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Leaving the Garden of Eden


 7-20-2012-Leaving the Garden of Eden

Leaving the Garden of Eden


July 20, 2012 – 8:17 p.m., Emmaus Chapel

Lucia: Father, today is Friday. I come to visit You in the tabernacle.

Today, why does my soul not have any energy at all?

Mentally, I feel different than usual – my motivation seems to decrease.

I feel tired mentally and physically spent. I do not want to do anything.

Sitting in front of You after praying, I do not feel like writing, just sitting there.

Time goes by. What a waste.

I know You are looking at me.

You have many things to tell me, don’t You?

So I take the book out to write.

Though mentally tired and anxious, I do want to talk and lift up all my feelings and thoughts at this hour to You.

Sometimes, even though my body is weary, it is within Your intention and perpetual love and care for me.

Human beings have happy moments, sad moments, and emotional ups and downs, just like sometimes it rains and sometimes the sun shines – isn’t that right, Father?

So then I can truly feel how greatly grieved You are by human beings, even the children whom You favor and cherish.

To these children, indeed, is granted boundless magnanimity and patience.

If without the immeasurable and generous love You have for the human race, then indeed, human beings would no longer exist in the world today.

That is something I feel when one is negligent and leaves one’s position due to one’s ego, physical weariness, and mental weakness.

That is not mentioning the violations and offenses that are committed with sin – then how much worse and dangerous it is for mankind, and the soul must bear the responsibility for what one does and causes.

Our human world has very good and wonderful aspects if we truly live in the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit grants so many good and beautiful things in this life, which are the perfection and goodness God gives to everyone, but research and inquiries as well as a proper understanding and awareness will open wide the door that locks the soul.

From the past until now, no one knew how to open the locks of these doors, so beautiful, so bright, and the truth, the holiness, the beauty that God granted to human beings from the very beginning: gentleness, simplicity, purity, innocence – in all aspects, in all circumstances, and in all areas, waiting and relying entirely upon the Creator, our good Father.

For how long was that possible?

When God created Adam and Eve, He must have been very happy and satisfied with the masterpieces created with breath and in His image.

The hope in human beings was quite high.

Certainly no paper and pen could describe His love, and no word could describe His affection.

With what He created on earth, He gave human beings the right to own and control all species and all creations.

No matter how little or big in this world, He granted human beings the right to use.

His love and Heart were given to human beings as well.

For how long? No one knew for sure. Only He, the Supreme Being, knew how long it would last.

Then human beings fell into rebellion and disobedience, so everything had boundaries and laws at that time.

He is the Lord of the universe. In the heavens as well as on the earth, everything is within His reach, His providence, and His consideration.

One of His immutable things was the obedience when He granted human beings the right to enjoy and possess all things in the world.

Unfortunately human beings violated the most important command.

There was nothing left to say and reverse this truth, with the supreme and important commandment God gave, ordering Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit.

Then that happened. Human beings chose a direction for themselves.

God never wanted human beings to fall into that situation.

The truth was truly brutal and cruel.

Once human beings fell into the deceiving snare of the devil, then the decision regarding human destiny was extremely clear.

Faced with God, at that time, Adam and Eve were no longer innocent.

They found themselves naked, ashamed, and shunned from the truth.

Their souls were insecure and frightened when they heard the voice of God: Adam, Adam. Eve, Eve… where are you? Why do you not answer when I call?

After a while God saw them hiding behind the bushes and at the same time covering themselves with leaves.

God asked, What are you two doing?

His voice was very gentle face to face, in a conversation as a father calling to his children.

But the truth was so brutal, heartbreaking, and disappointing, because from the start there was already disobedience, imperfection, and the collapse of hope.

God created mankind in His image, but that image was corrupted, tainted by the temptation of the poisonous serpent with the devil’s mind that transformed innocence and simplicity into accusation toward each other before His face when Adam and Eve knew they had sinned and violated what God commanded them.

From there they left the Garden of Eden, the place God created to offer to mankind.

In it was His love, covered by fragrant flowers, wild plants, and beautiful things such as the delicious fruit trees as He desired and bestowed upon mankind from that time.

God said: The serpent will crawl on his belly and will eat dust, and at the same time a woman will step on its head. Man will eat his food by painful toil, by the sweat of his brow.

From that moment, the first parents left the Garden of Eden sinful and ashamed, because of the violation they committed.

Everything that happened proceeded as a historical story throughout centuries and was passed on from one generation to the next.

It was the history of human beings, clearly reported, and mankind keeps on living.

How was God feeling at that time?

Who could explain and fully comprehend His Heart when mankind’s gratitude and response was disobedience and the violation of a great command He gave?

The law came from the Creator, the King who ruled both the heavens and the earth.

Melancholic, bitter, brokenhearted, a heart writhing in pain as if bleeding every second, God watched His masterpieces’ betrayal, from desire and arrogance, wishing to be the same and equal with His power.

Despite being instigated by the devil, human beings had the right to refuse because of the commandment God gave.

The proceedings of sin from an early age were budding and forming in human beings.

How poignant for God to see all things ended, destroying the love, the trust, and the connection between Him and the human beings formed by His hands.

He could destroy and rebuild from the images He wanted and order absolute obedience according to His will. But He did not do so.

Having formed the shape of a human being, He would not take away life and a human being’s life, but only used the ultimate authority for human beings to live and to leave.

Although human beings chose for themselves a direction, God did not deprive them of the ownership of a ruler and the use of all things that are on earth: plants, animals, and all creations.

His benevolent Heart continually watched and gazed at human beings who lived, worked, made a living, and He always poured graces and followed them for thousands of centuries.

God saw that when human beings fall into sin then mistakes increase.

He looked down and saw all things that happened and that led human beings into misery.

With evil all around because of sin, each era is flooded with horrible wickedness, increasing dispute and rivalry.

God was always concerned.

He used one way and another to help and prevent evil from flooding the world and sent countless prophets.

God used the intellect of the Holy Spirit to rescue and save countless people in all eras and a multitude of layers of history that were not mentioned through books and history.

Love for mankind transcends space and time.

For ages, He persisted in the truth to save mankind from the evil spirit of the darkness. He patiently waited for mankind up to this century.

He sent His only-begotten Son as an offering to be sacrificed for human beings, accepting death in exchange for life.

The covenant with mankind was transformed.

The sins of mankind were cleansed through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, for mankind to have the right to return to what was lost since leaving the Garden of Eden, which God created for mankind.

Not only that – there was the presence of the Second Person whenever Mass was celebrated, through His Body and Blood, to nourish mankind from body to soul.


God the Father:

For more than 2,000 years, the shelter in the Blessed Sacrament was to intervene and strengthen mankind to return to the truth that God proclaimed for thousands of generations.

This still exists and continues to this day, but mankind remains indifferent and still does not recognize that.

Evil is still permeating. The sins of mankind are increasing day by day.

The good people are few, the righteous people even fewer, while the wrongdoers and the bad are too many.

There is nothing I cannot do for mankind.

The opportunity was there.

The day has come – the law of nature must come to pass to purify and re-establish a new world with righteousness, serenity, obedience, truth, peace, and harmony, for those who return to the last grace through the Divine Mercy, through the Heart of love that dwells in the Blessed Sacrament, waiting for and forgiving mankind in the final salvation of the last days of the century.

This is the last opportunity.

I use love to speak to mankind: awaken and return to the truth, to God’s love, which is granted in particular to mankind in this century.

Whoever has ears, listen. Whoever has eyes, see what belongs to the truth.

I will try to help and bring you to life eternal, right now in this life and in the next.

What I want to say I have already said and shown you the history for you to clearly understand all aspects.

Come back to the truth that I gave to mankind and which is also the last opportunity for you to receive forgiveness in the final moments of life.

Goodbye children.

Finished writing at 11:25 p.m.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of



New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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