New Revelations through the Eucharist

The Treasure of Grace is the Eucharist


3-09-2019 – Lent, The Treasure of Grace is the Eucharist

March 9, 2019

(This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan, when practicing The Six Kowtows).

Lucia: O God, it is 1:02 p.m., Saturday, March 9, 2019, in Holy Rosary Church.

We are kneeling in front of the Altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the Sacred Heart, the holy statue of Mother Mary, and the holy statue of St. Joseph.

Today, God gives us the opportunity to come here on Saturday, the day dedicated to Mother, and also the Saturday of the beginning of Lent.

We come here to attend Holy Mass and to respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.

Thank God for all that You have given us in the past few days and at the beginning of Lent.

Today, we have the opportunity to continue with the churches we visit, to respectfully lift up to God with fervent prayers on behalf of today’s world, for all classes, for all roles, for our families, and for our brothers and sisters.

We pray for mankind to return and reconcile with God this Lent, and also for the brothers and sisters in the group, for our families, for the brothers and sisters everywhere, and especially for the laypeople here.


The First Kowtow: I respectfully offer to God the Father.

O God the Father, I worship You, thank You, praise You, and glorify You.

Today we come here to attend Holy Mass.

You grant us Your teaching for the first world, as in the time of the Old Testament.

Today, the time has come for those words to resonate and motivate each one of us, each soul, to turn around and come back to You, particularly in these days that are the beginning days of this Lent.

These are also Your reminders for the world and for those who are wicked to stop with everything evil that was committed for generations.

Stop with all the falls into wickedness.

Become contrite and repentant people.

Come back to receive the forgiveness that Father has given to those who live in improvement and yearn to return to righteousness.

This is something very easy for us to hear, but to perform is a truly difficult process.

Our weak and sinful condition is always in favor of everything that belongs to wretchedness, to reality, to the argument and reasoning of the world.

But God absolutely desires for mankind to live and become holy people with the doctrine that He has given and granted, which is love, light, the truth.

He also gives all of us great favors, for us to become perfect and improved in His grace.

If we truly understand this, then the world will no longer have wars, sufferings, disputes, and sins.

O God, through all generations, Your words still resonate to teach, but we are weak and wretched, with a narrow viewpoint.

Today may we lift us these earnest prayers.

Though we still cannot, God is still a God full of Divine Mercy who waits for mankind through all generations.

Today, we have the opportunity to respectfully lift up to God with earnest words.

Sinners like us, people who do not know, but who are able to understand, deliberately neglect or deliberately commit crimes.

For people who live in a wretched life for too long, it is difficult for them to stand up.

But O Lord, God Almighty, You have given us Your love.

Everyone has longings, everyone has concerns, everyone has things we yearn for, for us to become righteous.

Father, please have mercy on us who are sinners.

Allow us to receive Your word and practice in our life with determination, for us to return to You in the days of Lent.

Today, we still have the opportunity, we still have the choice, because Your love and Divine Mercy are still affectionately granted to each sinner, for us to have the opportunity.

With the most trivial, ordinary things, each one of us has a longing for righteousness, in the heart, in the truth of love.

Father is the author of love.

With all things You grant mankind the right to rule, but we have betrayed from the beginning, we have let the reality in life control us.

So we suffer from the consequences of sin, of greed, of selfishness, of desire, of wickedness, past and present.

Through countless eras, through countless generations, only at this moment can we pray to God, with our soul, our body, our mind, and our heart.

May God have mercy and forgive. May God have mercy, sanctify, transform, for His grace to be poured over us, for the maturity of the soul, of the mind, of the heart.

May we turn around and come back to His teaching, for our life to have joy and be full of meaning.

God Almighty grants to us, and what we possess is the truth and righteousness in His commandments and precepts.

Let all of us not leave God because of our sins.

Let us not lose the opportunity to return in Lent, especially this year, because of the habits and rules in life.

In particular, the beginning days of Lent help us be calm, quiet our souls, look back at our unhappy past with the countless sins that lure us.

May we stand up easily, to receive the word of God with determination.

Certainly, that determination will be His answer, like His message in the First Reading today.

May God help us have faith, help us strive, help us mature, and stand up to receive the most beautiful and noble things, to leave the darkness of sin, to return with Father.

Especially in the beginning days of Lent, may we reconcile with God for us to become new people in joy and happiness, with a loving God rich in Divine Mercy.

Only He is the Supreme Being who forgives.

Please accept our prayers.

Especially in this moment, we respectfully lift up to God Almighty, in a spirit of gratitude, to praise, glorify, honor, and thank.

May we represent all our brothers and sisters, the whole world – all classes, all roles – and on behalf of sinners, because we are also sinners.

May God have mercy and accept these prayers, for this world to still have the echo of sinners who call upon His name, yearning and hoping for Him to have mercy and accept.

There are many things we still do not know, we still have not done.

Thanks to His grace, His Love, His Divine Mercy, which sanctify and transform, the world becomes more beautiful, with more meaningful days in the joy and love that He grants.

We worship, thank, praise, glorify, honor, and apologize.

Father, please help us become reformed and sanctified in You, for our life to be worthy of what we have, and to have the opportunity to decide and choose for ourselves.

Father, please heal us, spiritually and physically, for us to see clearly what we have and know that we still have the opportunity. Amen.


The Second Kowtow: We offer to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Savior.

Today, this is an affirmation, because we exist and continue to have the words that resonate.

Today, we boldly lift up and respectfully offer with the Second Kowtow, in a determined and confident way, the divine works that God has done and granted to mankind.

O Lord, God Almighty, the Supreme God who, for love, had a program and a plan to assume human nature – He came into the world to begin a journey, with all the agonies, the sufferings, the humiliations, the wounds, the nails, the crown of thorns, and the heavy Cross on the shoulders.

Still, He obeyed God the Father till the last moment, to redeem and save the whole of humanity. This is the only sign. The Lord Almighty, the Second Person of God, obeyed God the Father till the last moment of His life, in order to save humanity.

So, in this life, we must have one thing, and that is the obedience God the Father has commanded to mankind from the beginning.

His only Son, the Lord Jesus, also obeyed, so we must also obey the Lord Jesus Christ’s doctrine.

The Second Person of God obeyed when He came to save us and lead us into the doctrine of love, the doctrine of hope, and eternal life.

Please grant us, step by step, to clearly understand what we have today.

May we leave the wretchedness that for generations still binds us with the most realistic facts, because that is a power.

And because we rely on the reality of life, we forget about the lofty spirituality of the soul, and we forget about faith.

So today, thanks to the recounting, the narrative, the Church reminds us once a year to commemorate the Lord Jesus Christ’s Passion.

For humanity, He has entered Lent, and He also sacrificed while still in the flesh.

He entered into the desert, went up the mountain to pray for 40 days and nights, without food and water.

We can see the Supreme God who must also subject Himself to the devil’s temptation.

The words He proclaimed have become a victory.

It is the same for us today.

We are weak, we always stumble, and we are always tempted by the devil.

If we do not have the Word of God and we do not have the Lord Jesus Christ’s victory by His Word, then today we truly do not have a fulcrum to rely on to move forward.

But God had His own plan.

His words were proclaimed to Satan. Jesus answered.

He endured hunger, like human beings, as He was in the flesh.

Satan came to Him. The devil chooses to attack us when we are most vulnerable. In the end, the devil lost the battle, because Jesus is the Lord.

God is the Supreme Being who comes to the world to teach mankind, when we are in a critical situation and face the most distressing moments.

That is the hunger of the human body.

The devil said to God: Turn this stone into bread and eat. But Jesus answered: Mankind lives not by bread alone, but by the word of God.

That was Jesus’ first victory, when God the Father let Jesus be tempted while hungry and in the condition of a human being.

In the end, the reason, the spirit, and the truth are the victory that Jesus brought to us.

We live a greedy life, with materials and money, with food, with ruined wealth, and we give away the best that our life has spiritually.

We always prefer what is reality, which is the food for the body and everything that prompted us to rush into decisions without paying attention to consequences.

We have complied, and in the end we have lost.

Materials and interests are second.

Let us listen.

Satan continued to tempt Jesus according to his own way.

In the end, God was still the winner.

Let us be conscious that everything of this day enters Lent.

Let us walk straight and see what Jesus has done in the 40 days of fasting.

What He has achieved did not stop at the responses but left a victory for the world of humanity.

Let us rely on the Lord’s doctrine for us to live and triumph over ourselves.

In all the trials and encounters, we are still human beings with weaknesses, so we are easily tempted in the world.

The Lord Jesus has answered Satan a second time.

The devil has tempted Jesus with the power to rule.

The devil knew that the Lord Jesus wanted to save mankind, so he offered to give Jesus all the kingdoms on earth.

Perhaps many people think that the devil’s proposal is reasonable, to rule over all peoples, nations; what one says will be heard.

Jesus will not have to suffer and die.

Just kneel and worship the devil – then the kingdoms will all obey.

So convenient.

Power is mankind’s perpetual temptation.

From ancient times, the kings of various nations have constantly fought for power.

Today, in disputes people no longer kill each other with guns and bullets but with economic power, science, and technology.

Though hushed, the battle is extremely fierce.

The temptation to dominate is not only unabated – it is even more intense.

As we enter the 40 days of Lent, which Jesus endured, we know what happened in these days.

Everything was narrated in a very clear and satisfactory way.

Events were reported for us to be clear with what God has done for us.

Ultimately, we must know that the Lord Jesus answered Satan: Satan! Away from me!

You must worship the Lord your God and prostrate to Him, the only God whom you worship, whom you prostrate to.

What we have today comes from those events.

The Lord Jesus teaches us: when we let our souls meditate on and experience what He has done and given, we will clearly understand the meaning of this day.

Why do we need to have days of meditation, days of improvement?

That is for us to wholly be reconciled with God, and also be determined to have the quiet moments, in silence, to meditate on what God has done for us, and be determined to improve ourselves with the temptations, with the realities, with the days in which we forget about the Supreme God who has come to bring us victory.

He saves us by all ways, from spiritual to physical, from material to money, interest, and authority.

Everything remains in the righteousness and the truth that the Lord Jesus brings.

There are certain things we must look into deeper, to clearly understand that we need to amend our life – to end the lies, the lust, the greed.

It is not just stopping at that point, but there are also the lofty spiritual things of the soul.

The response in a spiritual way is the victory that God has given us.

He has triumphed to bring us closer to Him.

We just need to decide to follow Him.

We need to decide to remove what is of old in the life of the present temptation, for us to have a spiritual life, by His word, by His victory, by the scourging, and by the Blood that He has shed to atone for mankind, including us.

So when we experience this, our lives are renewed, our lives are like a new page of history that is opened in the light that God has granted to each sinner and each convert.

Particularly, we understand the meaning of Lent, the return to Lent, and reconciliation with God.

O Lord Jesus Christ, this does not stop at a point today, but You are leading and helping us feel more profoundly the depth and height of faith.

May we be determined to look back at our own insignificance.

The enemy is not the opponent, but the enemy is ourselves, in our thinking, our inference.

The decision is up to us.

May God help us to rely on love, to rely on everything that is presented, to rely on the graces that are granted, and to rely on the infinite love of the Supreme God who died in place of humanity.

Let us rely on this and come back, to be worthy of what God has done and what God has given.

The graces remain.

Let it not be too late and not be too tardy.

Human life is only temporary, for a certain period, and cannot last forever.

So decide soon.

Choose the path of righteousness and justice to return to God.

Let us not regret when there is no longer the opportunity.

God, please have mercy and accept the prayers we respectfully lift up to You, in a sentiment of thanksgiving, appreciation and gratitude.

The day we enter Lent, on the first Saturday of Lent, we respectfully lift up to God.

May we listen, learn and understand.

From the feeling, the surrender, the prostration, the prayer, the determination, let us leave the sins of the old days that we lived in and are living in.

Please help us to be strong.

Please help us recognize God’s love.

He died, and He had to pay a price of Blood to save us, so let us not be slaves to the world because of our passions.

Let us not be too ignorant, too short-sighted, wretched, and weak, for us to lose the opportunity to become a new person in God’s grace.

We thank, praise, and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Being in whom we believe, the Supreme Being whom we worship, and the Messiah of mankind. Amen.


The Third Kowtow: We respectfully offer to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who grants life, who opens the eyes of faith, and who gives us strength, spirit, and wisdom, for us to understand this life.

Even though we face countless bitterness, stumbles, sufferings, and sins, what we need is the light of truth and justice, through Him, with Him, and in Him.

May we regain all that is lost in our life, by God the Father and Jesus’ genuine love in salvation.

The presence of the love that God has for us is the Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit – You are the light, the way, the truth, the path of happiness that leads us in the midst of this life.

In life we must face trials and challenges, but when we have the Holy Spirit, He gives us the strength us to make significant progress in depth, and overcome our lures and stumbles.

In the end, You are the light that leads us out of the darkness, out of the chains of a contemporary world.

There are many more things in the wretchedness and weakness of sin, as we are stumbling and have stumbled in the present life – every class, every role.

You are the light that leads us on the path.

You are the truth of truth, the voice of true love that mankind yearns and waits for.

That is also the victory to lead us out of the darkness of the attachment to sin, and of the stumbles, the snares, the weak flesh that falls into a state of sensuality, of greed, of selfishness.

There is so much more in the passions that mankind had and still has, with the days of misery and weakness in the flesh.

So the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who unties, the Supreme Being who guides, the Supreme Being who helps us cut off the chains around us, by the invisible things that tie us down by greed, selfishness, lust.

Everything depends on the reasoning in the world.

The Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who guides and leads us out of those weaknesses, for us to recognize His presence, by the love, by the light, by the life, by the hope.

May we listen to the truths in our heart, listen to the thoughts as we need to have moments of quietness, moments of silence, moments of meditation, moments of return to love.

Only the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who leads and lifts us up to God.

He is the Supreme Being who enlightens us, for us to know what we greatly need in our life.

We need the minimum through the seven sources of graces (1), of the awareness regarding what is true and false, what is right and wrong, and what is good and evil.

Please help us understand this, for us to clearly distinguish what we have and the opportunity to return to God.

In the beginning days of Lent, let us be reconciled with God, give ourselves the opportunity to step away from a busy world, and to live in fervent days with the Lord Jesus Christ through His Passion.

Only the Holy Spirit can lead us and lift us up in the lofty spirituality that God graciously bestows to mankind.

May God help us taste the sweetness of love, taste the great love that the Lord Jesus must bear for humanity, taste the immeasurable Divine Mercy that still gives mankind the opportunity, taste the Supreme Being who enlightens, who guides, and is near us, in patience.

May we receive what belongs to us in the beginning days of Lent, in the entire Lent, and the completion of one thing.

We need to reconcile with God, return to God, reconcile with our brothers, so that for everything we have not yet done, this is the opportunity to return to what we need to do.

Let us live in charity, in hope, in forgiveness, in generosity, and in a patient and compassionate life that is needed in our life. In our lifetime, with the Holy Spirit, we will learn from wisdom and enlightenment, and understand more from the abilities that belong to us, from God’s bestowing.

May God help us understand those important values, to not lose them when we still have the opportunity to make choices, which belongs to us in the goodness and in the truth that God offers to us through the Holy Spirit.

Let us love more, live more meaningfully, live with a life of sacrifice, with days full of joy.

In a life of excess baggage, we need an accomplishment, a return, for Lent to have meaning.

Along the path that the Lord Jesus has walked, may we be the ones to follow Him, to continue in the footprints He left, for us to have something in spirituality, to unite with the Lord Jesus through the work of salvation that He has given to every sinner like us, for us to become the penitents, the witnesses, and the saints who are present in heaven.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we thank God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

May we continue to respectfully offer each kowtow, through each Person.

A true heavenly light has been given to every human being as we become people who prostrate and surrender.

The kowtow has helped us become humbler, to clearly recognize what we have that God gives and grants, especially in the beginning days of Lent.

On behalf of all our brothers and sisters everywhere – all classes, all roles – we thank, praise, and exult the wonderful gift that Mother Mary offers, for us to respectfully lift up, to be close to the Supreme God who grants and gives.

His manifestation through the Holy Spirit helps us better understand what we have, what we had, and what we will have.

God grants a treasure to humanity today with those who belong to Him, with those who prostrate, submit, and surrender.

May we repent to return to God, especially in Lent, as we are receiving and still have the opportunity to receive. Amen.


The Fourth Kowtow: we respectfully offer to the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

O God, we just received You into our hearts.

Every time we respectfully lift up to You with a kowtow after we attend Holy Mass, it is like a closeness that You have manifested and have graciously granted to this generation.

The presence of the Eucharistic Jesus has enabled us to become the light of the dark sky of today’s humanity.

His presence. His remaining.

He is hidden in the Eucharist to become food for the soul, to help the human world see the great and sublime things in the faith that He gives to mankind.

This is also a divine protection that He gives to every heart that receives Him.

Every heart that experiences Him finds the treasure of His presence among us.

Where do we find the Lord Jesus 2,000 years ago? Where do we find the Savior whose feet have walked on this world? Where do we find the promises? Where do we find the words that God said to the apostles back then: Go and preach the Gospel – I stay with you every day until the end of the world?

Where are the earnest words that He once said to those who suffer? Those who are burdened, come to Me, for my yoke is light and gentle. Those who are burdened, come to Me, I will strengthen you.

Those words resonate, because God is the Faithful One – He grants what He promises. Certainly He will realize and perform.

But where can we find the closeness that God has promised and granted?

There is only one place.

Let us not forget.

Because of Lent, we must remember what the Lord Jesus did in the Last Supper.

Before He entered the Passion, He established the Sacrament of the Eucharist, to enter into the first supper and the Last Supper with His own life.

It was also a mark deeply imprinted in the soul.

Of the things worked by God in sacredness and holiness, the Supreme God has become a pure, small, white host, to enter into the heart of each one of us, to express the great love in holiness and sacredness.

Only God is the One who decides and does that.

Who can explain this?

God alone grants us through the Holy Spirit, to open our intellect for our soul to know that the treasure of grace is still in this world.

The treasure of grace is the Eucharist. The treasure of grace is the food for the soul, through daily Holy Mass. The treasure to encounter heaven is the Eucharistic Jesus.

So today that wonder has appeared in this century, by His light, by His love, by the resonating words, by the graces poured down abundantly over humanity.

The time has come – we must stand up to awaken to what God offers and gives. The time has come, for we must accept what God has long granted.

He waits for each child, waits for each role, waits for each ministry, to clearly understand what He has given to us – people in humanity of the early days.

Through the time of the apostles and extended through the Church, to the laypeople like us, He grants everything – a treasure of great gifts, of extremely marvelous graces.

But we still do not understand, still do not appreciate, and still do not comprehend what we have.

We were disrespectful to Him, neglecting Him.

People forget Him all over the world, in the tabernacles.

We do not take the time to come, to pay respect, to worship the Supreme God who is willing and waits to pour down abundant graces, to give us a treasure that we need.

In the human world, in terms of faith, in terms of spirituality and indescribable graces, there are no words that can describe what God has given and granted to us in a boundless and endless way.

Today, the time has come for us to meditate in Lent, while we still have the opportunity to have another Lent in our life.

Today, what we know does not happen naturally.

It is a revival from the Holy Spirit, through the prostration, through the kowtow, through contrition and repentance, through a determination to return to Lent and to reconcile with God.

These are things received, which is what we need, because our life needs to have serene days, peaceful days, calm days, days we live spiritually with God, with the Master who gave us life, who gave us a heart.

The Master has given us a soul with love, to guide us on the path of holiness, the true path, and the path to live with Him.

So, today, there are many things granted to open our intellect, open our eyes of faith, open our heart, as we need to be aware and be conscious to understand what we still have and possess.

Let us not forget what is most precious that God gives us in a special way today.

He is looking for us. He is manifesting to us.

He gives us the opportunity to recognize that what we have is truly sublime, is extremely wonderful and marvelous, for human life.

O Lord Jesus Christ, the Body and Blood of Christ – every day we attend Holy Mass, like so many generations, so many centuries, we have truly found what God has given us.

We have, but it is only a little part, a little opening, yet we have seen a great and immense firmament.

Today, the time has come. God wants us to know what He has given. The time of conclusion is near.

So, this is the last part. We must know what belongs to us, given and granted from God.

Today, the light of the Eucharist has shone upon all people, illuminating them.

That light has shone into the darkness, and the darkness will disappear with the light when He appears.

That is also a message for those who are living in the darkness, for those who are nourishing all evil sins, nourishing sin, fostering sin, with sin, and in sin.

Step out, for the light of God to shine and cleanse the sins that burden us.

Because of our weakness, we have remained in the darkness for too long.

If without the light of the illumination from the Divine Mercy’s love, through the remaining of the Eucharistic Jesus, then it would be impossible for us to step out.

So we greatly need God.

We always need God, but we do not know how to receive what God offers and gives, so today there is this resonant voice.

With recognition, with cooperation, by the kowtow, by a humble heart, by a heart in search of the truth, let us receive the truth that God offers through the light of the Eucharist, to help us, to lift us up as mentioned in the Gospel.

We are sinners, unworthy and undeserving, but thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, thanks to His remaining, thanks to His doctrine, as we practice, we become part of the high-ranking officials, raised by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through His remaining, through His doctrine, through His boundless and endless love, He brings to humanity the love of God the Father’s Divine Mercy.

Today, we need to awake and stand up, to return to what we have, when we still have the opportunity to decide and choose for ourselves.

Everything has been taught in a detailed and realistic way, which we need in life, and presented to us very clearly, regarding the needs of a life of faith.

We live in the midst of the world, encountering and stumbling upon things and realities that we inquire about, but in a life of depth, there are beautiful and lofty things that cannot be explained in words, but only spiritually, by faith, by the senses that God gives us in a divine way.

Today, what is taught through the Fourth Kowtow, to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, is also an encounter – to revive, to unravel the inner feelings of those who still ponder and remain within the limits of earthly knowledge.

The lofty spirituality and the richness of God’s grace are abundant, to help us recognize the light of the living words that belong to us, which God still grants and gives.

So, to God, each one of us has a program that He plans and arranges for us.

Let us truly practice and believe, come to Him and spend the moments that belong to Him in silence. Let us leave behind the daily busy life of the labors we do, and give our soul the moments that belong to God, which is a resting place.

At that place, we are strengthened, we receive more graces, for us to understand the important value of the soul, and we learn to control the flesh, in the way He teaches us in His grace.

So, what is most perfect and beautiful is that God is still with us.

His blessing remains, and that lofty spirituality continues to help open our eyes to see the depth, the height, and the width of faith.

May each one of us spend time this Lent to quiet our souls to seek what He still gives and grants.

We have not lost our share, because despite our sinful life, God is the merciful One, the loving One, the One rich in Divine Mercy, who gives us the opportunity and always creates the opportunity for us to turn around and come back to Him.

The time has come.

We need to meet the Supreme God who is still present and remains in this world.

That is the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Let us come to encounter, to prostrate, to worship, to lift up to the Supreme God whom we have been oblivious to all these times.

We are disrespectful to Him, and we do not understand what is great and lofty, which is a treasure of love, and a special favor granted to mankind.

Today, we do not know this naturally, we do not say this spontaneously, but this is prompted by the Holy Spirit in us, for us to say what God wants us to say, what God wants us to narrate, what God wants us to respectfully lift up.

By deed, by action may we continue to receive the words God wants to give to the world, the words He communicates to humanity, in a vivid way, in the present age and today’s century.

May those who accept and those who practice find God through the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

He is waiting for every sinner like us, every human being.

No matter how we are, let us come to God, seek God, prostrate to God, worship God, and kowtow to God.

We will know what belongs to us with the love He gives us.

Because of our sinful and weak condition, there is nothing worthy besides the prostration, besides our contrition and repentance.

Let us return to the Almighty God, full of Divine Mercy, the Supreme God who gives us life and hope, the Supreme Being who loves us when we are still sinners.

There is no one else who can give us that besides God.

May all brothers and sisters meditate, especially in this Lent, for what we need, what we still have the opportunity, and what is spiritual that God offers.

May we stir up the days of slumber, the days of sleep, the days we have completely fallen asleep.

Let us return to God, with the beginning days of Lent, and with the entire Lent, for this Lent to have meaning, to bring us a new hope and a new ray of sunshine in life, which is trust and entrustment, with a life of faith that we need from the grace God grants.

In today’s generation, may all of us become people who understand His remaining, out of affection, out of love, to lead us into a new life, through Jesus manifesting to us, through Jesus visiting us, radiating the light of glory that He grants to the entire world.

Those who have ears, ought to hear. Those who have eyes, ought to see. Those who have a heart, ought to feel.

God still silently waits, like a force of love, radiating light, exuding and manifesting to the world.

Let us embrace that light to be integrated into the flock of His children.

Let us wholeheartedly unite to respectfully lift up, with heart and soul, to return to the God of love, especially in the beginning of Lent.

Each person, each sinner, and each heart needs to always be lifted towards what is divine and holy, for us to recognize the important value of our life, of our soul, and of the days we need to make our decision, in the faculty of reasoning that God has given us. Amen.


The Fifth Kowtow: we respectfully offer to the Five Holy Signs (2) of our Lord Jesus Christ.

O God, it is Lent.

We are commemorating the Lord’s Passion, the Passion of Jesus through the 14 Stations of the Cross.

We have meditated from the beginning of Lent until today.

Please help us open our heart to go deep into each of the Stations of the Cross, not just by habits as through so many years and generations.

May we meditate on what God has done and taught us, in the life of each human being, of each era, of each position, of each title, of each person.

In each situation, we see the injustice between men, among those in authority and those who rule.

They must be responsible, because they must act with justice, in their functions, in their positions, and toward the citizens.

O God, You endured.

Each Way of the Cross is like a deep imprint, reminding us of sin, every sin that we commit and still nurture until this day.

For whom did God endure it all?

He is God. If He wanted to redeem mankind, He did not need to take on flesh, to endure pain, to be subjected to Pilate’s judgment, or to walk the Way of the Cross. It was God who employed Himself, so whether one word or any other ways from Him, then at once, everything becomes as He wishes.

God does not use that plan, that way.

God does not use what is in His power.

God wants our life to be in harmony.

Let us recognize what is close to us – appropriate and suitable things around us – so that human life as God created does not change and follow the way of science and technology or things within us through deceit and deception.

God has granted us truths, to help us know what we do wrong, what makes us stumble, and what we disobey, to become a world in which we must receive judgment because of sins.

But God has given us most recent things, to dispel, to triumph, to reestablish a new kingdom.

In a human life, we have the right to decide over certain things in life, decide on what needs to be done, on what must be done, and decide with all the great things that God grants us and teaches us.

He endured. He endured the torture. He endured the scourging. He endured all the reproaches and insults. He endured all the bitterness that, between men, we inflict upon each other, and cause to each other.

Therefore, God wants to come to bring peace and teach people regarding what we are doing to ourselves and to others.

God wants to take upon Himself that suffering for all people, when they are marginalized, incapable, powerless, lacking the strength to object with their right in the equality that God grants to mankind.

This is something that is most important.

We know that each Way of the Cross recalls the original sin of mankind, from the beginning to today’s generation, for us to lessen the bitterness for the innocent, and for those who have power to be just in the law of God.

The bitterness has become the victory,

He has died on the Cross – it was painful and atrocious.

It was sin that leads to those agonies, sufferings, and humiliations.

God is the innocent One who had to die and suffer for us.

Today, through so many generations, what do we understand? What do we recognize? And what do we learn when every Lent comes?

To this day, we prostrate and respectfully offer the Five Holy Signs, for us to experience what we did not know, what we forgot, neglected, intentionally or unintentionally.

What did we learn, after the days we experienced and recognized the love God grants to sinners like us?

What is the meaning of this year’s Lent, the meaning of the beginning of the Lenten Season?

Let us do the Stations of the Cross, to recognize our sins and sincerely repent, apologize, and look back at our past life of deliberate and unintentional acts, of stumbles, to earnestly ask for full repentance.

Repentance does not stop at Lent, but repent to become a new and renewed person, because God died for us.

The price of that Blood has cleansed every soul, when we understand the important value through the Five Holy Signs, which is also a great program of a historical book that will never fade in the world of mankind.

He came by that way to save sinners like us, for us to understand that sins cause sufferings.

God has suffered.

Let us learn how to avoid those sins, for us to become new people, when Jesus brings us hope and saves our lives through His death.

There are many things.

Today, let us not forget, not ignore, and not neglect what are the most essential things, the most intimate things, the most realistic things that we experience personally, for us to understand what God has done for us.

Let us not follow the habit of many years. Each year goes by, through generations.

Today, the eyes of faith are still within limits, so we only know that it is Lent or the Easter season, the season we need to be together, which is customary, but our hearts are indifferent, our hearts are frozen.

We do not understand and do not feel the things God has done.

But today the Lord wants to tell us what we need to be alive with the Five Holy Signs.

Jesus wants each of us to be alive, to understand the important value of life and to exist today to receive another Lent that we need to experience.

Each person in our role: we can have a very good, very deep experience.

What is essential is that we practice.

The most essential is that we meditate with our hearts so that we can be with God, because He has come into the world for us.

He has come to teach, and to die for us to have life.

We must find this encounter even though is only a fleeting moment in our life, but at least we have the moments we belong to God, with an experience in that extreme suffering, which He endured for us.

Each one of us, if we all have these experiences, the world will certainly change.

But our life has too many rules, too many regulations, and even more theory, so life is still days not believing, not feeling the infinite love of the Divine Mercy through the Five Holy Signs.

Today, this is affirmed through the Fifth Kowtow that we respectfully offer.

Each one of us needs a new page of the book of history in our own life, and to go deep into the meaning that God has given us through the Gospel.

He wants us to be alive every day, rather than becoming familiar days, following rules and habits, falling asleep, and following things in theory.

So today, God wants us to come to Him in a quiet way, to meditate on what He has granted and has done for us – then each of us can understand Lent.

Lent will change our lives.

Lent allows us to experience, to encounter those sufferings, so that we can truly awaken to life when we are God’s children, those who receive the Sacrament of Baptism, the children of the Church, the sheep of God.

Let us be those who still have a heart and mind, to choose our own path, and for those who are still in need of God’s grace, to heal us spiritually and physically.

Today, there are so many things God wants to tell us.

God wants to meet us. God wants to grant to us.

When we quiet our souls to bow before the Cross with the Five Holy Signs, which is reminded through the Fifth Kowtow, we know what that great suffering has brought to the world of mankind.

He wants to meet us in ways that, when we quiet our soul, in spirituality, we will experience His love.

He always seeks ways to save us, to lead us out of passions, of iniquities and of the attractions of a worldly life through position, money, and fame.

Our God wants us to mature to understand that all materials – fleeting things and positions – remain simply within earthly limits, but the life of spirituality is everlasting.

He had to pay a price by His Blood, sacred through the Eucharist, which is still present today, by the Five Holy Signs.

Each time we turn toward the Cross to prostrate ourselves before Him, let us experience and contemplate the depth of the Cross that God has granted us.

By the Five Holy Signs, He exchanged for us forgiveness, deliverance, and salvation in the last remaining moments, by His Divine Mercy and forgiveness.

So how do we know this?

Do we understand this?

We must know the covenant, which is the return of mankind, which is the meditation on and experience of this truth, and also the opportunity to meet spiritually, to be touched when we open our heart for us to accept, when we truly desire, when we seek the truth.

When we have worries and anxieties, we do not receive the answers as the ones we seek – that is the encounter of the Five Holy Signs, with a deep gratitude.

The mark of a deep affection is the eternal mark of forgiveness that is given to humanity.

But whether or not we have an encounter, whether or not we turn back, whether we receive worthily or not, is up to us, through the determination to repent and return.

So, what He grants us is not too difficult.

There are so many conditions, because we have lived life with a short-sighted viewpoint, too attached to earthly things, with greed, sensuality, personal wishes, with rationality and reasoning.

We cover up all things in their own beauty, and we only demonstrate with the realities, but we do not know how to present things with the faith that God gives us, with His true love.

Today, we cannot reason with human beings, because everything that they do, they demonstrate.

But to our God, do we truly request a demonstration?

How does God resurrect a dead person?

We know that God is the Lord, and when we believe in Him, extraordinary and wonderful things happen.

Only faith can answer how the sick people, on the verge of death, are healed, when they run to God and His Divine Mercy.

Who can explain this? What argument can explain? Can science explain?


So, to our God, with this year’s Lent, let us meditate on the Five Holy Signs.

Let us truly experience when we kowtow and worship.

When each person repents with a truly contrite heart, we will understand that the Five Holy Signs will give us the seal.

We need to have and know its important value, which God gives for us to accept what we have.

Let us not lose the opportunity.

Let us not be afraid to turn back because we are too sinful or too proud or too arrogant, not recognizing ourselves as sinful and weak.

He has exchanged us by a price of Blood, and given us a boundless and endless love, for us to have the opportunity today.

All of these are things that help us in humility, in acceptance, in practice.

Let us remove the realities in our arguments and come to God with simplicity, with humility.

We will see what belongs to us that God gives through the Five Holy Signs, the extreme sufferings.

We clearly understand what the Lord Jesus has done through the Second Kowtow, which is salvation. The Savior.

When we enter the Five Holy Signs, we must be clear about the path that gives us what we have in Lent each year.

Let us not stop there.

What God wants is the conclusion to save us, help us, and lead us out of the darkness to return to Him.

That glorious victory helps us become a mature person, who receives God, believes in God, and belongs to God.

Today we have a very clear explanation, which is the perpetual love and Divine Mercy through all generations.

Our Supreme God, the Supreme Being whom we worship – we must know and return to Him.

The Second Holy Sign – that is the Lord Jesus Christ, who assumed a human nature, to come into the world to save us, to die for us.

We must believe in Him, believe in His doctrine, and practice, for us to live, to exist, and to be chosen.

Today, we need to know God’s love through the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will teach us.

He is the Supreme Being who kindles our souls and kindles faith in our heart, when we recognize the truth in God.

If we want to overcome everything within the limits, which mankind cannot do, then the Holy Spirit will help us become brave, strong, for us to do extraordinary and wonderful things.

That is the faith that God gives us.

So we greatly need the Holy Spirit, His love.

He is the Supreme Being who teaches us, the lively Supreme Being, the Supreme Being who raises us up to the God of love, to the life of the Divine Mercy, of the Savior.

That is the Third Holy Sign that we need to respectfully offer.

We know we cannot yet explain everything, but that is the foundation to help us go deeper.

The Holy Spirit enlightens and guides us, with the great and lofty mystery that we still do not understand.

But it is the Holy Spirit who will lead us into the book of history, 2,000 years old, and even more of the Old Testament. It is also a book of this era’s history, in the very richness that God further grants to humanity.

The closeness is the opening to the remaining world that we receive through the Five Holy Signs along with the presence in the power of the Lord through the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Who can give us living words like today?

Who has the right to decide what we have?

And who has the authority to allow us to receive what does not belong to God?

How can we speak, how can we demonstrate, how we can know the way to respectfully lift up or pray?

Today, God has manifested His glory to mankind through those wonders.

Moreover, we need to know that our life needs an example to learn from. The being who understands us, the being who always prays, the being who teaches us – calmly, gently and softly – the exemplary and perfect being, with a noble sacrifice: that is Mother Mary.

Today, God wants to let us recognize what we have.

That is the only Person from whom we have these gifts.

We have salvation through Mother Mary, who lived as God taught, and Her life belonged to God.

Thanks to Mother, today, the world receives through the Savior, because Mother is the perfect example.

We cannot lack Mother in life, to help us return to God, know God, be close to God, receive His guidance, and a unique gift, which is the seal of eternal forgiveness for each sinner.

If we do not have Mother, we do not understand the way, for us to return at any cost, to receive that seal.

Mother wants us to know that the seal belongs to us, and will be valid until our last breath, which is God’s forgiveness through the Savior, through Her Son who has realized that.

Today He waits for mankind through the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Today let us return to understand what we have, thanks to the divine protection, for us to know.

Let us return by the kowtow, return by the prostration, return with soul and body, mind and the whole heart, in contrition and repentance – then what we have will be exposed, which will help us move forward in belief and faith.

All things need a suitable way, which God gives us through the Five Holy Signs, to enter into this year’s Lent.

We need to understand more about what we have, and take one step at a time, to change our life.

Live a humble life.

Eliminate all sins that people are committing in a wretched life: lust, greed, selfishness, and so much more.

Come back and listen to Mother’s teaching. Through each kowtow, we will mature and change in the Holy Spirit’s grace, through the enlightenment and meaning of the Five Holy Signs.

Today we receive the value of the seal.

To be forgiven is a blessing for our life, for our soul, and for eternal life.

In the days of exile on earth, let us not forget that important value, which we receive today, because it is manifested to us in this final phase.

May we practice this Lent, for all things to have meaning. Let us practice with the gift God offers through Mother Mary.

The Six Kowtows will open the soul, the mind, to help us decide to return to God.

The only thing is to return, to receive the graces, to live and survive, to prepare for a new world that God has planned and arranged for humanity.

Those who belong to His own people, those who embrace that seal, which is a seal that radiates light, which God gives to us when we submit, when we prostrate, when we surrender to God.

Those who have ears ought to hear, those who have eyes ought to see, and those who have a heart ought to experience what God gives and grants.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the Five Holy Signs, is the Supreme Being who triumphed.

He brought us back from the dead, to be resurrected with Him: those who obey, those who listen, those who improve, those who truly practice to go deeply into the great mysteries that He has given us through the Five Holy Signs.

We worship, honor, and thank God.

May we open our eyes, open our hearts, open our ears to listen and unite.

Let us return, by the life of a daily kowtow, of daily repentance, of daily return, by the prostration with a repentant heart to be forgiven by God.

Let us proclaim God among all people.

The time has come.

God alone is the Supreme Being who triumphs and intervenes – the Savior of the entire human world. Amen.


The Sixth Kowtow: we ask God the Father for us to offer to Mother.

We respectfully offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow, to the Immaculate Heart of Mother, with veneration and thanksgiving.

We thank God the Father for giving a Mother.

Throughout many centuries, Mother has been silent.

Today, Mother silently remains with the Sacrament of the Eucharist, with the Eucharistic Jesus.

Mankind has forgotten Him. Mankind has completely abandoned Him in all the tabernacles.

He endured loneliness as He remains with mankind – out of love for mankind – waiting for mankind to mature.

The time has come.

Mother cannot keep silent as human beings continue to be completely ignorant, indifferent – rejecting and offending.

O God – today what Mother teaches is to bring us back to God and help us in life, to grow, by action, by deed, by inner and outer determination.

May we belong to God, because we must open the eyes of faith to see what is present.

We need belief and faith for us to see the deeds God is working in the world.

No matter what happens in the contemporary world today, we believe that holiness will triumph.

God always upholds goodness.

God is the sincere Supreme Being, the holy Supreme Being.

God has given and taught us.

May we listen to the gentleness, the humility, and the example that is Mother Mary.

Her life, Her work – Mother has taught us what is most needed.

Because we forget Him, today we live in freedom, which has led us into a life that no longer has order; no longer has belief; no longer has faith, righteousness, and justice in the human world.

Today, what we have and still have is because God is the Supreme Being who rules.

The Lord still grants abundant graces to the world of mankind, because He stays with the purpose of defending and protecting.

However, since we do not understand, we do not know.

We are living with days of freedom – we face war, fighting for all the scientific techniques that threaten to take control of us.

That is our human weakness, when we accept.

We have left the reality controls, but in fact, it is the Supreme Being who controls the world.

The Lord gives us life.

The Lord leads us into that unique doctrine, which is the main point.

From there we will have a world that God wants to see.

God has granted but we have yet to receive a truly peaceful world, with everyone united in love.

Let us return to the Lord.

The Lord Jesus remains with us through the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The Lord Jesus is present, and Mother Mary represents the human world daily to serve Him.

Mother Mary stays with Him when He is lonely and abandoned by mankind.

For love, He is patient.

For love, He waits for maturity, to save mankind in the human world.

The time has come.

Each work will come to an end.

He has said to the apostles: Go and preach the Good News to the world – I remain with you until the close of the age.

The words “close of the age” will come to the world.

We see today’s generation, with the dispute among the nations, with all the weapons designed to destroy the earth and fellow human beings, to bring an end to the human world.

When God manifests, God wants those who belong to Him to listen.

The mighty Lord will destroy evil, and will let the world belong to Him, because He is its Creator.

The time has come.

Who can understand this and know this, besides Mother Mary, the silent Person who represents the entire world and knows the weaknesses of human beings, and also knows God’s holy will.

Mother has always prayed for the world to turn back.

To this day, people are fighting over weapons, scientific techniques, in all aspects of finance, and all things that belong to a contemporary world.

People are disputing, but they do not know that these things will pass and disappear.

What remains is the eternal life of the soul.

Mother wants us to find eternity. Mother wants to bring us back, to repent in time, to meet God.

He has waited. The time has come. Mankind must mature. Let us return in time.

Do not let it be too late and do not let it be too tardy.

God cannot continue to let the world persist in evil.

God cannot remain silent for the devil to control the immature people who live in complete betrayal to rebel against God.

God cannot remain silent for Satan to rage with the weak people who are living in the sins of desire, of greed, of pleasure, and of wickedness.

Today the time has come.

Mother does not teach us to use weapons to protest.

Mother does not teach us to do anything else besides a return to prostrate and worship God.

Only one thing: prostrate and worship, ask God in prayer.

Live in that simple humility.

That is the answer to today’s human world.

God only says one word – then the soul will be healed.

If He does not allow the world to go on, then only one word from Him and the world will be destroyed.

If He wants, then only one word from Him, and we are the people who exist in the new world.

Let us prepare for the days ahead.

This is the beginning of Lent.

May each one of us awake in hope.

Let us be determined to stay away from sin, stay away from evil deeds, from everything that is luring us.

Money, fame, depravity are the schemes and are also the snares of the devil, sophisticated and clever, under human flesh, which have caused people to be dull-witted, to live in the darkness.

The time has come.

We must stand up to return to God through Mother Mary’s teaching.

Which mother does not love her child, does not look for her child?

Which mother wants to see her child in a swirl of troubles, caused by sin, passion, pleasure, and confusion?

So Mother only wants one thing: to lead us back.

Mother just wants us to know that these days are no longer days of arguments, fighting with weapons, to claim victory.

Mother just wants us to return to God with the prostration, the worship, with earnest words to respectfully offer to God, for God to help us with what must be done.

We must return to God, especially during Lent this year.

We need to repent, for God to have a way to arrange and help in a life of return.

Today God has planned and arranged.

God knows good from evil. God knows the schemes. God knows things that are being disturbed.

The devil’s domination in this era is the control over the nations.

We must know that all things will come to an end, as God said to the apostles: I remain with you every day until the close of the age. These words are bound to be realized in the world of mankind.

Is it our time?

Or maybe another few hundred years, a few more centuries?

Or is it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or a day very close to us?

Let us remember that no one knows about that day, though it was reported and announced.

We know what is happening to our generation.

Today evil is raging.

Faith has been weakened based on scientific techniques that are contrary to God’s law.

Countless fetuses are killed daily.

That is a cruelty and also an offense to God’s law.

Mankind’s freedom transforms everything to conform to the preferences of the times of civilization.

Human beings have become people who are passionate in finance, in economy, with many things in evil satisfaction, killing people without conscience, to reach their goal.

Even food is poisoned, and all these things destroy, as we already see the results, when we rely on scientific techniques, rely on human beings, rely on reality, and the times.

Who can we trust – even when they are those whom we chose to become president, to become king, to become those who can rule a country?

Who is the Person who truly love us?

That is God.

God alone is the sincere Supreme One, the just Supreme One, the Supreme Being who has authority, the Supreme Being who gives and grants, the Supreme Being whom we must know and must return to in worship.

Today we have the opportunity.

Let us not be too late and not let it be too tardy.

Each person must acknowledge the almighty God, the merciful Supreme Being, filled with Divine Mercy – the Supreme Being whom everyone recognizes as the heavenly One.

The day will come when the heavenly One will appear.

The heavenly One will surely protect the righteous.

The heavenly One will regain justice for the righteous who have been harmed by evil people.

There is patience and sacrifice – speaking of faith, of love, and of the truth.

Today we know that all works from God bring us a doctrine, for us to learn, in love, in meekness, in truth, in justice and righteousness, receiving and attesting, to lead us and mankind back to God.

Return to Him to be selected, to become people – with all that is being arranged – to come to a new world, with days of true peace, days that are no longer evil dispute, no longer hatred, and no longer one nation fighting over other nations.

It is the recognition of God in a world of peace and happiness.

God is preparing for the end of history.

Let us listen; meditate; see what is happening, what has happened, and what will happen.

Whether right or wrong, we know where it comes from – the authentic words are like an affirmation that helps us in the end of today’s history.

Whether we believe or not, accept or not, is our right. God continues to give, to grant, and to guide those who have a heart that seeks to return, a heart in contrition and repentance, a heart that listens to Mother’s teachings, for us to become those who prostrate.

The Lord Jesus spoke to Satan after the 40 days of fasting.

The devil came to tempt but God affirmed: “You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve” (Matthew 4:10).

Today, Mother is teaching us that in the world of humanity.

Let us belong to the Lord, our God, in the prostration, in the worship, in the belief.

Mother teaches us in humility, in simplicity, in entrustment, for us to recognize that God’s love is still given to sinners; still given to those who still do not believe, those who have lost their way and have sinned.

Turn around and come back to God in Lent.

This is also the Lent in which we still have the opportunity to receive and accept, through the teaching, in a lively way, with the gift of The Six Kowtows.

Every class, every role: practice when we have the opportunity.

That is the truth God gives to the whole of humanity, with no distinction.

We belong to God, we prostrate to God, we submit to God; human beings need to and should because of our wretched, weak, and sinful condition.

What do we have that is worthy besides the prostration and submission, offering earnest words in prayers?

We ask God to love and forgive our weak and sinful condition, and ask Him to keep us from falling into the devil’s snares.

He traps us through the machines that are controlling us and controlling the world.

Moreover we have erred, we have fallen into a state of completely forgetting the soul, forgetting the best that God has exchanged by a price of Blood, for us to live.

Do not let it be too late and too tardy.

These are the words given to the human generation today, through Mother Mary’s teaching, concluding with the Sixth Kowtow.

We thank Mother and ask Mother to accept the Sixth Kowtow, with veneration and thanksgiving to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of love, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of all humanity, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of the priests, the Mother of every parishioner, the Mother of every saint, every sinner, every culprit, every penitent, every victim, every soul in purgatory, and every witness today.

We unite to honor and thank Mother’s love for Her children all over the world. Let us listen and practice – then we will experience what God has granted to us. That is His boundless and endless Divine Mercy.

Today we have the opportunity to know what God gives that is very close.

He is healing each of our souls, when we return and believe and truly practice with earnest words by the praying method of The Six Kowtows.

Mother Mary offers that, to teach us step by step, to teach us about each Person, for us to respectfully offer to God; teaching today’s confused generation, so that in the most difficult moments, in the most urgent moments, God will act for us to receive His protection in a divine way, right before our very eyes, for today’s generation of mankind.

The miracles have appeared.

Things have come to us by the reminders to help our souls mature and return soon.

Do not let it be too late and too tardy, especially during Lent.

As we have the opportunity to receive one more Lent in our life, may God help us open our eyes, our souls, our hearts.

Let us return soon with Mother’s teaching, so that our life can be renewed and our faith can be increased.

May we receive God’s mercy, God’s grace, for us to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, between righteous and unrighteous, to be worthy of Lent, in sacrifice, in self-restraint, in an amended and improved life.

That is the most essential thing God has granted to us through Mother Mary.

Lucia, along with all the brothers and sisters, represents all classes, all roles, the world, and sinners, as we are sinners.

We thank, praise, exult, and honor God Almighty.

We thank Mother for the teaching and guidance.

Mother is the Person who leads us to God.

Only God is the Person who saves us in this generation of mankind.

God is the only Person who can save us with all the scientific techniques that have gone too far.

As we totally enter into a life of reality, we forget the most noble things of the soul.

Mother, please lead us back, for our souls to be rekindled, to receive once again the privileges that God gives us through the seal of the Five Holy Signs.

We must come back. We must come to God.

We must respectfully offer to Him in our condition, in simplicity and repentance, to receive what today God gives and grants through Mother who is the Person who prays.

Mother is the Person who guides. Mother is the exemplary being for the entire world. Mother leads us to St. Joseph.

He is a shining example for the world. He is the exemplary being for the Holy Family and is also the bright example for the generation of mankind – in a life of righteousness, of integrity, of responsibility – a life that belongs to God in purity and in chastity.

Please help all those called to be in the ranks of the Church, as well as all the children in this world in the life of the family and the life of men and women.

Let us learn from St. Joseph.

His intercession will bring us the graces that we pray for, as our hearts long and dream, as in the truth that God wants to see in humanity.

The time has come.

We pray to the angels and saints.

We ask for the intercession of the three archangels, the help of the three archangels, the intervention and protection of the three archangels, along with the heavenly court, the nine choirs of angels, and the guardian angels.

God has given us a privilege: to be close to heaven through our prayers.

Our faith is lifted high through The Six Kowtows, which is a gift that allows us to encounter heaven, which God grants and bestows through Mother Mary.

That silence is like a profound faith, for us to meet the sacredness.

The angels and saints are helping and protecting us, helping us step out of the traps of the world.

In a life affected by civilization and a life that relies on the science of knowledge, we forget the God who created and gave life to mankind, the Messiah who died for mankind for us to exist and have eternal life with God in heaven.

Today, God simply needs us to practice and cooperate.

We have the entire heavenly world protecting and praying for us, supporting us in the divine realm.

The devil uses all kinds of strategies to trap human beings.

We only have the eyesight to see in the world, but we do not have the eyesight to see in the divine realm like the angels and the saints – the beings from heaven.

God gives and God wants them to help us.

The sacredness of the angels and the saints will support and help us through the tribulations, the accidents, and the devil’s snares.

He is setting traps in this world, but no matter what he does, with the angels and the saints’ intervention, we will be able to avoid them.

God gives us that privilege, but each one of us needs to profess and pray.

We must turn to God.

Our life must be in unity, to prostrate, worship, and call upon the Name of the Lord.

We must live according to His teaching through the doctrine and the Gospel.

We need to return to the truth, eliminate evil, and remove all that is wretched and weak, for us to recognize God as our Father, the Supreme Being whom we worship.

Let us love one another, help each other, live in the charity that we need to have in Lent.

Moreover, there are many things we can learn through Mother Mary’s teaching, for us to become those who are saved, protected by the angels and the saints.

God allows us to pray to them and receive their help.

Moreover, let us learn the example from the saints in the course of history, who were also people who lived in the world.

They were also weak and stumbled with challenges. They also needed support from heaven. They lived in faith and died for faith. They witnessed for Almighty God. They totally lived in the Lord’s doctrine, and today they sit at the banquet table.

We are the human beings who unite with them, asking for their prayers, and asking them to support us with prayers.

May their shining example be the shining example for our present life, a life of faith by deed, a life by affirmation, a life by courage, to profess God among people, and a life that has the protection of heaven.

Through their intercession, we pray for them to help us, to become human beings who follow in their footsteps, for us to become soldiers and warriors, to witness for our supreme Lord in the midst of this world.

At this moment, I and all the brothers and sisters in the group continue silently to do what is most needed to spread the Six Kowtows to the world.

With all the ups and downs of those silent days, we continue to bring this gift to everyone, so that all our brothers and sisters receive and practice, for God to have mercy.

For this Lent to have meaning, let us spread this gift to help all the brothers and sisters who are in need and those who seek to return to Almighty God. He is the Supreme Being whom we profess, worship, thank, praise, exult, and honor.

Let us return to God to ask Him to forgive, for us to respond to the Divine Mercy.

God is waiting for each sinner like us.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God.

Lucia, with all the brothers and sisters, concludes at 2:39 p.m., Saturday, March 9, 2019.

We are kneeling before the altar, the Cross, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Mother Mary, the holy statue of St. Joseph, and the holy statue of the Sacred Heart, the sanctuary, at Holy Rosary Church, on Saturday.

We honor the Heart of Mother, and this is also the first Saturday of the beginning of Lent.

We thank God, bless God, and praise God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of


  1. The seven sacraments
  2. The “Five Holy Signs” are a unique revelation; each of Jesus’ Five Holy Wounds refers to or represents a mystery of the Faith. They are: first, God the Father; second, God the Son; third, God the Holy Spirit; fourth, the Body and Blood of Jesus; and fifth, Blessed Mother.



New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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