordinary words: O God, I want to love You, but I do not know how to love You yet. I know what I have today comes from You, but I do not know how to respond to what You granted and are granting.

Oh God, we just know that in our condition today we receive so much from You, but we do not respond much. Please allow us to thank You each day. To thank is truly necessary, and a spirit of gratitude is truly necessary. When we can experience God’s love, then we see that in our daily lives we cannot forget to ask for His forgiveness, because everything is a grace.

We are human beings who do not deserve those favors, but He still gives. Thus, we must always apologize and always look at our condition of weakness in order to see the humility that is needed in life. Everything belongs to God. Everything is in God.

May everything belong to God so that we have nothing left to keep for ourselves, which is pride and arrogance. We do not have anything left. We just live each day asking God to be with us, to teach us, and to forgive us. May God’s will be done over our lives, and may we become an instrument in His hand when He wants to use us.

If everyone looks at it this way and prays this way, then surely God will never refuse everything we long for. Because God truly desires that we humble ourselves for Him to lift us up. Let us not be arrogant and conceited – we will be chastised.

Jesus is speaking to the scribes and Pharisees in the Gospel today, as Jesus is speaking to each one of us. If we have some perceptions and we truly meditate on this, then each day is filled with meaning. We learn more and we further understand the meaning of why in this moment, in this century, and in this period, we have The Six Kowtows.

The Six Kowtows given to us is not a coincidence, but originates from the practice, from the weak and lowly human condition that is always in need of God and honors God with one’s own heart. The Father said, I do not want the sacrifices from your worldly life, which are solely superficial, deceit, falsehood.  You fast, but you beat the drum and blow the trumpet to let everyone know. I just want sacrifices from the soul, from the heart, and from the creatures I created.

When speaking to God with heart and repentance, that is the sacrifice God has been waiting for for over 2,000 years. Jesus teaches us this, not to mention the times in the Old Testament when the Father yearns from mankind.

If all human beings live in a state with this offering, the world would not come to a deadlock, as bad as it is today. A sophisticated civilization, but in death, in deception, in falsehood, in ambition, and into days of mutual destruction through the pandemic.

Oh God, You are always the benevolent Lord God who gives us the opportunity to know that things do happen not spontaneously but are caused by mankind. Mankind always has protested, follows one’s own will, is weak, and so is attacked and controlled by the evil spirits.

Since then, we have no way to stand up – because we have weak faith, we only love things of the flesh and reality. We do not believe in spiritual things. The spirituality we receive from God is through faith because the Lord Jesus Christ comes for us to recognize the lofty spirituality that is granted with depth and breadth in all matters, to teach us through His doctrine.

Each written article is simple when we do not meditate, but if we meditate, then we see the depth and breadth of the connections, to help increase our faith, amend our lives, and remind us. In reality, if we truly open our hearts to meditate, we will never be defeated as in today’s battle. God is still the Lord full of love, for us to be able to discover and understand what we have, for us to witness the birth of The Six Kowtows, for us to have a quiet Mother who came to save us in the last battle of history.

O God the Father, all these things coming to us are not spontaneous, but it is You who want us to know in the ending about things You bestow and give. It is not that complicated. As we are practicing, it is very ordinary and simple. You want our hearts and our souls to belong to You.

With a repentant heart, when we prostrate ourselves, we completely entrusted our lives to You. We just know that we cannot do anything apart from what You bestow and give. May Your holy will be done regarding all the problems in the world, if all of us unite and lift up to God: O God, please take away our sins, we want to turn toward You, we want to belong to You.

God, please help us step out of all the traps that ensnare us. We are living in our sinful weakness – we want to step out of the circle of evil that dominates us. Father, please grant us days of peace and happiness.

Certainly, God the Father never refuses to grant us that – He always gives us everything. Unfortunately, our world does not have people who pray, who hardly pray, and who pray only for what we prefer in life. We do not pray for ourselves, because we are the temple where God dwells. His love is granted to us who are the perfect masterpieces – even when we are wrong or sinful, God still perseveres and waits for us till this day, for our willing and eager hearts.

This is the core. No matter how much learning and knowledge, if we cannot find the true core that God wants from us each day, then we are still living days of appearance. Those are the days, as God said, we just live with the face of appearance, of theory, while inside it is totally the opposite.

Thus, because there are falsehoods and deceptions, the enemy knows that weakness and is controlling the whole world. Today the enemy took away what belongs to us from God, and set snares of lust, greed, bribery, wickedness, the satisfaction of the ego and personality, the position of power, and much more.

Because of that, today we bear the consequences of our choices in the world. There is only one thing, the immeasurable mercy of God. No matter how many sinners are in the world, as long as there are humble people, even if only a small number, God uses those humble people to save the world. So we know what our responsibilities are and what we need to do. Because of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, prompting, permission and teaching, we understand what we ask for and we lift up – at that moment, God is the Supreme Being who hears and intervenes. With a voice from the heart as God waits for us in the world of mankind.

We are all sinners. Thanks be to the love of the Divine Mercy, God’s teachings and words, and an exemplary person by our side to remind us, Mother Mary. We even have the Eucharistic Jesus with us. Today what we have is from love through the Divine Mercy that Father bestows, for us to be in unity to adore Him. Father, please accept our prostration, which is something most ordinary, from us who are guilty. Father, please accept, forgive, allow us to find life again. With the days we are indifferent to You, this is the time we no longer have any place to rely on, apart from You.

Father, please have mercy on our world, with the clergy who consecrated their lives and live in righteousness. Father, please also forgive those with functions who are greedy, selfish, who live for the appearances and with days of theory. As Father said, there are scribes and Pharisees in any age. May they repent and change to return to Father and help the laity like us have the opportunity to unite and be healed from the plague of both soul and body. These are the remaining days in the end of history. We respectfully ask and reverently lift up to Father.

This is the time when Father wants to let all the world and its people follow their choice of a free way of life, losing faith, without a belief in any religion, following idols, a free life. In the end, they saw the result of that freedom: a lost conscience, a sold-out morality, ongoing abortion due to lust, to destroy the consequences of one’s wrongdoing, gender change as one desires according to the law. The law of the Lord – yet people wanting to alter according to their own way, choosing homosexuality, go wrong, do wrong. There are many more wicked deeds. People freely argue with each other, compete according to science and technology with the state-of-the-art weapons to destroy and cause the world misery in the days to come.

When anger and disagreement arise, then people start to argue and fight for one’s own ambition, and ultimately from the lack of morality and love, destroy human life. People neither care to know nor do they cherish, because it is the others, not themselves, who use power to suppress, and ultimately cause a pandemic to the whole world. This is the true face of the world and that is the wrongdoing as we are being ensnared by the devil. We left an empty space in our souls, we disbelieve in God and accept the enemy as our father. In the end, the enemy is not our father, so he trains us to become wicked, ambitious, a threat to the whole world.

O Father, as things are happening, we are the victims You are looking at and we are also sinners. Thanks to Your love we become penitents. Now there are countless victims all over the world, they are in a situation where they are being dominated by those who have power, by the scribes and Pharisees who lead a spiritual life for the appearances and in the end are causing injuries to the citizens. So God comes, God chastises, God teaches the shepherds and those with positions. God personally comes to guides His flock in the end of history. Today with everything Mother Mary teaches, this is the time for us to pray for the shepherds to repent and change their minds, to see their positions and missions, to return to God, because God chose and granted to them in a special way.

Today we also ask God to help the laypeople open the eyes of faith, open the hearts, the minds, the souls, to recognize that we cannot walk alone, and the shepherds also cannot walk alone. God creates a life that requires a community. This is the time we must agree wholeheartedly, from the shepherds to the flock, to ask God to come and support. God, please open the hearts and grant a new program for all of us to belong to the shepherd and the flock You choose. These are the moments we must amend and return to God by both soul and body, prostrate and remove pride and arrogance, unite and love, for God to guide and help us through the perils of the plague of both soul and body.

O God the Father, today we lift up to You the words You granted through the Holy Spirit. We represent the voice of the world, all classes, all roles, because people still hold on to pride, to the functions they are familiar with from the beginning till now, and still retaining the laws of the world. But now the time has come, death is near, and everything is subject to the purification. There is no time left to be hesitant. There is only one thing left, which is to return to Father – the only path for us to take. No matter what situation, no matter what role, let us return and ask Father to plan for us. If we live in the bond of love, with a repentant heart, a humble soul, certainly we will have a place of refuge in the end. Father granted the new world and the new Garden of Eden to be returned to a century that belongs to the people who prostrate and surrender, to the penitents, to those who return to God, who acknowledge and are aware, to deserve to enter the Garden of Eden as God allows to still exist in the new world.

O Father, in this moment, what must we do and how? Father, help us to earnestly pray daily and remove our fear of others’ viewpoint. We must fear the Lord, respectfully fear the Lord because we are sinners, we commit sins. Let us come close to God as to a clement Father, because He understands our sinful condition. Only He is the Supreme Being who has the power to forgive. Only He is the Supreme Being who gives us life in hope, days in peace. Whether there are storms and tempests in the midst of society, the world is in a tense battle between good and evil, contending with each other, but having God, being with God in faith, we continue to have the moments to quiet ourselves, to pray, to be with God, to lift up to God on behalf of the world, all classes, all roles. Let us remind ourselves to repent each day, so there is no way for us to lose the happiness we have in Father, with Father.

Father always protects and preserves those who belong to Him, who listen to Him, who lift up their souls to Him, who obey and practice His holy will. We adore, praise, and glorify Father. May this voice resonate to help all classes, all roles to return in time, when we still have the opportunity. May the holy name of Father last forever. We adore, praise, and honor Father. Amen.


We reverently offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus.

Oh, Jesus, the Redeemer, our Savior — thank you, God, for coming to save us so that we have this day and remain till this century. Through countless things in history, no matter what, God is still the Lord who loves mankind and stays with us till this generation in which we are present.

Oh God, today, where we reside, the Weather Channel warned us that the wind will reach 115 mph in the coming storm, extremely strong wind. There were orders for evacuation, in particular in the city of Beaumont. It will affect us here, but our souls are truly peaceful. I do not know what is happening and I do not watch the Weather Channel, and Wednesday is the day we gather to pray. One person lives about 45 minutes away, another 15 minutes, and from my house to St. Theresa Church is 15 minutes. We meet together to lift up to God on this Wednesday. I lift up to God this storm because we know that every act God does has its own meaning according to God’s arrangement.

No matter what happens, God, please enlighten me and the brothers and sisters. If You want us to evacuate, please let us know. God, please create the opportunity for us to go and take refuge at the place You want. If You want us to stay home, then we continue the works we do on Wednesday. Also, in the next few days, it is predicted that the storm will hit and will either hit Houston or pass over Houston. I do not know where to go and where to run to take refuge. So we lift up to You and ask You to have mercy and allow the storm to pass, because we have many works to complete and we are very busy with the remodeling for the house, besides other work.

But if it is God’s will then that storm will have a certain significance for His work, to remind the life of the people at this place. God, let it be according to Your holy will. In all matters, no matter what happens, we obey, we simply lift up to God. May our bodies and souls, in any situation, always be faithful, grateful, and obedient, for God’s holy will to be realized over what God wants over our lives. We pray for the homeless, living not knowing where to take shelter. God, please help them find a place of refuge during this storm and the stress of the pandemic.

O God, in this world, indeed we created and caused many sufferings to each other. In the situation of the pandemic, the connection with the churches and the community life seems to be restricted due to the quarantine. Everyone is afraid of the disease so they do not dare to socialize. Even when people must open their houses to welcome brothers and sisters who need help due to the pandemic, they live separately and in great fear. This is a situation that is truly very difficult for us to handle. I simply know to ask God to plan and urge for us to have the wisdom to see what we need to do and must do, for all works to glorify God.

Oh Jesus, I thank You. I thank You for teaching us through the Gospel today and ask that we continue to understand Your teaching. God is very just. He reminds the scribes and Pharisees in the first period as well as in the last period, to understand, because they killed many messengers. God is also teaching us to be aware of His support, but we must fulfill our duties to deserve the mission that God grants. No matter what situation or position, we must keep our duties. That is all God wants. God, please work over us and do as You wish. That is an advantage as God protects and supports.

Oh God, Lord of love, today there are countless stories between men. The stories we are hearing are about the messengers who announce truly practical news in our present life and are very clear and are also true. There are also many people from whom we hear a mixture of things that we cannot accept, because these people doubt the Pope, and say many things about the Pope. We just know that no matter what the Pope does, we lift up to God, because God chose him. If God chooses the Pope to lead both the mother sheep and the lambs, then may God decide for all things to become good. The Pope is God’s representative, a shepherd who guides both the mother sheep and the lambs. The Pope is truly important to the Christian life.

Even though there are prophets who received God’s words, I ask God to have mercy and let us know what is true and what is not, so that the laypeople and the citizens do not lack respect for the Pope. Also, if from the truth, then God please let us know, because what You chose, we must respect and pray, and no matter what happens, we must not offend the Pope, because offending the Pope is offending God. May God have mercy regarding these matters, for these prophets [whom we heard via the internet] to reduce their discussion regarding the Pope, because they cause the laity to feel confused, doubtful, and inadequate. I do not know – what I hear is very accurate in life through the ways being taught in the return, and there are many things suitable with this world.

There is only one thing, which is the opposition to the Pope. Yet, as we see, the Pope’s life and his works from the day he took office to this day, indeed, already answered many things. But the words rumored today – we do not know how serious they are, so we lift up the Pope to God. No matter what happens, God, the Omniscient One, sees the person He chooses. Everything the Pope does is guided by the Spirit. God, please bestow Your Spirit on the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the clergy, who are those who guide us in the spiritual life, the life of faith.

May God allow them to recognize the voice of truth from God who grants through the Gospel. Moreover, each day their life of service through Mass and through the life of the Church connects and unites, for everything from the truth to support each other, live in respect and affection, and connect to widen the circle. To glorify God is something most essential that we need. No matter what happens, I believe that when God chooses a person, then definitely God will support and let that person know about things from God. If they are people who totally live in falsehood or do not follow God’s ways, God will certainly not allow that to last.

Oh Lord, Almighty God, there must be prayers lifted to ask You to resolve. God, please help the Church to wholeheartedly unite and love, to overcome these difficult times. We are under threat by foreigners, so let us not tear at each other, not doubt each other, not dispute, not be jealous, and envious. This group hates the other group, the other group then defames another group, and this person says this and says that. That is a chaos, and the devil leans on that chaos, and urges us to do whatever we think is right. The devil just needs to squeeze in one important matter to cause other important matters to be lost.

Oh, God, please have mercy. We know that You call everyone, so You have many ways, but You do not call people to harm others or defame others; because there are certain groups we believe in, but in the end they are against this other group, against that other group. Like one group whose name I prefer not to say, who opposes the “Most Precious Blood of Christ” group (2). This “Most Precious Blood of Christ” group, in their works from the past to present, is very zealous. I see on Thursday, every week, they spend time until three o’clock in the morning to stay with God, for all these years. However, there is a group that just formed that speaks very clearly and very well in this day and age but says that the “Most Precious Blood of Christ” group is not right.

With all things God bestows up to now, God never says this group or that group, so this is a mistake a large number of people are making in this world. Though the works of God, to comment on this or that group or defame certain things, God certainly never asks them to do that. But it is they themselves who did so we ask for God to have mercy on them. This is the time to invite everyone to repent and return, for all decisions to come from God. Let us not judge others according to our ways. Today, God, please help them to see this, to not leave an opening for the enemy to attack, for us to have unity and respect. God gives this person this grace, and another that grace, to unite and complete each other, to achieve everything that God wants, to save people in the world of mankind.

Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, these are the most ordinary matters, but I still ask You and lift up to You. Because my situation is the same – doubted and judged by people – and they reject us even if it is nine years at this place and we start the tenth year. There were many fruits harvested, but the priests do not even spend time to find out, they are truly strict and judge us. In fact, even if they are strict with everything, we should not blame. We know the law of the Church from the past to present, and there are certain revelations that are false, but not because of that assume all revelations do not have the truth.

So in today’s spirit, we ask You, O God, to allow the clergy to fervently accept everything that comes to them. They must seek to understand, they need to be eager, earnest, spend some time to find out what is happening. Since God also uses the laity as well as the clergy to remind about the real life, the priests now also need the laypeople so that they recognize and know the direction that God granted in an abundant way, particularly in today’s generation.

Oh, Jesus, today in the Gospel, You speak to the scribes and the Pharisees. Certainly, they were mistaken in the old days. They were those who did not recognize God and persecuted to the point of killing God on the Cross. Today the accusation is due to jealousy and envy because there is still jealousy, and evil overflows in today’s generation. Hopefully, people will awaken when their hearts recognize and return, when their hearts realize today’s world should no longer rely on earthly power, but trust in God’s spirituality and protection.

Today the storm comes but we feel very peaceful. I feel there is nothing that causes me to be nervous. No matter what happens, I just know that today we still have the opportunity to go to church, to lift up one more Wednesday to God, and lift up to God everything that we are doing, and if anything happens, then may God’s holy will be done. God, please look after us in our last hour when we leave this world. May we always apologize, thank God, and apologize to God for anything we did and are doing. We entrust our lives to God. May God decide for us, because what we have belongs to God, what we live also belongs to God, and all of us belong to God.

All of our weaknesses – we ask God to have mercy and forgive. God, please sanctify and transform us, for us to be worthy on the day we return to You, accepted by You into the eternal place. That is our longing and wish, we ask for God to help us each day to improve and amend our lives to deserve the graces still granted and given to us. Those are the most ordinary words we pray daily, and those are also the sincerest moments. There is nothing left to overtake us, we simply ask to surrender to God Almighty, because He knows what is happening. God knows what is coming, what is not, what must happen, what He has the power to stop.

One word from God and my soul will be healed. One word from God and nothing will happen in the world. One word from God, if we err, then the world will become ground zero. God, please follow Your holy will to determine everything for our lives and the whole world. God, please look over our souls with Your Divine Mercy for us to be reformed. After the rain, the sun will shine again. That is the common saying of the world. It is through trials that we mature to return to the only God, the Savior, the Redeemer, who loves us and teaches us through the doctrine of happiness, peace, and meaning in the life we ​​have. When we have God we have peace. Nowhere else has peace. Peace and calmness will go together for us to know the matters we face, to deal with any situations.

God, please stay with us and grant our Church to understand these things. May our Church be united and listen to the teaching through the Gospel that Jesus left behind for all those who are in a state of living with appearance, with theory, with duplicity, which Jesus reproved. Amend one’s own life, because there is peace nowhere in the present moment, and the day of conclusion will come. If people are truly awake, they understand what role they are living in, and ask for the humility needed to return in time. Do not let it be too late and too tardy. God also tells them to stop killing the prophets and building graves, as those are the mistakes of the ancestors.

Today at this very moment, people must look to science and technology that is more and more progressive, then the clearer and clearer is the truth revealed by God. May mankind remember to not let steps follow wrongdoing, because mankind has the right to choose what belongs to God. Stop condemning and killing the prophets and messengers, because where are the voices to remind when mankind faces the end with the plague of both soul and body? God is the mighty Omniscient and the wise Supreme Being who helps us and gives us the opportunity. Let us not be too complicated and too strict to become selfish, rigid, and return to the old days. The moment of dying is a return in the prostration and relinquishing the power back to God, for Him to decide in justice.

God knows everything. Do not use God’s power to reject others or judge lest you be judged. So all this is heard, learned, and applied, for all classes, all roles to unite to return and seek to understand things that God bestows in an abundant way. In the moment of dying and the last hour, there is only us and God. Let us start with ourselves and use what God bestows to share and unite in the love of the Divine Mercy as God allows each one of us to experience and meditate.

In the end God returns to the righteous person, so the righteous person regains what was lost and the people living in that unrighteousness must stand before the horseshoe of righteousness and justice (4). These are matters in which mankind must awaken in order to choose his own path. Let it not be too late and too mistaken. Jesus died for justice, truth, and love, so today if people can recognize in Him, then rectify soon and return. Do not let it be too late and too tardy. God so loves mankind that He dedicates His own life to mankind, but mankind must know how to live and choose. If we are determined to walk the evil path, then we must receive the death penalty. That is the law of nature, the law of justice. We adore, praise, and glorify God. Amen.


We reverently lift up the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit.

Oh, Holy Spirit, the love, the light, the truth. O Holy Spirit, everyone seems to know You, but how many people truly cooperate with You for us to see the other world, present in spirituality, greatly helping us, for us to understand the depth, the height, the width, with the blessings granted? The enlightenment in justice and the truth can only be found in the Holy Spirit.

Oh, Holy Spirit, You are everything. You guide us and lift us up to God. You teach us. The whole earth is formed by the power of God the Father with the Holy Spirit. We live thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior. That redemption lasts till this day, and we are nourished by the Lord Jesus Christ through His Body and Blood, so that today the words we lift to the Church continue and Mass continues to be celebrated each day through the priests. The nourishment of the soul is a close encounter with the most holy Master through Mass. Truly is extremely sublime and solemn what God spiritually established for the Christians’ life of faith and those whom God chooses, especially the shepherds. The love of God and the connection in spirituality is present. Today we still have that connection because that promise remains till this day: Children, go out and preach the Gospel, I remain with you all days, till the end of the age. And through the Church we receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

Oh, God, today on the altar, we may simply think it is wine or an ordinary host, according to the habit or rule of certain priests. But for those with depth of faith, that is the Lord Jesus. Even though we were not present 2,000 years ago, but that is the presence of God. His promise, and the sublime and solemn establishment, a wondrous ingenuity of a wise God, to remain with mankind, with His people, with His flock. Indeed, it is an extremely great and immense privilege. The Holy Spirit teaches us, to lead us to understand this depth and height. Because we only look with a limited, mediocre, and ordinary viewpoint. In fact, today, we cannot understand and experience, if without the Holy Spirit. Everything that we experience, think, and choose, anything that is the best, comes from the Holy Spirit who grants.

Oh, Holy Spirit, the time has come. Because the world does not welcome Him, people followed their own will, so evil entered the world and controlled the world. The pandemic occurred – souls languished and slowly died in today’s world and society. But this is the moment when we see where God is, where evil is, what mankind chooses with the ego and personality, where the deception is, where the truth is, where the righteous people are. This is the time we see. Thank God. Thank God for the recent events with the pandemic that caused the world to be in a state of deadlocked days, because it is these aspects that enable us to understand that the Holy Spirit is the source of grace, happiness, security, and peace. The most precious things we rejected and were gone in our lives. This is the time we must make a choice. This is the time we must lift up to pray. This is the time we must thank and listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This is the time we must return to righteousness. This is the time mankind must prostrate and surrender to the Lord and return to God Almighty.

Oh, Holy Spirit, please help us because we have nothing left. With those bad and sinful days, the days when we live in a worldly and civilized life of the times, we lose what is authentic, which is virtue, the fundamental of morality, everything from the conscience, the sense of right and wrong, with genuineness, simplicity, and humility. We lost it all. Today we take up a calculated thinking, calculating things that seem to lead to iniquity, and the wickedness is closer to us than the lofty spirituality, because the refusal and addiction of mankind are caused by sin. People do not recognize the Lord Jesus Christ who comes to save us, His doctrine helps us step out of iniquity. We do not leave sin, because we nourish it with a life of greed, selfishness, lust, and there are many things close to us and that bind us in the human world.

But it is the Holy Spirit who is the Supreme Being who enlightens us to discern between right and wrong, between good and evil, between things that need to be done and things that need to be rejected. Because we are not completely on our guard, we fell into the dangerous traps of a civilized world, into the gratification of lust, money, selfishness, pleasure, and function, so today the result is a deadly injury to the whole world, to all mankind. The Holy Spirit is love. We are in a state of collapse. Do we think God is happy? What do we think God feels? God is utterly heartbroken. The Holy Spirit is still with us today and forever. When Jesus commanded, He told the holy Apostles to stay and wait for the Father to send the Holy Spirit when He leaves. After Jesus returned to heaven, then exactly ten days later the Holy Spirit came and descended on the Apostles, the first Church.

Let us not forget we have a Mother who represents us, though the Gospel hardly mentions. Today the Holy Spirit is still working, for generations, not only for the Church but for those who are fully accepted into the Church and receive the Holy Spirit. We still have Mother Mary who is filled with the Spirit of God. Today, how do we know that each kowtow has profound meanings for us to speak? How can we feel with depth, by the heart, by the soul, by a voice that truly echoes to our God? It is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is love, gentleness, tenderness, wisdom, enlightenment, the power to discern between what is correct and incorrect, right and wrong, good and evil – amid the dangers of the world, amid the lies, and amid the matters mankind faces in ambition.

Oh, Holy Spirit, please help us and save the world. God, please renew the face of the world. Since we are genuinely created by God’s love, there are still ethics and morality in a human life, but we lost them because of the times, because we are victims of the times, victims of people in positions who live in wrongdoing and nurturing all things in their own laws. Today we know there are certain laws in which man led man into mistakes. The most visible are the freedom of homosexuality and the freedom of abortion. These are the laws of the human world that are wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.

But the Holy Spirit wants – because God has created the best and most beautiful things for us to have a family life between a man and a woman and for us to have a life with cute children. But today people kill the children right from the egg. This is a crime in which mankind rejects the authority of God, so how can one receive and welcome the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit never teaches mankind to err. The Holy Spirit grants us love, affection, charity, and all the best. The seven gifts are granted to each person – we seem to know them, but today no one uses them. Thus today the world is in a deplorable situation, which is the result of what we chose and are choosing.

But God’s love is exactly the name we say: the Holy Spirit. He is love. He never gets angry. He is still gentle and gently enters our hearts when we realize we need Him, when we prostrate to lift up to Him, and when we see the wrong in the past we committed. Today the plague of soul and body seems to awaken us. What we consider as unfortunate is fortunate for our souls, to be reminded by the Holy Spirit. Today we see the value that the Holy Spirit gives, which we lost. So today He patiently waits for us. It is not too late.

Let us return to Him and ask the Holy Spirit to work again in the life of the spirit, faith, and heart. We must join together. Let each one of us look back at ourselves with our mistakes and ask God for forgiveness in the prostration, ask for the fire to be lit again in our lives so that faith is rekindled to shine in us, for us to recognize that the old way was wrong and return to righteousness. Only righteousness lasts and helps us live a meaningful life, live peacefully, live with an ideal, live a productive life in the world, to deserve what God gives. Let us not reject and continue to deny God’s authority like today’s rebels, like those who have the money yet do not have the intelligence to think.

They only know to spend money to commit crimes and fight for the position of power to be their own, but in the end, they gain nothing. Eventually, everything becomes fleeting and ephemeral. People have money, but when the hour comes, they also must end up in a grave. If anyone can understand this, then mankind would not commit wrongdoing, for we all end up in one primary place. God created us while in the womb of a mother, and when we grew up with this life, whether success or failure, we end up at a point to which everyone in the world must return, which is dust. Today people continue in ambition, continue to fight. In the end, they must return to dust, and when they return to dust, who do they face when their souls lived wandering and they must now face the Creator?

Today we must learn at once, because certain things happen and events happen, let us not be governed by the intellectual way of the times but forget the life of the next world. In just one split second and upon leaving this world, then we will understand how the other world is and whether that world belongs to us or not. The soul will belong to the afterlife. With the days of exile, the days of limitations in the world, we live in the present to decide for the afterlife.

Oh, Holy Spirit, please grant to today’s leaders and those who rule for them to see the common impact on the nations they are ruling and leading, and also for the whole world. May they recognize their wrong decisions, because they themselves will receive the consequences today and the consequences for their souls later. May the righteous people not regret what they sacrifice to bring peace, to bring righteousness, to bring God’s voice to the human world. Even sacrificing one’s own life is worthy, because one prepared the way for the future and is certain of meeting the Creator, the Savior, the Lord God whom we adore. We submit to Him and we accept His doctrine. May we be on our way to return. May many people understand and return. May many people open their hearts to welcome Him.

Oh, Holy Spirit, indeed, that is a wonderful thing. May the Holy Spirit help us. Because our daily life today, if without the Holy Spirit, we truly become fools, impassioned, and looking for worldly things while the spiritual life is something very unfamiliar to us.

Oh, Holy Spirit, please forgive us for the days we neglect You, Your voice is still in us, but we do not cooperate with You. Today we see Your presence in our lives, we are very happy. With Your presence in our lives, we fear nothing. In all matters, You give us the wisdom to decide, in all classes, all roles. Holy Spirit, please guide our Church because we must have a connection with the Church. Jesus loves the Church as His bride. We, as the laypeople, cannot be without our Church. We cannot be without the priests who devote their lives to bring the word of God and His doctrine to us, especially Mass. Holy Spirit, please help our Church. May the priests see the tragedy of these past days so they can see what their lives will be like without the laypeople, with no more meaning, and the laypeople, without priests, we are also very lonely, O God.

Oh, Holy Spirit, we ask the Holy Spirit to help our Church, so that Mass may be celebrated in the church. The church is so deserted. Week after week, for nearly nine months the church was closed, the laypeople are lonely, life started to be dry. Mankind returned to a situation of being lazy, shortsighted, and only know the realities in the videos; through online Masses, the days have become days of neglect, lacking the reverence – attending Mass online as if watching a show on the television rather than attending Mass. Please do not let the priests remain silent to allow the authorities to control. If truly righteous then that is fine, but if unrighteous, then that control is unreasonable, irrational, and absurd.

Oh, God, we are not such righteous or ethical people, but we know everything belonging to us in faith is being taken away and will disappear in the days of events if the priests are not strong and the representatives do not stand up to defend the truth in the way the Holy Spirit teaches. We are the laypeople, we only know to lift up to God, and ask God to decide. We believe that as long as there is a voice praying, God will never abandon His Church. For the Church is the bride of Jesus. We are the brides of the Church. We must unify to pray that no factors will be able to separate the bridegroom from the bride.

May God the Father decide with Divine Mercy for our Church, for the lonely and lost laity in today’s situation. We also pray for the leaders of this powerful country to follow a way of life in righteousness, to find the justice of the truth that only the Lord God commands. Only when we practice can we last in peace, be enriched and prosper in the needed virtues.

Today in a situation in which we are heading into wickedness, are we walking in righteousness? Are we deceiving? What are we choosing? This is the moment when the voice of the soul, the voice of the heart, and the Holy Spirit are working. This is an opportunity for us to be in unity to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten, to work, to motivate us, for us to deserve to be the penitents and truly return to become witnesses by the voice and action. As God granted us in our lives and works, may Mother Mary’s gift teach us to be stronger, for us to profess to glorify God. May we listen to reason and be restored to truly return to God Almighty, the Savior, the Deliverer, the Supreme Being who enlightens, guides, and gives us this present life and the next life for the soul. We adore the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and ever. Amen.


We reverently offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Thank God for staying with us. The Eucharist is the soul of Christians, the soul of the Church. The Eucharist grants us safe and peaceful support when our faith truly expresses and understands the meaning of the institution that Jesus did to become the Host and the nourishment of souls.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, today whom do we rely on to speak? Whom do we rely on for us to be able to see the miracles? Whom do we rely on to have the foundation like a book written not by human beings, but from the very Spirit of God, from the brain, the heart, the spirit, when we reverently lift up and report what God allows.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, for love You granted us everything, breathed Your last, said the last words on the Cross, entrusted us to Mother Mary and the trustworthy Apostle, for us to have the Church. The Church implemented the institution of Jesus, which became the perfect Mass, a Mass truly sublime and solemn, a Mass to lift people up to the Lord, to help us through difficult situations, to remove those painful situations. When we attend Mass, in those moments, even though short, we listen and our souls are strengthened.

That is our souls’ daily spiritual food, to help us be calm and at peace again. Woe to those who are so greedy for wealth, job, worldly possessions, to abandon God and ignore the importance of Mass. Woe to those who have functions who do not respect Mass, celebrate Mass lacking reverence, with hands that seem to be falling into a state of unrighteousness, yet they remain indifferent, and continue with a celebration that causes Mass to be lacking. Jesus is heartbroken, bleeding, because of the people He chose. Their situation is like the scribes and Pharisees, living for the appearances as Jesus says today through the Gospel. All of this is a fact. We cannot deceive, cannot justify, cannot judge.

But there are certain words that Jesus reminds through the Gospel that today are truly rich – Mass comes from Jesus who established for His presence, in holiness and spirituality. Today we do not speak spontaneously to describe the truth that we are able to see. God revealed Himself to us by the light, so this is a support that we have. We lift up and we say what God allows us to.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, there are eyes that do not see throughout their lives. God grants to whoever sees – then that person sees. God grants the mission to whomever – then that person executes. God uses people suitable with the circumstances, suitable and fit for one’s own mission. So today we report what we see, we lift up what we hear. We cherish, treasure, adore, and reverently lift up to the Eucharistic Jesus, because the Eucharistic Jesus is real. He came into the world over 2,000 years ago in the flesh, He instituted the Eucharist to remain with us and became the spiritual nourishment of our souls. That is the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is not for us to receive God only, but it allows us to see the great splendor with the light shining over the present world that lies in a state of darkness. It is God who enlightened us to see His love, the light that guides us in the dark night and the darkness. He is the Lord who grants us hope, even though we are in a situation with darkened days of a world covered with gray colors from people who are fighting and using all kinds of ways to cause war, plague, and suffering.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, You have waited for mankind for many centuries, but has mankind understood the meaning of Your remaining? For the past nine years, when we traveled around to evangelize, we notice that to the majority, the mention of the Eucharistic Jesus is just an apparently habitual subject. It is not something considered as special to mankind. We can see – whether religious, or consecrated, or serving through their ministry – their dedication to the Eucharistic Jesus is only for certain hours. Besides that, everything else is unfamiliar. He is lonely in the tabernacle, and He cried. The voice, sobbing, to look for the sheep of God, to express His loneliness. He speaks through the poems. He speaks of the cold nights waiting for mankind. He speaks about the feeling when mankind offended and abandoned Him.

All these aspects – mankind today needs to hear and understand what the Eucharistic Jesus wants to say to us. His love will not change, but His hour will come because we abandoned Him, forsook Him. We are offending Him. He said: I remain with you all days until the end of the age. When we welcome and we understand His remaining for us to come and visit Him, to come to thank Him in worship, to come to speak to Him, He will be ready in all roles to draw close to us. But we do not understand and are offending Him. There are many aspects by which we offended and are offending, through those with functions, and even the laypeople.

God waited for us for 2,000 years, but God is still alone – only very few people visit Him. Because of those aspects, God speaks to us by the voice of the ending days, because time will run out. Jesus is in a state as we know, because of the pandemic, Jesus was moved out of the church. Jesus was brought down from the altar, then taken out from the altar, and from the altar to the parking lot. And Jesus was placed into plastic bags for fear of the disease. It is the hands of the priests who are afraid of the plague and do not give the Eucharist solemnly, but throw the Eucharist into people’s mouths. Those are the priests whom we see with our own eyes, we witness and see. If the priests are afraid of death like that, then how can we, the laypeople, deal with and have enough courage?

Not all priests are like that, but we did see what happened.  O how distressing for Jesus to fall on the church floor every day because of the handling of His Body through the priests and even from those who receive Him. Only a few in this situation are courageous enough to place the Eucharist on the tongue of those who receive Communion. We saw a bishop and a priest at a church, and a father and his daughter, knelt to receive the Lord by mouth. They were not allowed to. The priest stood still and did not allow Communion, and put the father and his daughter aside, and in the end the father and his daughter did not receive Communion. This is not significant to mention, but that did happen.

These stories happened. What about others we do not know and do not see – then who can report this to the Lord? We mention this not to cause separation, but we simply want to mention the current situation of the pandemic, on how we treat God. There were years we left God alone, we did not even pay any attention to Him. Even us, too – we did not know who the Eucharistic Jesus was. We simply follow the religion of our parents. If the Eucharistic Jesus did not give us an encounter and experience, then the way we think is that God is in the tabernacle, so let Him be, or God is in the tabernacle, and we have our work to do.

But we were wrong. We are the laypeople who truly do not understand anything, but we see that the Eucharistic Jesus is very sad. He actually came looking for us, He actually came to visit us by His Eucharist. He came with an extremely resplendent light and He shone, like a close one, to say that His presence is still in the human world. His loneliness is expressed in poems – though little, simple verses – which He read for me to write down. Indeed, these are the truths that today I testify to, and I also share this with all of you, brothers and sisters. The things that I lift up and say are not from myself, but from Mother’s teaching, for me to have the opportunity to present to each Person – each kowtow is full of meanings to address and present.

Jesus over 2,000 years ago, and Jesus more than 2,000 years later, is the same. He wanted to be close to the holy Apostles, and today He wants to be close to the Church, close to the laity, close through the Eucharist and through each tabernacle He is remaining. He is very lonely. He waits because of the promise He still keeps till this day. When Mass is celebrated and we receive Him into our hearts, He is present within us. He needs and wants us to speak to Him. He wants to understand our hearts. He wants to talk to us. Sadly, we do not listen.

After Mass, He remained alone in the tabernacle, because He promised. Whether we are there or there is daily Mass, it is only for an hour, yet He remains in there, because He promises to remain with us. He remains with us, but certainly it has been too long. All of that became a silence and a habit over generations. Today and in this century He allows, He comes to us, He manifests to us by the light, He visits us by the Eucharist, and by great and splendid ways, with bright colors, soft colors – a light that never existed in the world. But human beings, sadly and regrettably, when they look, they consider that to be the light of the lamps, to be scientific techniques. People disbelieve and reject the favors that remind the life of faith that God gave us directly as well as indirectly.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You. Thank You for visiting us daily. Thank You for coming to visit us when we are at home or wherever we go to witness or wherever you allow. Even in this church, countless times You came here. We shared this to the parish priests, but they closed their hearts, disbelieved, they did not even seek to understand, drove us away, and considered us as fanatics. If fanatics, then how for nine years can we continue to stand firm? Though we were driven away, we persevere.

We are considered to be fanatics, but we end up with what is the best and most spiritual that is being granted and revealed to this world, and the basis of The Six Kowtows. Today, if truly fanatics, how can we have days in which the outcome is happiness and peace to continue with the works we volunteer to do with no personal gain as we do today? Human beings are always judgmental and always have rigid thoughts toward others, especially the principles with the laws. Nowadays, the priests, though they minister a lot, do not look at the important matters. They only know that God is on the altar during Mass or know about things that belong to them.

They cannot see that God is working on the laypeople. God is working for the laypeople to be reminded of something that the priests must listen to. The priests were self-centered in their ways, so they did not seek to understand, and in the end, they rejected many important things that God granted, especially the Eucharistic Jesus. It is because of the words of the Eucharistic Jesus that the laypeople visit God more than the priests. The priests must come to the Eucharistic Jesus more. The Eucharistic Jesus will be with the priests to teach them on the matters of their service and ministry. Moreover, they must have the Eucharistic Jesus for them to become virtuous and holy. With the reminder of the Eucharist Jesus, they will never fall into the snares and never fall into matters that go against the doctrine, wrongful deeds, such as the actions that cause the public to be upset in today’s era.

Man completely disciplined himself in his own way, but what Jesus needs most is for the shepherds to encounter Jesus. Yes, through Mass, there were times, but there are times when they also must spend time to talk to God, because God granted in a special way for them, God chose them, so that affection is always there, granted to them. Then, even if busy, even if there are many ministries, they need to remember that they are witnessing and proclaiming the word of God. God is everything, but they do not place God above all else. They let the ministries be their all. All of them serve, take care of the money, take care of everything, so the days became the days in which we see the answer too clearly. Today Jesus wants to speak, because all the churches need to set the hours of adoration, and there are other things they must have, more or less. We are aware of the presence of God, we cannot see with the eyes, but the cover of God by the light is always present, which is the testimony that the Lord gave for us to record and take pictures that are real.

Regardless of who that person is, a layperson or a priest, people with functions or everyone, if they have a heart for the Eucharistic Jesus, He will always protect in a special way. Today the Lord allows, and it is through the prompting of the Holy Spirit that I can say this and be able to present all that is. It is time. God wants us to know He loves us very much, He waited for us for over 2,000 years. In these critical moments, even though God remains for 2,000 years, we cannot feel, cannot see, and we do not come to ask for God’s protection. Today we hear about the events, it is not late. God continues to wait for our return and continues to wait for us to visit Him.

Let us come to Him for us to have peace in the soul, to be less worried, less afraid of the current pandemic. Let us come to Him, He will grant us in a special way, because with the spiritual life, then no one forbids us, only we decide. Let us not allow things to become habitual through generations and in our lives hear but not listen. What makes us happy is that we experience peace in the days we must make an effort, sacrifice our time. It is then that we experience what God will return and grant a hundredfold what we give away and what we do for God.

Oh, Eucharistic Jesus, surely these things You granted to me, just as You gave me the opportunity to say these things to You. I reported about the first days of our meeting, I did not know that Your presence granted me this opportunity. Today, after nine years, more or less, I learned from my experiences so that I can say things that I do not know myself, but God granted for me to help my brothers and sisters, and the word of God also came to the world throughout the months. God just wanted to love mankind and remain with mankind. Let us come to God. The time will not be much longer, because the world abandoned and kept on failing to carry out what God expected. Today mankind offended God, completely dethroned God, with the discretionary decision from the priests out of fear of the pandemic.

Of course in life we ​​must take all the precautions we need, but we must not be so absolute as to push God away because we are afraid, for us to not be complete with a life in which we ​​serve and adore God properly. God remains with us, but we do not welcome Him, so surely He will go away. When the priests celebrate Mass, when they truly do not have the heart to turn toward God, they just go through the motions, in fear of the pandemic, then God will leave. Because of this God said He would be absent, and Mass would just be an outward appearance, just like today God is rebuking the scribes and Pharisees in the Gospel. For those who are in this state, remember that Jesus knows everything. As a consecrated life, then belong to God for God to decide, and God will comfort and protect. O priests, please do not be afraid, even if it is a pandemic. Remember that there are many ways, do not allow the lack of respect due to our Lord in the way you serve.

That is the most essential thing the Holy Spirit grants to me as well as to all the brothers and sisters: to lift up to God. God, please forgive and allow the priests to experience Your presence just as You allowed us to recognize Your visit through the Eucharist, for them to recognize that You are love, the healer, everything. Do not be afraid. Live to glorify God first, live in the example first, God will not let His priests be at a disadvantage for His sake. Even if you die, your lives will enjoy everlasting, heavenly blessings with God in heaven. Please do not be afraid and fearful. As God once said: whoever loses his life for My sake will have eternal life, and whoever wants to save his life will die.

So, for God’s sake, sacrifice for God, then you will live, but whoever saves his life for one’s sake, because of worldly things, of self-protection, out of fear, will die. These are things we need to decide. Do not let it be too late and too tardy, because everything comes not by chance, but God has a program to remind all classes, all roles. We cherish and respect, we revere and adore, we thank and are grateful. We always thank God, because He is still with us, nourishing us with the food for the soul. Let us respond, more or less, in a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude, with a respectful and reverent heart toward the Eucharistic Jesus. We thank, praise, and glorify God. Amen.


We reverently offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Signs of Jesus Christ.

Oh, Five Holy Signs of grace, of love, of the Savior and Redeemer, the Five Holy Signs are imprinted to redeem our souls in forgiveness. Jesus of the Five Holy Signs is repeating many times so that it can be explained through the Holy Spirit for us to understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs. It is genuine what mankind knows for generations – we only know of the Lord Jesus’ work of salvation, His extreme suffering, His endurance, His redemption of mankind. That cannot be denied. But what God wants us to know is what those Five Holy Signs exchanged for us – those Five Holy Signs exchanged our souls, our lives, what is the best. Jesus wants us to believe and wants us to return, even if we are sinful, He still forgives.

That seal imprinted on our souls is forgiveness, but we must cooperate, be willing, volunteer, cooperate with God, and recognize that is the seal of forgiveness. Return with heart, return with utter determination, return by righteousness, then we will never lose hope in the Five Holy Signs that Jesus bestowed and gave us. For that seal imprinted is not something ordinary and mediocre, but it is the immeasurable Divine Mercy of God the Father and the sacrifice on the Cross. The death of the Lord Jesus allowed us to have faith and guidance through the love of the Father and the Son made possible through the Holy Spirit. The remaining to nourish our souls with His Body and Blood continues through daily Mass on the altar, and is also the companionship, guidance, help, teaching, and reminder, which is the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

All that is so overwhelming is the perfection of the heavenly family granted to us in spirituality to redeem our souls, and an affirmation in love, in forgiveness. That seal became immense forgiveness, but do we deserve to be forgiven? Do we deserve to know and understand God grants us that? Do we know that that seal belongs to us in every situation and anywhere while we still breathe and we repent? This is something that we are reminded of through Mother Mary’s teaching with the Five Holy Signs, for us to be absolutely happy, peaceful, and secure, to move forward on the paths.

Despite difficulties, sufferings, and adversities, God is the protector and the Lord who loves and helps us on the path, to understand the meaning of depth, height, and breadth. Our human condition over the generations has nothing – do we continue to face all matters that we do not respect? Do we clearly understand the Five Holy Signs, with Jesus on the Cross, His arms stretched to wait for the return of mankind? He yearns for the voice of the heart. When we recognize the forgiveness, with what do we respond? Let us respond with thanksgiving, with a repentant soul, for us to reverently offer with the meanings that Mother Mary taught, with absolute submission.

Thanks to the Five Holy Signs for the forgiveness. This is absolutely necessary to help us understand that when God forgives us when we return, then we live in the glorious resurrection with the Lord. We do not lose anything. Although sinful, God forgave and is forgiving, so let us return by cooperation, with utter repentance. That is the law of fairness needed. Today, there is no apology from mankind, for mankind replaced it by arrogance, judgment, doubt, using one’s power and position of authority to never understand the meaning of apology – both soul and body – and submission to God. The ingratitude of mankind grieved God and continues to grieve Him.

Today we are taught by Mother Mary – let us not lose this opportunity, for the last hours of life are still the days in hope that God grants in a special way. It is because of those very aspects that Mother is still with us to remind us. Because the extreme suffering of the Savior is so significant to our souls, Mother does not want any souls to be lost. Thus the Five Holy Signs are full of meanings. We cannot stand before God by incomprehensible, unknown, or superficial ways. Let us prostrate before God with a spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude, and penance, which is needed in the human condition so that in our last hours we receive God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Everything of this day has meaning. God is the Lord God yet accepted death to redeem us. Mankind, no matter how high our function, needs to bow down. Let us not be foolish. Let us not be arrogant and yield to what is in the role to lose the opportunity to be forgiven. It is from the Redeemer, the Supreme Being who died for us and atoned for us – for us to have the opportunity. Today, let us not think that we are people with functions, even the president must prostrate before God. Let us not think that we are capable of doing everything. God alone is the Supreme Being who does. He is the Lord God full of love. He is the Lord God full of Divine Mercy who gives sinners and those who commit sins the opportunity to repent.

To the Cross, we must prostrate to apologize, to be forgiven by God, because it is the seal that God paid by the price of Blood to redeem us and the whole world. Together in unity, let us praise, glorify, honor, and thank the Lord our God, the Risen Lord, glorious and triumphant, bringing life and hope to the whole world. Today even with the pandemic, we still believe in the Savior, the Redeemer. We trust fully, and we entrust. God will save us, help us, rescue us, and heal us in times of danger when we belong to Him and return to Him. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and for ever and ever. Amen.


We reverently offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.


We reverently lift up to God the Father and ask Him to allow us to lift up to Mother these words of gratitude. What we did and are doing today is like a sign to teach us. Six years ago, we began to practice this, and it has been nine years that we fully received the guidance and teaching of Mother Mary.

Father, please allow us, with all our souls, all our hearts, to lift up to Mother Mary words of thanksgiving, praise, gratitude, and apology. O Mother Mary, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of the Heart of love, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of the Incarnate Word, Mother of the Savior, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of every sinner, every saint, every victim, every prisoner, every witness, every culprit, every soul in purgatory, every penitent, and every apostle around the world, Mother of the Church, Mother of the clergy, Mother of the sick everywhere in the country, and Mother of those infected with the virus in today’s society and world. Mother’s title and honorable name is never denied for it is true. Today with the state of society and the world in days of deadlock, with days of tension between good and evil that we see very clearly, Mother never gives up. In every age, Mother is there to lead the children, reminding us.

Mother came to every country. There is no country that does not know about Mother Mary. There is no country that Mother does not visit. Despite centuries Mother came – today there are still evident signs of the miracles in Lourdes and Fatima. Mother also came to Mexico and to La Vang, Vietnam. Mother continues today – Our Lady of Tà Pao, and many places where each different holy statue has the footprints and vestiges of Mother Mary. Mother Mary fulfilled the last word from Jesus on the Cross. Today Mother’s voice represents God, to remind the children, the flock, and the Church to unite. The day of reunification will not be far away.

Oh, Mother, all these things coming to the world is not a coincidence, because Mother never taught anyone to kneel and prostrate, other than the angel who taught the three children shepherds in the village of Fatima: Sister Lucia and Saints Jacinta and Francis. That story is written in history, recorded in the century. But today Mother teaches us to kneel before the Eucharist, lift up before the Eucharist, address the Eucharist. Mother taught us through each Person before the Eucharist. Today this gift is given to the world. We go all over in all places and share this gift. To those who practice and believe, they received the spirituality and they testified to this truth when the Eucharistic Jesus is respected. Respect, a plea from the ​​heart, and a feeling, to address and present to Jesus.

Mother is the Mediatrix who brings us close to the Lord and helps us in the urgent events. Mother understands the state of society and the world in the ending. If we do not practice and forcefully profess to return to our Lord, if we do not repent, we remain the same as many centuries ago. We still live in the days of war – still in suffering, still in the pandemic, still in a state of coming then leaving, concluding then coming, time after time, ongoing, and on and on, not to have a day at the end. Today we saw all who fell into the state of the pandemic. Just the past few months – for years we built up, but only a few months and everything seems to be completely deadlocked and in a state with the days we see, slowly ending up with things deadlocked in all aspects, from economic to social.

To complicate matters, we see the lies unfold and the most wicked things people deal with and contend with in certain ways. Those are the riots that are and were, and the offenses that are happening to the nations: the destruction of the churches, the smashing of the holy statues, the offenses like the burning of the tabernacles and churches. This never happened before, but in just the past nine months we see the answer to unrighteousness when mankind rejects or fails to follow the teaching of God. Mother Mary reminds Christians in particular and the world in general. All the riches of the world continue in richness, through the role, but we know the truth that role is not from competence, but role is bought with money, is bribed. One’s role covers up one’s bribes and schemes to attain one’s goal. Righteous people are being bullied, because we are all human beings living in selfishness; there is no unity, and the order in justice has been broken.

Mother Mary already knew this. Mother Mary knew what would happen. There will be dying moments. People will need help for those around them, but they will not have the opportunity. The pandemic caused separation and forced people to be alone, and in their dying moments, the final moments, the moments asking for help, for the last Sacraments, in the end they will not receive. Even the priests when they leave this world, die in loneliness, in lonely days, with a disease people do not know that at the end, they cannot even say goodbye to their family. This is something happening, caused by mankind. Mother knew and prepared us not to be alone when we must leave this world. Because of the pandemic created by mankind to harm each other, Mother prepared for the people who do not know and do not believe.

Mother grants this to the world, to the clergy, to all of us, for us to have the basis. Though we do not encounter in the flesh, we encounter God in the surrender through The Six Kowtows. The Holy Spirit will not leave us alone and lonely on the path when we face death. God specially granted the arrangement indirectly through Mother Mary, to help us. Today this gift is still not totally welcomed. At this church, there are certain people who are stubborn, who refuse, and people with duty and responsibility who reject, so God lets them take on another mission, but others continue to follow their way.

Today we, the laypeople, must continue, though we hear the strict words of the priests, face the prohibitions of those who serve in the Church. They do not know anything (3), but they drive us away. Still, we keep going. The books, no matter what, in the end, we got them into the hands of the priests all over, even in the regions where no one goes to. In particular, during the pandemic days, one of our brothers in the group went all over, knocked on the doors of every church, on the doors of every place knowing there is a priest. Even if the brother did not meet the priests in person, he placed the book in the mailbox to convey what the Eucharistic Jesus did, and the teaching Mother specially instructed through The Six Kowtows.

There are the silent works God protected and granted for us to do. In fact, if God does not protect then we do not have up to the sixth book. If God did not allow, then we would not be in the Philippines with the books to be given to those in the ranks of the Church as well as to the laity. If God does not allow, we cannot go all over the country, from south to north. If God does not allow then the CDs would not come to Fatima, France, Lourdes. Five years ago we went to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, the first visit of Pope Francis there, to start spreading the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offered in a special way to the world in general and to the Church in particular.

All things passed and today is the conclusion to clearly understand what remains through all situations and problems in the world, for us to know what we need to do in our dying moments. In the moments most needed, let us beseech God with our souls and hearts, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance through the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary teaches in a very clear way. Because with our beseeching by the heart, with the prostration by the soul, the Eucharistic Jesus will not let you be lonely. The Eucharistic Jesus will have a way to keep your soul from being distressed, keep the souls of the people who pray this way from being alone and lonely when they must leave this world due to the pandemic.

Oh, Mother Mary, You are a Mother who understands Your children, the foolish and arrogant children, the children who live in wickedness, the virtuous and holy children, the children who do not know, the children who are victims, the children who are sinners, repenting and returning. Mother knows all this to help the children in the world. Mother dedicates this special gift to remind us of the situation in society in the last days, the days of good and evil fighting each other, the days when we see the positions of the leaders and we see the truth of their hearts. Their lives of service are just money, ambition, and deceit, while the righteous people were oppressed as we see in today’s world.

We also see our Church in a state with daily Mass in the churches forbidden. We see the unity, the cooperation. We see our Church in the days with the deadlock. All this Mother saw and knew everything would come to the ending as it is today. None of us can do anything – we cannot. We only know about the last weapon we have. Mother does not teach us by means of guns or words of confrontation, but the way Mother teaches is for us to prostrate, both soul and body. Since we are the works created by God, God granted us a heart with love, which He placed in each one of us.

Regardless of positions, let us bow and prostrate to lift up to God in a spirit of repentance, and let us return to Him. We had the Eucharistic Jesus, granted exclusively to Christians, Catholics. Let us run straight to the Eucharistic Jesus, because He is the Mediator who gives us the opportunity to know the lofty spirituality that today we receive and are experiencing. It is in these aspects that we must cooperate and unite, for us to overcome the difficulties to encounter God’s grace and His intervention. God waits for our return. God needs us to return to receive what He bestows, and He needs us to practice things for which He protected us with His death, through the doctrine that is realized over the life of the Church and our life.

We had so many complications. Human life must have the order God grants, but we placed that ordered way above the works of God and we became indifferent to God. We focused on the appearances like the leaders, the scribes, and the Pharisees that Jesus mentioned in today’s Gospel. We are in a situation in which the laypeople are also the victims – victims of times, victims of war – through the authorities, through the leaders. We are living in a free country, a great country like this. Everything has laws, and the law of justice and righteousness will last, while the law of deceitful and wicked days will be a day of conclusion as today.

So unrighteous matters will lead to upheaval and plague. That is the truth. Mother Mary gave us this gift to prepare for the day when we are in an actual deadlock and pandemic – today and in the future, even for the soul. Mother does not force. Mother just wants us to recognize that it is time. There is no other place to rely on, apart from God. No one has the right to forgive apart from God. No one stays with us in the dying moment, when we suffer, when we succeed or fail – that is Jesus, Mother’s Son and the Lord of the entire world. Today, thanks to Mother, with Mother, through Her intercession, we receive a gift, a weapon granted to each person, for each to beseech God. God will resolve, God will rule, and God will plan for each person.

May we unite to listen to Mother’s teaching: pray the Rosary, amend our lives, return to unite with the Heart of Mother, for Mother to lift us up to God. Today we are happy. Now, let us reverently remember the Divine Mercy of God. Today Mother teaches us the Rosary of The Six Kowtows to help us in times of stress. May the light come back to the world through the Rosary of The Six Kowtows. That light belongs to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is righteousness and justice to help us to open the eyes of faith and choose the Lord of love and Divine Mercy. The Lord Savior delivered us by His death, the Lord in whom we must believe. Only with the guidance of the Holy Spirit can we become wise and enlightened, for us to decide on what is best in the holiness that is needed in order to return.

Today what we offer and lift up – O Mother Mary, I lift up our Church to You. I lift up to God and I also lift up to Mother. May Mother intercede for our Church in this moment, for all things to be united, unified, and persistent, and protect what is God-given to our Church and to the laity so that it will not be lost and stolen, out of weakness or lack of defense. In all matters, today the government is forceful, but the government is not the be-all and end-all of our life of faith. Please let what belongs to us not be violated. It cannot be for any reason due to human weakness to affect the reverence that is due. The laity must have respect for the Eucharistic Jesus, especially the priests, the people who have position of power cannot allow the Eucharistic Jesus to be abandoned according to a discretionary, human way out of fear for the pandemic. This is the most important matter.

Mother Mary, I thank You. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to clearly understand what the Holy Spirit teaches, and also for the opportunity to speak the voice of truth. Let us not lose heart or be proud. Mankind must look at one’s mistakes, be prompted by the Holy Spirit for us to stand up at the right time and awaken at the right time, and for us to reform. Let us not continue to offend the Eucharistic Jesus. We lose what is joyful and sublime that God gave us, because He remained to protect us, but we drive Him away one way and another. God can remain and God can leave. If we have a soul that truly understands the important presence of God in our lives, then let us practice what Mother teaches.

God will not let us be lonely. God will defend us. No matter what the circumstances, if we fear the human world, fear the law, then even if Mass is celebrated, Jesus will be absent. Those are things Mother told us. So today in a spirit of repentance, let us reverently offer The Six Kowtows. Let us spend some time to meditate, come to the Eucharistic Jesus to lift up all the sufferings that today we cannot deal with. Only the Eucharistic Jesus will help us. He teaches us. With Mother Mary by our side, we will overcome these difficult and stressful times, the times between good and evil.

We lift up countless thanks to Mother. Thanks to Mother, we come to Saint Joseph. Thanks to his intercession, his help – his example to the Church is integrity, righteousness, the chaste life, and also the responsibility for all families in the world. Since he is the patriarch of the Holy Family, obeying God and executing everything, his intercession will never be denied by God. Those who come to St. Joseph, ask him to intercede for our Church, for each of our families, and for the whole world. He is the one who has integrity and defends the truth, so surely, we will have the intervention through his intercession. Whoever comes to St. Joseph will never return empty-handed.

Mother brings us to the three archangels, for they are the elders in the heavenly kingdom. The archangels rule and always defend, and they always have the authority to protect the truth and righteousness. They will dispel the snares of the devil that uses all kinds of subtle and skillful ways to harm us. The three archangels are powerful, when we call on them, they will never refuse when we are determined to return in righteousness. This is an immensely great heavenly force that Mother Mary taught us to ask from the archangels. We ask the archangels to please protect our Church and help us in the passage. We see the past stumbles and the current ones through the pandemic. Those are the clever traps and snares that human beings are falling into, but thanks to the archangels we will be liberated and overcome this event.

Let us not forget, Mother also reminds us we have those close to us who pray for us, lift us up, protect us. They are the guardian angels. The human world does not know what we have, the human world seems indifferent to all matters that we receive from heaven, from God. It is thanks to Mother for us to have this gift, for us to meet the archangels. May all the archangels in heaven help us in the human world. We thank the guardian angels. From the beginning, till now we never spoke to them and have never been close to them. Today we know about their help. We thank them for their protection and guard, for us to avoid the traps and snares we always stumble on in the world.

Today let us unite to reverently lift up to the God Almighty and thank Him for the good and holy acts. God gave us the opportunity to have close contact with the archangels, the guardian angels, the angels, and the saints. Moreover, the examples of the saints taught us as they lived the days in the world through many trials and ordeals. They were determined to follow God, be faithful to God, and persevere until the very end. They too had to endure, and through death to sit at the chair of the banquet table. Today we are in a situation unlike theirs, but we must deal with all the mental stresses, deal with our determination, and even deal with the prohibitions, especially in these times, which is not easy to accept and not easy to do.

Everything requires a sacrifice. In the end, if we truly understand, today’s sacrifice is nothing compared to the saints’ sacrifices. But God has mercy and visits us through His Eucharist, and we are taught by Mother Mary, so let us not be afraid. Let us continue to move forward. In our lives we only pray and ask for repentance. Besides, we do not offend anyone, we do not bother anyone, and we do nothing wrong when we lift up both body and soul in a spirit of submission and prostration. We witness to what God allows, testify to what God gives, to what we practice, to what Mother teaches. So we do not bother anyone nor offend anyone nor do what is against the doctrine.

Let us together practice in unity to receive the help of the heavenly court, to follow the shining examples of the saints. We ask for their intercession, for us to follow in their footsteps, and one day may we return to God and meet them in heaven. That is our dream but certainly this path is still a long way, and there is still a lot we must learn. Please help us be determined to live in our mission and remove things as taught by the Holy Spirit who granted us the words. At the same time, help us unite, love, for us to live to honor God, glorify His name, and witness in a worthy way in life with the gifts that are bestowed on us.

We ask the archangels, the angels, and the saints to allow us to unite with them, to serve, adore, honor, and submit to God, by the voice, by the silent deeds, by the days of witness as we practice through the gift of The Six Kowtows. Truly, it is such a richness. Mother Mary is a Mother of few words, always praying and meditating. Mother teaches us many practical things. Mother does not say much, but with depth of faith, with depth of feeling, the Spirit of the Lord guided in a very special way. So this gift is the last key of history. It is a gift. Anyone can take the key and wait for the day when we open the lock, each one of us. It is a huge fortune in the heavenly kingdom that God offers to each one of us.

Help us to understand that in the days of the world, we need to live in a meaningful way and live in a spirit of repentance first, and to become righteous – then everything we do is guided in the Spirit of God. Let us remove the ego and personality to live a life called in the mission. God granted in a special way, through Mother Mary’s teaching and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, for us to live each day – better, improved, more deserving. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever and ever. We ask the archangels to protect our Church, protect us, dispel the snares.

Please protect the righteous people, for them to continue in the works they lead in God’s way, to save the world and save us from the misery, deception, and wickedness of the cunning and evil-hearted people. Because of money, these people sell out their consciences and the citizens. They are living and looking for all kinds of ways and schemes to achieve their goals, murdering the righteous people. May God protect and guard us. May the archangels and the heavenly court help us and intercede to God for us. Please intervene for us. Do not let us fall into the state of the old days. We understand and are becoming mature, to return to God. Please accept our prayers through the gift of The Six Kowtows offered by Mother Mary.

Once again, we thank, honor, and ask Mother to accept our apologies. As for things that are not yet done, things lacking, things not yet pleasing to God, Mother, please teach us more, for us to continue in our mission of proclaiming and witnessing, so that all people may receive and be saved in the times of urgency, stress, deadlock, and pandemic. Please heal our souls and bodies, for us to return to God in time while time still permits. I thank God, the Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and the heavenly court. May we be united with one another to honor the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia, Anna, Maria Nhung, Theresa Tao, Mercedes, conclude The Six Kowtows on the Wednesday that God grants us. May God bless our house in a special way to be remodeled according to God’s holy will. May the storm pass without causing any damage and casualties. We can only ask in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. May God the Father have mercy and accept our prayers. If there is anything else, please teach for us to be prepared. All things are to be done according to the Father’s holy will. We obey and ask that everything be done according to the Father’s holy will. We ask in the name of God, the Lord of love, now and forever and ever. May all our brothers and sisters in the group receive the necessary things that they ask for, and grant us the days to learn and do what God wants, fulfill our duties and responsibilities, and grow in the grace God grants.

We are reminded by St. Paul: do the works God fully assigns, do not let time become meaningless with everything God gave us. Because we will not have many days left, let us do everything to glorify God’s name, to have a meaningful time that God grants. That is the happiest thing, to represent those who never thanked and never lived to perform their God-given task. May they be rekindled while time still permits. Do not let it be too late and too tardy. May all of God’s plan and arrangement in the Spirit urge and enlighten us and create the opportunities for us according to God’s will. We ask for God to bless us. We ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lucia concludes at 12:19 p.m. on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, in St. Theresa Church, in front of the sanctuary, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and next to it are the holy statues of Divino Niño Jesús, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Juan Diego. May God bless the works we will do and fully practice today. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. This may be a Vietnamese saying. Its meaning is unclear in English.
  2. This is a reference to Precious Blood devotion/private revelation to Barnabas Nwoye in Nigeria.
  3. That is, in the seat of a defendant in a court
  4. They do not know anything about us.



Lucia Phan receives the messages via locutions. She is also able to record miraculous images of the Eucharist in the form of photos and videos on her smartphone. Jesus gives her messages as a Father who loves His children, and as the Teacher/Master. (This divine, fatherly love of Jesus is found in John 13:33, John 21:5, Matthew 23:37, and Mark 10:24.)

Please share this message and the websites with all those you know via e-mail, printing the message, and word of mouth.  

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