New Revelations through the Eucharist

Bring the Light to Humanity


1-05-2019 – Bring the Light to Humanity

January 5, 2019

Lucia: O God, it is 12:24 p.m., Saturday, January 5, 2019. We are kneeling before the Altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the manger, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

This morning, on the First Friday of the month, we came here for Holy Mass, which was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We unite to respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.

First, I lift up to God the multiple events that happened recently: unexpected, sudden events. We were very anxious as they were not easy to resolve.

If without God, we certainly lack the strength to continue in our role, because in life, it is easy to falter, easy to fall into troubles when dealing with the life of reality.

O God, to us, the course of the past months was neither too long nor too short. For eight long years, starting the ninth this year, You have poured countless graces upon us at this parish, at this church, which is also the place where we usually pray together.

At the Emmaus Chapel, in the first days, the memorable days, the truly extraordinary and marvelous days, we witnessed, with our ordinary eyes. God lifted us out of worry, anxiety, and fear.

We can never forget the days this world rejected us and we lived in sorrow. Surely, our sin is the cause.

Our viewpoint is very limited and our faith immature, we are Christians but we do not understand what is taught for us to practice.

Life seems to have become a habit from the beginning, so when we encounter difficulties and challenges, we tend to be disappointed and we end up defeated.

But O God, You brought us back from defeat. From disappointment, You led us to hope.

You looked after us when we were in the midst of a life in disarray, rejected by people, lacking in worldly materials and mentally down.

You brought us back. You cherished us. You loved us and clothed us in a new garment for us to live in hope relying on Your love.

Then, from there, step by step, we walked away from the constraints in the mediocre and ordinary world of mankind, in the wretchedness and weakness of sin.

To this day, we have been through countless ordeals in life: there were ups and downs, failures as well as successes.

But today, on the celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, mankind is reminded of the need for penance, because of the heartlessness, the indifference, the coldness. We used to be those people.

Because of the suffering of the Lord, today, the Church celebrates the Sacred Heart.

It is the Heart of God that was broken because of humanity. It is the Heart of God that has endured for generations, for centuries. It is the Heart of God that endured patiently till this day. It is the Heart of God that gives us a place to lean on. It is the Heart of God that awaited every sinner. The Heart of God has brought sinners back, to become righteous people. And the Heart of God was generous, was noble, has not looked at our past sins and those of humanity.

On every First Friday of the month, God waits, God calls.


My beloved children, no matter how sinful you are, I still love you.

I remain with you because I love. I came into the world because I love. I was born in a cold winter night, in a manger, because I love. I accept to wait for you at each stage because I love. I accepted everything because I love and My life ended on that Cross, as a seal of My love for every child whom I exchanged at the price of Blood.


O God, a Love so mysterious, so lofty, so immense, yet so close to us, as words speaking to the heart of each person. Each heart that God endures until today, in particular this Christmas season.


Time has passed over 2,000 years. It has been more than 2,000 years.

Have you ever sat down to reminisce, especially in the recent Holy Masses?

On the Solemnities, each year, I hope you look back at the history to see that I came to save you. I came to bring you home. And I came to bring you peace and harmony over every heart, every person, every family, every group, and the entire world.

I yearn, I desire, and I dream.

I hope you know I come to set you free.

I bring you into a doctrine, for Me to protect you in My love, which throughout all generations does not stop with the Child but goes on with a God who grew up in ages – a God who enters into each person’s life, a God who experiences life with earthly people – to journey together, to endure together, to share together, to love together, and to teach mankind to forgive in peace.

Until this day, each Friday is the day I enter into the Way of the Cross.

Each Friday is like a covenant to humanity.

That is the bleeding Heart to cleanse the world, continually with love, to find ways to lead and bring all children into My love.

I endured extreme suffering along with the desires and yearnings for you to know that I love you unconditionally.

I do not ask anything of you in life. I just need you to take a step, into a life, a step higher than a normal, ordinary step, for you to see the meaning that I bring to you.

It is for you to be prosperous, peaceful, and happy in the midst of life.

I only desire a look in faith – a heart in fervor, in perception, in meditation; then you will see that love is very close and never leaves you.

So I still wait today because of that love. Today, from that love, each Friday seems to be a reminder that I fully consecrated and gave you everything till the last drop of Blood.

Calvary is a promise to mankind. Calvary was a place where I completely triumphed, to bring you into a place full of light, full of love, full of grace poured over humanity.

It may not be possible to describe everything in the books of countless, past generations.

But today, the time has come for Me to let you see that that love is still as ardent as ever, still shining as bright as ever, still burning to embrace humanity and each one of you, no matter how sinful.

Come to My love. Taste My love. Taste the Heart that still waits for you to touch It – a Heart to love, a Heart to cherish, a Heart to share, a Heart to help you and journey with you.

Do not be afraid of insignificant ordeals and the phases of the path that people must experience – the path of challenges, the path of the cross that mankind must go through.

You know that all things have become true, and since the truth was practiced in the past, today its effects are seen in real life.

But I just want this from you. Each matter must pass, like the days will pass – and what stays, what ends, and what is in the reality of the present. So the past things that caused sorrow and grief have become the past.

Live in the present. Live in reality. Live with Me in the present moments.

I want each face to have a smile. I want each face to look at My love that has been completely poured out to embrace all of your utmost sorrows.

Come. Come. Lift everything up to Me. Lift everything up to Me. Give everything to Me.

Children, I want you to believe in Me.

I will make your heart peaceful – the source of comfort that I give to each heart, each soul, each voice, whenever seeking Me.

Today, I hear your thoughts. I also understand your situations. I am listening, watching, and I am looking at those whom I chose.

Today, you remain with Me, even though the church has closed and everyone has returned home, to enter into a peaceful sleep, to prepare for a new day ahead.

For what reason do you stay? For what reason do you say words like today?

What you do that you do not see, yet you believe – that is enough to answer what you receive today. That is enough to answer what you see in the present divinity – enough to see that I do not let you return empty-handed.

I want you to strengthen your faith, because some people will know and recognize the extraordinary phenomenon. That phenomenon warns the world of the days to come.

So today, I know the path that you must take still has many challenges, because the worldly life is what you see in reality, in the present. Its own reasoning is right in the present, but in the spiritual life, I want you to see the realities that have passed.

How do you accept them? How do you understand what happens that I plan?

Those are the mildest things, for you to accept what belongs to the truth first, and from there, like a gate, you understand that it is through the ordeal of that law that you enter and walk right into the place I have prepared for you.

That place has held countless treasures.

From that place you can take what belongs to you and continue to live the days of blessings and graces in the mission.

Though in the world, you still live the days of heaven. Even in normal life, you still experience the lofty divinity.

You alone are those who listen, those who see, and those who are touched by it.

So from now on, do not despair, do not be anxious because of everything that has happened and is happening.

I choose and invite you in the midst of the world, but in life you still have your choice and the steps you take.

When you listen and understand the Gospel today, recognize this: “The person who acts in righteousness is righteous, just as he is righteous,” from the blessing I bestow.

So, I want to speak up, for you to mature this year, for you to collaborate with each other and live in the way according to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

He will give you more strength to be worthy as soldiers and valiant warriors, to face the battles of tense and tough days ahead.

So, it is not simple and ordinary. There are still many things.

You must be unshakable and strong – in unity, in love, in trust – supporting each other, for you to win the external battles and defeat the attack from those around you.

Since you have been protected, only your loved ones can attack you, and because of your weaknesses, it is difficult for you to resolve – from all things, from a lack of strength, a lack of steadiness, a lack of trust.

There are many things in a normal life.

If you cannot stand firm and cannot trust, how can you overcome the battles that you must face?

So in life you must always fight – every second, every minute – to differentiate between right and wrong, discern between light and darkness, understand  challenges, to remain firm in your beliefs.

So, as you see, there are things that cause suffering.

Nonetheless, ultimately, thanks to the suffering you triumph. In the end that triumph helps you return.

There are successes in suffering.

So there are the most distressing things, but eventually, when they end, they become the most wonderful things, because I choose things that happened, are happening, and still happen, to soon come to an end.

As for those who do not accept those sufferings, those apprehensions, or those battles, then they resign themselves to give up.

What you need to resolve, then resolve.

What you do not understand, always trust what is yours and pray, then that will be very clear for you to see and choose for yourselves.

Today I end here. I bless you and thank you for remaining here with Me.

Because you remain here, I want to let you hear, to let you know about those personal questions regarding the works in your mission, so that they are resolved soon.

When you are concerned, I also observe you. When you are sad, I am also sad. When you are happy, I am also happy. When you succeed, I am beside you, to walk with you.

So, in all things, I want you to understand that I do not come to you as 2,000 years ago, but I come to you by My Eucharist.

I come to you by that lofty mystery.

I come to visit you – is that not enough for you to believe?

So remember that all these things are not ambiguous, but are the daily truth.

Believe and you will receive. Seek and you will see. Knock and it will be opened to you.

When you trust, you will see the great wonders I have granted and grant.

I fear that, if lacking strength, you will be terrified when you see those wonders.

There will be truly important programs that you will see, especially this year.

So these are things that I desire you to soon strengthen.

In the life of reality, whether you succeed or fail, firmly keep your peace.

Always pray and trust – then you will know that the final decision always has My arrangement and the Holy Spirit’s intervention.

My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

Lucia: O God, today, I do not know why You came. I only know that my heart was fluttered.

I do not understand why I burst into tears, why I feel emotional.

Why is it that there is something I want to say, but I do not know how to describe it?

Ultimately, that yearning ends up in cries, ends up in sobs, to substitute for the voice, for what the brothers and sisters in the group are facing, for the problems in each person’s mind, for things we cannot resolve, not knowing whether they are right or wrong.

Because in a situation where there is no true peace, we do not know whether it is right or wrong.

Even though it is the truth, we also feel afraid, we also feel there is something that is uncertain.

O God, the Lord whom we worship – You understand everything. You know everything.

So today You give us this opportunity to hear Your voice.

When we do not know, You come to teach us. You come to give us Your word to strengthen our spirit. You come to give us peace of mind and strength.

So what is of this day is something extremely wonderful that we had and have.

May God help us treasure it more, love more, live a worthier life, and accomplish the mission assigned by Him.

Let us overcome our weak flesh, step out of our laziness, step out of our passion, overcome our human wretchedness and weakness, to live close to Him.

He Himself has given us a Heart to love, a Heart to wait, and a Heart that always has the drops of blood to cleanse both body and soul.

He brought us back from the darkness – from sinners to become penitents, from penitents to become saints. He brought us from the darkness back to the light, to become righteous.

Certainly, in life, it is not to be righteous today, but each day we must practice to be righteous. We must practice and practice.

Any day we are still in the flesh, we are still weak. So, God, please help us, accept us, forgive us, and give us the opportunity to believe in You, to walk on the path on which You lead us.

Certainly, we must move forward, step by step, onto Calvary.

No matter how difficult, God, please allow us to rely upon You, because You are the light, the way, and the truth.

Besides You, no one can grant happiness to this world. Besides You, no one gives us the opportunity to return from sin. Besides You, no one welcomes us.

Our wounds, our scars, from sinful passions, have broken Your Heart, but You never reproach us.

Today, from the dark places, we return to You and have the opportunity to stay with You, to hear Your voice, especially on this evening.

So on the First Friday of 2019, we have the opportunity to lift up to You and receive Your guidance.

It is a closeness as You do not let us leave empty-handed. It is the same closeness as with the holy apostles themselves in the past.

From today’s Gospel, Saints Andrew and Peter became Your disciples. Today is the same – You spend this time, speaking to us this evening. They gave up everything to follow You. So all these things are not something coincidental.

This is a program You grant, to enter into the Gospel.

Since the disciples followed You, in the end, You invited them home, and they spoke to You. Today is the same, we are also seeking You, and in the end, You speak to us.

We receive Your teachings on this evening that is also First Friday, which recalls love, Your tender Heart, and it reminds us of the need for repentance.

However, we still do not understand repentance.

We do not know what to do to repent – we repent of what we have done, because in life we unintentionally or deliberately cause You to feel lonely, to be hurt, to be concerned, and to be grieved as today.

So tonight we simply ask for You to accept the prayers we offer through The Six Kowtows.

May we be penitent on behalf of all classes, all roles, and the entire world, to thank You for our life.

May we lift up our imperfections and weaknesses, to pray to become a new person.

We ask You to help us become the children who lead an exemplary life, so as to become soldiers and valiant warriors You carefully select.

Thank You for training us, teaching us, and meeting us on this evening.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

We respectfully offer the First Kowtow to God the Father.

O God the Father – we worship You, praise You, honor You, thank You, for the multitude of graces You pour over us.

Particularly, You sacrificed Your only Son so that tonight, we may hear the word of Jesus, the word of the Incarnate Word, the word of the Savior, the word He grants through the Heart of love.

In that Heart, there is the presence of the Father, of immeasurable mercy and clemency, speaking through Jesus, to teach all humanity, and tonight teaching us as well, for us to differentiate between right and wrong, among things in an unclear situation.

As for things from the truth, we still do not fully believe, so our life is still unsteady – still are indecisive days, still are weak days, still are superficial days.

We are transgressing, offending our Father’s love.

O Lord our God, please help us overcome our weakness and feebleness.

May we have the courage that is needed in a strong decision.

In the truth and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, everything is the love from Your teaching.

On the path of righteousness, love brings us back to the justice and the truth that You gave us.

May we lift up the words to praise, honor, and thank You.

May everyone open their mind and their heart, to clearly understand what we need.

Let us become the human beings who run to You in a spirit of prostration, of submission – with sincerity, with a simple heart – to respectfully offer our penitence and repentance.

We can see how love is so close.

When our Father sees us as those who repent and return, then He never refuses to accept us, welcome us, and forgive us.

This is the happiest thing we received through the gift of The Six Kowtows: to bring to the world.

We have been practicing during the last few silent years, up to this day.

The time has come for the gift to come to the world, to everyone – to give them the opportunity to recognize the closeness and receive abundantly the graces the Father grants to save us and all humanity; people who still do not know, for them to know; those who do not believe, for them to believe; those who have never been touched, to be touched by His Heart, offered to humanity, which is His immeasurable mercy.

We worship You, we praise You, we glorify You.

Please accept the words we offer in the first days of the year and the First Friday of the month.

The Sacred Heart contains the infinite love and mercy of the Father who guided us this evening. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus, our Savior.

Thank Father for our meeting this evening.

You have the lively, inspiring words for the most ordinary and commonplace people.

We cannot free ourselves, because of our limitation in knowledge and weakness in faith.

But it is the power of love, the infinite power of the Heart that You never stop offering to mankind.

Love is offered to the children, even though they are weak and foolish or have many mistakes.

You always try to come to us.

You grant us to become witnesses, though we are still naive and foolish children, still confined in an earthly life and weak in faith.

Your love and affirmation lead us into a doctrine.

You came to the world through the Incarnate Word to offer the Gospel, for us to have the Reading today.

A declaration of St. John the Apostle recorded in the Reading: “The person who acts in righteousness is righteous, just as he is righteous. Whoever sins belongs to the Devil.”

So when we fall, if we do not straightforwardly step out of sin, then we are controlled by the demons.

But it is precisely from these things that today we know, we yearn, and we desire to become righteous.

Thus, You are the Righteous Being who teaches us what is righteous.

Therefore, nothing is impossible to God.

Let us all become little people.

All things are lifted, asked, offered.

We fully believe in God, so there is nothing God refuses us, because God Himself died for us.

He sacrificed everything for us – there is nothing that God does not grant.

We do not receive because we still do not live righteously.

We still do not totally trust, because we still do not understand His infinite love – the Supreme Being who came to bring the doctrine and to grant us the light of truth.

So today it is time and the right time, for which You opened a door for us to see heaven in the midst of the world and see Your presence, as we just celebrated Christmas very recently.

History repeats every year, for us to know that Your presence continues to grant us life, to lead us out of snares, troubles, anxieties and sorrows, which we created and are creating for each other.

You are our liberator, our guide, leading us into the light of peace, joy, and happiness.

So we offer a myriad of thanks, to praise and glorify God.

We honor, trust, and revere the only God, the Supreme Being who was, who is, the God we forever worship and praise.

Within the hidden program of the Almighty God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – may we receive the guidance of the Spirit of God and ask to surrender to Him.

For, thanks to Him, we know what we need to know, do what we need to do, and offer what we need to offer.

We thank the Savior, we thank the Lord Jesus Christ.

His honorable Name is Savior.

The feast on which the Church celebrates His Holy Name, the Holy Name of the Second Person of God (1) – that Name lasts forever.

Thanks to this Holy Name itself, the world still exists; thanks to the Holy Name of Jesus, we are still protected; thanks to the Holy Name of the Lord, we still receive great and lofty graces.

Thanks to the Holy Name that we profess, we become the disciples of the Lord, become witnesses to the Lord, become those who profess that the Lord died for humanity and resurrected in glory to save humanity from death.

The Lord has given mankind a doctrine that exists till this day – the Lord of graces, of blessings, and of the wonders that have come and are coming, through Jesus Christ and His Holy Name.

We honor, thank, praise, and glorify Him. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Third Kowtow to God the Holy Spirit.

God is love, a dynamic love.

It is the love from God the Father and God the Son.

God, who dwells among us, is the divine love present in the midst of humanity, motivating and granting mankind the wisdom to choose the path of righteousness.

Solely, the Holy Spirit is the Supreme Being who grants us all that is best in truth, holiness, perfection – in our soul, in our heart, as well as in the resolution in our mind.

May we understand what is in the divine realm that is bestowing upon us greatness in our heart, depth in faith, and perception in wisdom.

The Holy Spirit is the only Supreme Being who grants to humanity.

Today we must decide between good and evil.

The works we need to either do or not, to accept or reject, are up to us.

There is guidance in our mind, so we know what comes from the truth, what comes from falsehood, what comes from goodness, and what comes from wickedness.

All those things can be clearly recognized, but we must have faith, we must have the Holy Spirit, and we must live worthily for God to grant us a sharp recognition.

We need to be sharp to recognize.

God always grants us goodness within ourselves.

Because of goodness we have the heart God gives – to love, to live in the truth, and to accept His love.

But mankind grew up in iniquity, grew up in shortsightedness, grew up with weak faith, grew up making wrong decisions due to sin.

So we do not recognize what belongs to God’s love, do not recognize the Holy Spirit’s lofty spirituality, do not recognize God who grants to humanity and to us all the best that was and is, in truth, in holiness, and in perfection.

So, today, the time has come for God to pour abundant graces, a hundredfold more than in the days in history.

The time has come – God wants to save mankind. The time has come – God wants to shine His light over humanity.

He wants to kindle the flame so that faith burns brightly, so that we feel and understand that graces were poured down to redeem humanity, particularly on this day.

There are countless things from the children who are lifted toward God, beseeching His Name.

There are people who have returned to righteousness, and there are also sinners who have earnestly prayed and believed in God.

There are also people who are living a consecrated life to belong to God.

Though this world has countless people who still do not know, still do not believe, there still are righteous ones who are lifted toward heaven and who pray for God to save them and the world.

Let us not forget that we still have Mother Mary, the Mother of the Second Person of God.

We still have the Eucharistic Jesus for us to clearly understand the Fourth Kowtow in this gift of The Six Kowtows.

So the Second Person of God is also the Eucharistic Jesus.

And the Eucharistic Jesus is also the Child whom we just celebrated in the Solemnity of Christmas.

Today we still are in the Season of Christmas.

Indeed, this is something in belief and faith.

If without the Holy Spirit, how do we understand, how do we know, and how can we answer in a definite way?

If according to the view of the world, then, indeed, there will be countless reasoning, debate, and dispute.

So we remain in limitation.

But God already has a program, because He is the King.

He has the power to decide.

He is the supreme Almighty, and He is the Lord of a unique and exceptional love.

He is the author of love, an infinite love, a love for human beings.

When we were still sinners, when we still lived in days bound by sin, God came to save us.

His love is so lofty.

It is such an unconditional love that it has become God in the midst of mankind, teaching mankind, and journeying with mankind.

That is the Holy Spirit.

So today, human beings in this world who reject the Holy Spirit, who do not recognize the Holy Spirit, are senseless people, because as human beings, we must have love.

To have God is to have love.

The Holy Spirit is the love, the light, the truth.

If we do not recognize Him in our lifetime, then we have lost the opportunity and lost a great treasure, because the Holy Spirit will lead us into a program, which is the Lord Jesus Christ’s prodigious salvation.

He comes to deliver and bring us the light.

Through the Holy Spirit, we honor God the Father’s love.

His immeasurable love is full of might and benevolence.

Up to this day, no one can explain the unity of the Trinity.

But we have the Holy Spirit – we know that the love from God the Father, in unity with Jesus, become the Holy Spirit who dwells with us.

Who can give us a divine and saintly love like the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the light that will lead us into righteousness.

That is the grace the Holy Spirit grants to those who believe in Him.

Everything that is wonderful in truth, in holiness, in perfection, and what we experience in the affection, in the love of virtue and the truth, must have the Holy Spirit.

We cannot achieve by ourselves.

We must go through the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

He is a father, a teacher, a brother, and also a faithful and chaste lover who dwells with us.

We must have a profound sentiment toward God.

Only then can we understand the meaning of the Third Kowtow.

The Third Kowtow is the kowtow guiding us to understand that what is in the divine realm yet present does not follow the way and the order of the limited and shortsighted human viewpoint.

Human beings have many debates, many mistakes, many arguments, but remain within a limit, while what is divine is infinite, immense, and profound, such that even each step and each level is completely different.

Only with faith can we see the closeness of heaven. Only with faith can we understand God the Father’s love and His Divine Mercy. Only with faith can we understand the love that Jesus has for humanity through His death.

Only when we recognize love, can we understand who the Holy Spirit is.

He is the divine Supreme Being who is present among us, with us, and journeying with us.

When we know Him, pray to Him, listen to Him, and practice His will, we will become righteous.

Today, there are many things we are grateful for and we thank God, particularly, on this First Friday, which is also the First Friday of the new year.

We need to know, we need to accept, we need to be bolder, braver, to clearly understand what God grants through the gift of The Six Kowtows, for us today to represent the entire world, all classes, all roles, to remain here in the quiet and deserted night.

We are happy, daily with God through Holy Mass, and after Mass, we continue to be nourished by the Holy Body and Blood of Christ, through a spiritual nourishment.

From the Holy Spirit’s prompting, we are the witnesses for this generation.

By word, by inspiration, the Holy Spirit kindles the flame of faith for humanity, now and in the future.

May their ears hear, their eyes see, and their hearts be kindled.

People will be renewed when they truly understand the meaning of the prostration and submission.

That prostration and submission start from the soul, through the body, and from repentance people will encounter the life that God grants them intimately, through the favors and graces as today.

We thank, praise, exult, and honor God. We lift up to Him all that we have today.

We pray for Him to decide for us and give us the opportunity to continue on the path of witnessing.

United to the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit, and in the Holy Spirit, we are not afraid.

May He protect us when we face challenges, for us to be steadfast, to continue to bring this gift to the world through His inspiration and enlightenment.

In the Holy Name of the Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – now and forever, we thank the Holy Spirit, honor Him, and praise Him.

May He continue to help us and bring the light to humanity, for us to witness and be faithful and persistent till the last minute – for everyone to unite in the prostration, the submission, and the surrender to God – to repent, to return to a lofty love that the Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, has granted to humanity. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Eucharistic Jesus.

The Eucharistic Jesus is also the Second Person of God, to whom we have respectfully offered the Second Kowtow.

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is established for God to remain with us in spirituality.

Present among humanity, He continues with His almighty nature, with divine eyes, watching over each child of His.

In this world, He continues to look at His disciples. He continues to select the disciples.

He wants them to understand the mission and spread the Good News.

O Eucharistic Jesus – I worship, praise, exult, and glorify Him, on behalf of all classes, all roles, and all functions in society today.

For the Lord Himself has conveyed and continues to allow us to receive His living words.

He reminds the world in general and grants us favors, for us to continue to recognize His teaching.

Until this day, each one of us is still uncertain.

We are people who still either do not understand or do not know the great and lofty sacrament that God has established from His love for mankind.

He agrees to humble Himself to remain in the small Host to nourish our souls, but we need to receive a divine grace so that with the eyes of faith, we may see and understand that greatness.

If with the eyes of faith we do not see and do not understand, then indeed, we only see a normal and fragile host.

That Host, though fragile, is full of His powerful might, entering deep into the human heart to be with mankind – loving mankind, teaching mankind, protecting mankind, and giving mankind a doctrine.

God wants humanity to receive spiritually and realistically – when we have faith, or when we experience this mystery.

O Lord, up to this day, there are so many stories that mentioned the history of the Blessed Sacrament.

Many miracles have happened in many parts of the world.

In each generation there were Eucharistic miracles.

There are books that describe and record everything the Eucharistic Jesus has done.

Though only a Host that everyone contemplates, that Host actually became a bloody piece of flesh, and that piece of flesh came from the heart muscle of a person who has been beaten severely.

The heart of the person with many wounds belongs to Jesus Himself.

That is God. That is the Second Person of God, our Savior, the Supreme Being to whom we just offered the Second Kowtow.

At the same time, the Eucharistic Jesus continues to bestow abundant graces to humanity.

Those are the great graces that the Blessed Sacrament has bestowed to people who believe in and seek Him, for them to have peace, to be nourished by His grace.

They obtain faith and they grow close. Daily, they come to admire, they come to visit, they come to worship, they come to confide in God, and at the same time God also wants to confide in them.

God also gives them abundant graces and blessings through prayers.

So today the time has come.

Jesus does not promise what He has arranged in advance.

In every era, in every century, He bestows in a special way, to strengthen the life of faith, because He Himself has lived, is living, and still lives in the world.

But today, especially in this century, especially in this time, especially in the last few years, He has manifested to humanity by His Eucharist, which is the light covering the dark sky.

Moreover, the Eucharist, by a lively voice, urges and reminds mankind in the life of faith, in the truth, in the doctrine of perpetual love, to bring mankind to Him, to receive His love and contemplate the entire sky glowing bright with the Eucharist. He is reminding humanity.

For those who live in the darkness, those who are weak in faith, those with immature faith, those who have lost their way, those who have left His love, those who have left their role as the shepherd that God Himself chose for them, or those chosen by God to serve in their functions, but who have distanced themselves from the Blessed Sacrament.

He is still watching us. He still wants to continue to protect us. He is always with us. He still wants to embrace us, even those who commit sinful or disrespectful sins, even those who have left Him for many years.

Day and night, He still yearns for each child. How can this be? It is because only the truth can prove what God has done.

God has come to visit mankind. He has visited every person. He has visited those who come to Him and those who seek Him.

He never lets us leave empty-handed.

The time has come.

God does not promise – God manifests.

The whole sky full of the Eucharist – that is the Lord Jesus Himself.

The sky was filled with that wondrous, colorful Eucharist, which has never happened in this world.

Moreover, when He comes, that white color is the Blessed Sacrament.

It is symbolized by a pure white color.

There is no such color in this world that can be compared with the white color when He comes in the middle of the dark night, or when He comes in the middle of a summer afternoon, or when He comes in the middle of a fine morning, or when He comes at the start of dawn. That light made everything around it become faint, because that light alone brings salvation to us, because that light is God Himself. Thus, how can human beings imitate that great and lofty presence?

If we do not witness, if we do not observe, who dares report what we have not yet seen or heard?

So, these things were and are being manifested to mankind through His power and glory, to remind us that He is the Lord who truly stays with us through the Blessed Sacrament.

He stays – not to look at us but to save us. He stays to defend us. He stays to comfort us, and He stays to bless us.

Those are the graces from heaven that are poured down on mankind to invite those who are indifferent and cold – those who have not yet been touched, those who have not yet returned, those who are lost, and those who are wounded in both soul and body.

Let us come, as He Himself invited and that word still echoed:

“Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30).

So, everything that God promises, God gives, because He is the faithful One.

He said to the apostles: Go and preach the Good News to all the people. I remain with you every day until the close of the age.

He also promised to the apostles: “I will not leave you orphans.”

So today, though we are not those who directly receive, God has promised the apostles so He is also promising us, because we are also children of God.

God does not leave us orphans, as He promised.

He wants us to open the eyes of faith to meet Him, to see Him, to receive His living words, and to also receive the gift, for us to meet Him and be close to Him, in an intimate way.

God does not blame us.

God stays to defend us and waits for us to return.

When we sin, God does not renounce us, because God comes to save us.

He comes to strengthen the whole world. We are in a state and time in which the whole world is being strengthened, so we still have the opportunity. Let us not lose the opportunity.

Let us be reminded of the places where we have forgotten Him, neglected Him.

Those are the tabernacles all over the world.

Jesus has endured for 2,000 years. He has been waiting for 2,000 years.

He has given us the most privileges.

This is an opportunity to separate ourselves from our busy, daily lives to come to the tabernacle to ask Him to accept us, to receive us, to help us bear all the worries and sorrows of our human life and the hardship of making a living.

The Eucharistic Lord is the only Supreme Being whom we meet directly, because He is God among us.

He promised to stay with us until the end of the world.

He is a God full of might, a God who was born, who died, and resurrected in glory.

Though in heaven, He is still present to pour abundant graces, to continue to save us, to help us, and to deliver us through the Blessed Sacrament.

The Blessed Sacrament is so lofty and marvelous that mankind must recognize and prostrate, worship, honor, and thank God.

Let us not forget that He has given us grace.

Today, we receive it at the right time, when the truth needs to be acknowledged, by the very light that God has given to humanity, to each person and to the hearts that recognize and seek Him.

O Lord our God, how is it possible for us to witness that which is heaven?

How is it possible for us to experience and see all things God grants us that are things He has manifested for us to know He is waiting?

That waiting has come at a time when humanity needs to be saved.

Even though we lived sinful years, He always gives us the opportunity. He is ready to forgive us.

We still have a covenant with Him.

As we continue to offer the Fifth Kowtow, we will understand what God has granted and what that promise will give us.

Unless we reject it, unless we are totally stubborn, unless we have forgotten that God died, because of us.

He gives us everything, for us to live.

Till this day He stays to wait for us to mature.

He is the only Supreme Being who uses love toward us. He uses love to convince us.

But we are hardened, stubborn, sinful people.

Our corruption, our ego and personality were the wall that separates, and since then we have been encouraged by the devil, so we become hardhearted, stubborn, and arrogant.

We separate ourselves from the laws of God, and separate ourselves from the love of the meek and benevolent Supreme Being who still wants to be with us.

Today we only speak of reality.

We do not see, we do not believe, and we follow our habits.

But God gives us faith, so that faith leads us into a life in the heart, in the mind, in the soul, to be able to step deep, step far, and see through what was and is, which God gives.

It is a schedule with a history – it does not exist automatically or naturally.

Human beings are too argumentative, too regulated, according to the limit of human methods. In a life of knowledge and learning, we require things that need their own reasoning, their own evidence, which is only at the level of explanation in the human world, but cannot explain in a lofty and spiritual way. So, if explaining in a lofty and spiritual way, how can we explain a person who has died like the Lord Jesus 2,000 years ago? How was He able to resurrect? No one can die and resurrect. Only the Lord Jesus Christ. Then that proves He is God. Thus, what God proclaims or declares, then becomes true.

Today, the Eucharistic Jesus is still in our midst. He is the Supreme Being who is extremely powerful and mighty – the Supreme God who gives man life, the Supreme God who continues to look at mankind and still grants mankind countless graces and favors.

So, we must know that when we believe in God, we will see all the works He does for us. Therefore, when we believe, we will obtain; when we seek, we will find; and when we knock, then it will be opened to us, just as Jesus said in the Gospel.

Let us not follow human reasoning, argument, according to the mediocrity, ordinariness and limitation of the world in knowledge, in intellect, or in explanation according to the theory of science.

We cannot explain what God has created. We cannot explain what God gives today. We cannot explain how the Host, though small, is the lofty and great Sacrament. It is a Sacrament full of power and might that we contemplate.

Indeed, it is such a marvelous, immense, infinite wonder. It is impossible to imagine the lights emanating from the Eucharistic Jesus with extremely sublime and supernatural colors. It is impossible to express in words. We just need to know that God grants because He loves us. From the time He established the Blessed Sacrament, by a small Host, we continue to receive Him daily into our hearts.

Indeed, when the Lord truly comes to us through His power, then the Host that is the small Eucharist we receive daily becomes the great Eucharistic Jesus, like a stream of light covering the whole sky.

When that light shines, the surrounding becomes the darkness.

The darkness will disappear in the light.

This is the reason God wants us to become the light, because the light will give us life.

That light will envelop us, but if we are sinners, if we are those who commit sin, who nourish sin, who are unrighteous, disobedient people, then we have remained in a state of darkness.

When the light comes, the darkness will vanish.

So God planned and arranged everything.

There will be a conclusion of the human world between good and evil.

He has foretold us through the power of the Eucharist, and He has manifested.

Today, there are so many things so He gives us more time, to strengthen our faith.

Let us return to God, and respect, worship, adore, thank, praise, and glorify, for He is the Lord hidden through the Eucharist.

Let us not be imperfect and disrespectful.

In this age, and especially in this country, people hardly respect God, and that has become a habit in life.

Today, people do not understand that mankind must show reverence to the Supreme God.

Because we forget that reverence, we lose something that is truly essential in life.

God is the Lord. He loves people.

He is a loving father, teacher, friend, and also the Supreme Being who loves us as a chaste lover.

He always leads us on the path of the earthly life. He is the Lord.

We are human beings.

We must offer our best and we must revere and respect Him. That is the most important thing we must do.

Because He loves us, but He is also a just, righteous, and truthful God. There must be order in the world, let alone heaven.

The angels, the saints, the holy apostles, and the 24 elders continue to prostrate and worship God, as in the Gospel of St. John.

There are the 24 elders, representing each race that God has chosen from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

As stated in the Book of Revelation, as we have read, the heavenly court must prostrate to worship God.

We are sinful, mortal people.

Especially in this century of mankind, we continue to offend and despise, so we do not understand what the meaning of prostration is.

The time has come for people to mature.

We cannot continue in this way, with disrespect toward God. Because if we are disrespectful, then how can we understand the important and great value of the Lord still present among us, allowing us to meet like today?

When we consider that, then we are terrified, because the Lord is too great, too mighty, too powerful.

We are nothing if we do not bow and prostrate to Him.

So it is time for us to understand that God loves us and gives us His love, but we must come back to receive that love.

Besides, from now on, we must practice to come to God with reverence, which will help us understand our condition.

When we look back at ourselves, God will see us as those who understand – then He will never deny anything that we pray for.

Remember, He stays to defend. He stays to give. He stays to pour abundant graces for those who are conscious, who are aware.

Let us mature in God’s love, for us not to lose the opportunity, not to be confused or dominated.

When we totally do not know God, do not believe in God, then life becomes meaningless.

Where do we go?

When the Savior died for us, He gave us great privileges.

If we remain unresponsive, if we reject, if we remain stubborn and follow the human world, then sin has controlled and is controlling us through idols, which we blindly worship.

The time has come for people to open their eyes, to choose the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being in whom we believe, the Supreme Being who has the power, the Supreme Being who loves us and who still gives us the opportunity.

He gives us many opportunities and a lot of time.

Will we be able to return in time or not, or do all things depend upon the law of nature?

To God, time is only a second, a moment, but for us are many centuries, many years.

We come to this world, and as we are human beings, we only live within a limited time.

Therefore, small, good things come from the Eucharistic Jesus. Majestic and lofty things also come from the Eucharistic Jesus. The words we receive are also from the Eucharistic Jesus and originate from the Eucharistic Jesus.

Today, we receive Mother Mary’s teaching through The Six Kowtows.

Mother taught us and the whole world the Fourth Kowtow, for us to return by this method.

Starting from the prostration, the submission, we will receive the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

He has given and is giving people opportunities.

We want to know what comes from the truth God grants, for us to remove our ego,  remove the weaknesses of sin, remove what we are thinking and inferring.

Let us give ourselves the opportunity to come to God with reverence, to come by the prostration and submission, to come to God with a repentant heart.

We will be accepted by Him.

Because of God’s grace, we will know and distinguish very clearly between right and wrong, between what belongs to God that is granted to us, and what we need to amend, to improve, for us to leave the darkness.

Let us come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

What we need is to nourish the life of faith.

That is the place where we receive, where there will be peace in the soul, from God.

There will be a light to shine in spirituality, and if we believe then we will feel peace in life.

We will face trials and difficulties, but when God walks with us, He will not let us return empty-handed, because we are protected.

As He said to the apostles: “I will not leave you orphans.”

So, let us rely upon that, rely upon that word, rely upon the Gospel.

We will meet Jesus through the Blessed Sacrament, the Supreme Being who gives us the love and the sweetness that He has for those who seek Him.

He will never let us leave empty-handed.

We have peace, we have calmness, and we will grow in the life of faith when we belong to the Eucharistic Jesus.

Let us spend time to visit, to contemplate, and to adore the Blessed Sacrament. Amen.

We respectfully offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ.

O Lord, our God – He leads us to the Five Holy Signs: salvation.

It was a great achievement.

The only Son of God came down from heaven and entered the Passion, for mankind to have hope.

It also allowed mankind to have a permanent seal – to be forgiven.

It was a covenant God is waiting to make with each sinner like us.

The past consists of the days when we walked the Ways of the Cross as Mother Mary guided us through, to help us remember salvation.

God came with the purpose to set us free and deliver us from sin.

Each Way of the Cross recalls human betrayal and injustice.

In those days, due to people’s interest and status in the religious and public sectors, many acted without conscience, hoping to hold onto their functions, even though wrongful.

As such, how can one rule a country to have peace, love and order?

Because we lived in sin from the beginning, Jesus had to come to save mankind through His death.

He Himself had to come to the First Station, so we have seen everything He has removed with His acceptance, everything that mankind has lived with – people who have position and power, but are jealous, envious, resentful, and unjust in their treatments toward others.

So He came to establish.

He came to change the laws of an earthly world in wretchedness, in the ways in which mankind has treated each other cruelly, committing sin, and ending in divisions – countries as well as people with functions who always live in pleasure, always live in unfaithfulness and injustice.

How can that continue? How can we continue to rule by the methods of the world, by human methods?

Thus, God walked through each Station of the Cross to recall and redeem all the mistakes of the human world.

Next, we see how He accepted to face all. He still had the authority of God, the Supreme Being who endured, to exchange rather than to be defeated.

Though not following the human method, He accepted, to lead the entire world, to lead humanity into a doctrine.

In the end, these Stations of the Cross were exchanged by the Five Holy Signs.

The victory has been changed into the Five Holy Signs. The victory, through death and accepting death, brought mankind from the darkness back to light.

That unique doctrine allowed mankind to live and return to an eternal place, and allowed mankind the right to call God the Father “Abba,” “Father.”

Without Jesus, we are in no condition to call God the Father as Abba.

Without Jesus coming into the world to accept death, we have no chance to be reconciled, to be resurrected, and to return to heaven forever.

Without Jesus leading us today, where is the world heading? And could we still exist in this century?

So, Jesus has done many things for the world.

Today, we meditate on the 14 Stations of the Cross for us to learn to avoid sin, but what He wants is the conclusion.

That is the salvation through the Five Holy Signs, to remind us that God’s love saves, that His love is patient, that His love leads us out of darkness and sin.

It is because of His love that He still patiently waits for the maturity of humanity, up to this day.

The only thing He wants is for us to repent and return.

There are things we must honor, must submit to, and must turn to – then we will understand the meaning that God has loved and bestowed to mankind from the beginning.

Jesus’ death has become the permanent seal for the soul of each sinner and is also the covenant.

So when we return, we will become reformed and improved people who deserve to enter the heavenly kingdom, including the chosen saints.

– The First Holy Sign

We must know the First Holy Sign is God the Father’s love and Divine Mercy that exist through all centuries.

He is the God of the love that is still granted to mankind.

– The Second Holy Sign

The Second Holy Sign is Jesus, the Savior, whom we have just received as well as lifted up through the Second Kowtow.

And the Fourth Kowtow for the Eucharistic Lord is closely related to Jesus.

He even represents more, in addition to the three roles.

He is the Supreme Being who brings God the Father’s love to mankind, and He is also the shining example who obeyed till the last breath of His life, for us to be redeemed, for us to enter heaven.

The door to heaven has been opened, and we enter and call the owner of heaven: “Abba,” “Father.”

So, in all things, we must rely on Jesus, the Second Person of God.

We know the Savior is the Second Holy Sign.

Let us believe in Him for us to live.

– The Third Holy Sign

The Third Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit.

As we are normal, ordinary people, how can we understand the great, lofty and mysterious things that God gives to the human world?

We need to know about things that are good, evil, just, righteous.

The truth is that the love of the Divine Mercy is everlasting and is granted to us through the Third Holy Sign – the Holy Spirit.

He is love.

He is the representative of God the Father’s love and Jesus, and with Them forms the Trinity.

In the divine realm and present, He is also the light, the way, and the truth, shining on mankind in the dark night.

So all those who want to live in truth must become righteous, must have the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, the Third Holy Sign is the determination that leads us into the light of the truth, the faith.

It is the strength and the power to bring us the depth, the height, the length, and the width of faith, through the Holy Spirit.

He is the Supreme Being who enlightens, the Supreme Being who guides, and the motivating force to give us a spiritual life and the best – in holiness, perfection, and the truth.

– The Fourth Holy Sign

We just mentioned this.

Only Jesus is the Supreme Being who promises.

Because He is God He exists.

He alone can humble Himself to become a Host, to remain with mankind faithfully, to wait patiently, and to love unconditionally – a great and mighty power that today we meet, motivated by the words received, by things heard and witnessed as on this day.

All things we see and hear, all truths, are from God alone, the Mighty One.

From the first moment to the last, He is still God.

Today, He is present to manifest His power.

He is the Mighty One who grants graces to mankind.

He is the loving Supreme Being who has motivated us to understand the meaning of what a life of faith with God is, and the encounter with a mighty power.

Today the graces are still poured down for the world.

The living words remind us, as on this day, to strengthen faith by the presence of the Eucharist.

God alone is the Supreme Being who grants.

At the same time, with the Fifth Kowtow, we know what we ought to know.

It is not spontaneously by ourselves that we can understand.

– The Fifth Holy Sign

We need to have an intercessor. Mother Mary Herself is the being whom God has chosen. She was the first person to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and live in His grace.

The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mother, and Mother became the Mother of the Second Person of God.

Mother Herself was the one who stayed.

After Jesus completed His mission and returned to heaven, Mother remained with the holy apostles.

After Jesus had returned to heaven for 10 days, the Holy Spirit came into the room, enveloped Mother along with the holy apostles.

They received the symbolic fire of the Holy Spirit.

That was something we knew from history, but there are also many things that we must know.

The Holy Spirit is a Person. He is the love of God. He gives us spirituality, existence, the supernatural, working in each of our faith.

So, Mother Mary leads us to the Third Holy Sign, because everything is attributed to the Holy Spirit. Mother Mary is the first person to receive.

Mother Mary is also in the Holy Spirit, and it is from the Holy Spirit’s guidance that Mother clearly understands that everything the Holy Spirit does is grand and lofty.

So, if the world wants to be saved, it must have the Holy Spirit’s grace.

Let Him enlighten and help us distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong.

Only the Holy Spirit is the omniscient Supreme Being, the strength for us to practice holiness.

It is the Holy Spirit who leads us into truth and holiness.

The Holy Spirit will motivate and grant us a life of faith, which we experience in the soul through His guidance.

We need to know that Mother Mary is the Person who has fully received the Holy Spirit’s grace.

From His grace, Mother teaches us through divine methods, as we pray to receive His support, inspiration and strength.

Mother Mary is the Person chosen to accompany Jesus on the Ways of the Cross.

Mother has carried the Cross with Her heart, collaborating with Jesus to complete the mission.

Today, Mother remains with our human world, to replace us to adore the Eucharistic Jesus.

It is a great and lofty thing that we do not know: where there is the Eucharistic Jesus, there is Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is the first person with the word “fiat,” so the Holy Spirit Himself has overshadowed Mother.

Mother has become the Person who bore the Second Person of God.

The Second Person of God remains in the world, humbling Himself to become the Blessed Sacrament through the Host.

The Lord is hidden in the Eucharist, so Mother Herself also becomes the tabernacle to hold the Eucharist first.

Now, Mother is also the Person who is close to the Eucharist and is also the tabernacle, for when mankind forgets Him, no longer remembers Him, then Mother is the tabernacle to stay with the Eucharistic Jesus.

If we do not receive the revelation, if we are not taught, how can we understand this great mystery?

So in the Fifth Holy Sign, the Holy Spirit wants us to know that it is Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is one of the Five Holy Signs of Jesus.

Today that has become a covenant – the teaching from Mother gives us an infinite greatness.

It is the end of history that we need to know, because the Five Holy Signs save us.

The Five Holy Signs of Jesus, through the Cross, remind us that Jesus stretched His arms to embrace humanity.

And it is not simply for us to contemplate the Cross, but in the Cross is hidden a sublime mystery.

That is the heavenly kingdom, a family of the great heavenly kingdom that brings us close to God.

In the human world how many people understand this?

The time has come. We need to understand, we need to know.

Why must the Cross of Jesus be placed in the middle of the altar, in the middle of the church?

All places that have the Cross are a symbol, because the Cross is the place where God died. He chose the Cross to save humanity.

Thanks to the Cross, the human race is saved, to be the children of God.

But hidden inside the Cross, the Five Holy Signs have become the seal of forgiveness.

That is the forgiveness granted to mankind and is also the covenant that God wants us to recognize, for us to return to God.

No matter how sinful, how fallen, whether we disobey or are unruly, when we return with our hearts, in the prostration of both soul and body, God still forgives us, because the Five Holy Signs have given us life, forgiveness, and salvation.

Through that, we learn that it is the entire heavenly family – God the Father’s love and Divine Mercy; Jesus’ grace, peace, and salvation; and the unity of the Holy Spirit will lead and enlighten – for us to know what needs to be known.

We know that the presence of the Eucharistic Lord is a privilege for humanity.

When we admire the Eucharistic Jesus, we have the opportunity to be in the midst of the heavenly kingdom, which God grants, to help us understand the dimensions of the Fifth Holy Sign.

Mother Mary is the Person who sees and knows this greatness that humanity does not know.

Mother represents the whole world. Mother represents humanity to receive the privileges.

Today those privileges are given to us in the time that God allows, for us to know, to hear, to understand, and to return, through the days of blessings and graces, when time still allows.

Today, the characteristics of the Five Holy Signs remind us of the value of humanity that remains as the seal.

Up to our last moment and last breath, we still have a path to choose, to return to God.

Let us repent, submit, and prostrate to God, for us to be accepted, because that covenant still gives us the Five Holy Signs, which God wants to grant us.

He lets His only Son come into the world, and Jesus accepted and obeyed, even unto death, to redeem us.

We still have the Holy Spirit.

He is the Supreme Being who grants us graces, the Supreme Being who enlightens, the Supreme Being who guides us, joined to the powerful support of the Eucharistic Lord.

At the same time, there is also Mother Mary.

Mother is the exemplary one, the only one whom God the Father chose to lead us back with the Five Holy Signs.

To Jesus, we must see Him in the Five Holy Signs.

In there is the entire heaven that God the Father grants to humanity.

At first God comes to us with love, and then ends up with love to bring us back.

He has persuaded mankind with love.

And the great and lofty history that we know today is the Eucharistic Jesus whom we contemplate.

It is the entire heavenly family hidden in the Blessed Sacrament.

We see the sublime, divine wonders through the miracle of the Eucharistic Jesus.

All these things happen in the lofty spirituality.

Mother Mary wants us to come to the Cross, in a respectful way, in a worshipping way, in a reverent way, because that is the covenant that God gives us through the Five Holy Signs, with the presence of heaven.

Those who often do the 14 Stations of the Cross and those who submit to the Cross, receive great blessings, which Mother Mary teaches us to communicate to those around.

So the time has come, we must contemplate the Cross, to show the worship we need to offer to God, to repay for the graces that God grants through the Five Holy Signs.

And that is also the presence, the covenant of love that God uses, to deliver and grant graces to mankind.

The Five Holy Signs grant us life.

Though these are tardy days, we must know one thing, which is to repent with the prostration, the submission, and with reverence, to glorify God through the Five Holy Signs.

We will become transformed people.

Let us contemplate the Cross, for us to amend our life and recognize the doctrine that we still do not have the opportunity to know.

When we truly believe and practice, we will be sanctified and transformed, because through the Five Holy Signs, a great and grand program is hidden, for God to save mankind.

Let us experience the sweetness of God.

He is the Supreme Being full of might.

He loves mankind.

However, let us remember that the privileges He gives us through Mother Mary’s Six Kowtows are for us to be determined to return while our hearts are still beating, for us to become people who are aware, who accept the favors, after we submit and prostrate.

If we are too late, too tardy, then we must face God’s justice.

God is a loving Supreme Being, but very just.

When it is too late, then there is no longer time for us to return.

So there is a sign that confirms, for us to clearly understand what we need to respectfully offer.

That is the Fifth Holy Sign.

We praise, exult, and honor the Five Holy Signs of the Lord Jesus Christ, which hide an entire heavenly family.

We have just respectfully offered, through each meaning of the Holy Sign.

We worship, we praise, we glorify the Lord who brings resurrection to mankind.

The glory over death is the triumphant victory to bring mankind back from the darkness.

It is a covenant for humanity, and also a promise, when mankind prostrates, surrenders, and returns to God.

At the same time, it is a doctrine that leads people in the midst of life, in trials and challenges, in the days when people must endure the ways of the cross.

The Cross is for us to meet the Lord Jesus. The Cross is for us to meet Mother Mary. The Cross is for us to have Mother Mary and Jesus walking with us.

The Cross helps us meet heaven.

That is a heavenly family when we fully surrender and submit ourselves, for us to accept the ways of the cross.

The ways of the cross teach us fortitude.

The ways of the cross teach us to embrace adversities.

The ways of the cross have either difficulties or challenges.

They are also the ways of the cross that God chooses for us to meet Him and meet Mother Mary.

With Mother Mary and Jesus, we will definitely understand the meaning of the heavenly family that God the Father is giving to humanity through His Divine Mercy.

So we live in the sacredness from the manifestation of the Lord through the Five Holy Signs.

Let us understand that when we come to the Cross, when we come to church, we come to a respectable place – we must show respect.

Let us honor, revere, and thank, with a grateful heart, for the Five Holy Signs that God has given us, a great glory.

That is a covenant and a blessing.

We cannot refuse.

We have offended and are offending, and we despise the Five Holy Signs.

The time has come – the importance of what is divine, of what is sacred, is manifested to mankind through the Five Holy Signs.

May everyone open their ears, open their eyes, and open their hearts to feel.

We will understand what God grants.

God loves and creates every opportunity for mankind, because He loves us.

But since we are people who betray, people who reject, people who offend, He uses justice with us.

But God is the Supreme Being who loves us from the beginning. He always gives us life, gives us the opportunity, for us to return to Him.

And through this lofty spirituality, we see God’s love.

It is His supremacy that gives us all aspects – to save us, to help us, and to bring us back to the path of righteousness.

Let us become people who amend, who improve, and who deserve the love that God has given us through the Five Holy Signs.

We worship God, bless God, and praise God, our Lord, now and forever, because there is only one Supreme God.

Today we know, in the divine sacredness that God reveals through Mother Mary’s teachings, for us to understand the meaning of each kowtow.

And it is the Fifth Kowtow that will help increase our faith and allow us to understand more of what we have received, are receiving, and continue to receive.

In the prostration and surrender, in the life of repentance with both body and soul, mind and the whole heart, let us respectfully offer to God Almighty – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow: thanks to God the Father, we have Mother Mary.

O God the Father, You are the Alpha and the Omega. In the beginning it was You. In the end it is also You.

Everyone submits to You.

I thank You, on behalf of all classes, of all roles. Everyone thanks You.

Because You know that we are unworthy, disobedient people, people who betray, people who rebel against Your love and Divine Mercy, so You chose for us a Mother.

That is Mother Mary.

Mother Mary has obeyed and was totally devoted to You, to offer thanksgiving on behalf of humanity.

Mother has prayed for the world and for us.

Because Mother was totally devoted to God, today, we are being taught by Mother Mary to come to Father through the First Kowtow, in a straightforward way.

Each kowtow helps us to understand more and be close to the heavenly family that God has given to mankind from the beginning.

We must know that it is through a humble and simple life that we meet God.

Today, Father, we offer to Mother Mary the Sixth Kowtow.

O Mother Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, Mother of love, Mother of the Eucharist, please accept this Sixth Kowtow that we respectfully offer to thank You.

Because of what You have done for us, please accept our reverent, grateful, thankful, appreciative heart.

We also offer to You our repentant heart for the imperfections that still grieve Your Heart.

We are people who still do not know, who still do not hear, and who still have not practiced Your teaching for us to return to God, for us to pray the Rosary, for us to meditate on the mysteries that Jesus has endured, for us to amend, to improve, to become the people who are devoted to Your Heart.

Your Heart belongs to God, in reverence and love, in devotion to God, in an obedient life, a perfect life, a life committed to the doctrine and the truth. On behalf of the human world, You always pray and continue to seek ways to remind, to guide, and to find the sheep that are lost all over the world.

It is You who lead us to God’s love.

It is You who help us recognize the end of this time, which are also the last days of history.

We see extraordinary events, wonderful events, as well as many changes that have never happened before, but are happening in today’s world.

Mother, please allow us to respectfully offer our gratitude and thanksgiving to the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Mother of the Savior, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of the priests, the Mother of the laity, the Mother of every saint, every sinner, every offender, every penitent, every victim, every witness, every soul in purgatory, and the Mother of all mankind. That title, that honorable name, cannot be denied.

There are even more sublime things that God has bestowed upon Mother.

That is the title of Queen of heaven, the Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of all humanity.

Mother does not use the authority of a heavenly queen to correct mankind.

Mother simply teaches mankind, not in the manner of a powerful queen.

Mother always acts in a state of absolute humility, with gentle love, like a mother who always cares for Her children, who reminds, who sheds tears for Her children. Mother has shed bloody tears. Mother has shed bloody tears, to remind Her children, to seek Her children, to bring them back to God.

Mother knows that, apart from God, there is no other place for us to rely on to have eternal happiness.

Mother does not want us to lose all the opportunities from the Lord Jesus. Mother has witnessed His entire life, bringing peace to mankind, giving mankind life, saving mankind from sin, and leading mankind into a doctrine, the doctrine for us to practice, to lead us to heaven.

Mother has seen all the important and significant works that Jesus has accomplished.

It is Mother Herself who sees God the Father’s immeasurable love and Divine Mercy through all generations.

Mother replaces us, who are ungrateful human beings, to become a submissive person who totally devotes to God. Mother does all things in silence, in a contemplative life, in absolute humility, to live pleasingly for God the Father, through His doctrine.

Though we cannot understand all these wonderful things, Mother has certainly become the Mother who seeks Her children and looks for all kinds of ways to advise Her children.

Mother knows that if we do not follow God’s plan, we will not understand the marvelous wonders the Lord Jesus grants us.

We are still indifferent toward the Eucharistic Jesus. We do not understand the meaning of the Five Holy Signs. We do not understand Mother’s presence. We do not understand why today we have The Six Kowtows.

How can we, then, understand the sublime greatness of the gift?

Mother does not want to see anyone in purgatory or hell, wailing and grinding their teeth.

Mother has seen people suffer in hell.

They no longer have the chance to see the light, they no longer can enjoy God’s love.

She sees the children who still live in the days of hardheartedness, of obstinacy, which are the days of the blind and indifferent.

They will end up in a situation of days in purgatory, wailing. Mother has gone there to bring many souls back.

Mother does not want this world to fall into a situation with us as human beings who are lured, who are living in progressive, modern days, under the control of the devil.

He is binding us, controlling us and the entire world.

Mother wants us to understand the significance through each Holy Sign, through each Person.

Mother knows that this is an opportunity for Her to guide everyone in the world to recognize the significance of what we have and had.

God simply uses love to grant to mankind. God simply uses love to help mankind return. God saves mankind, simply with love, not punishment.

However, mankind has been ungrateful and has lived in wickedness, so surely, God must use justice toward each person and each sinner.

But the Lord Jesus has come to save sinners, for them to become penitents, and from penitents they will also become saints.

Today, there are many things that Mother wishes the human world to know.

Let us return to God by the prostration, by The Six Kowtows.

The Holy Spirit wants us to lift up to Mother by the prostration with the Sixth Kowtow, because the Sixth Kowtow is the final decision of history.

God wants us to honor Mother, to venerate Mother, because of all Her works.

Mother is the author of The Six Kowtows, to lead the entire world back to God.

Through The Six Kowtows, through the prostration, through the submission, through the repentance, and the teaching, right at this moment, we can meet God, recognize what we have, and repent with our hearts.

That is what God is waiting for: for us to become a conscious person, to return to righteousness, to accept and practice the doctrine that God has given.

These are good things, holy things, things that we need to have the Holy Spirit’s support and help for.

Then we will mature and distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, between righteousness and unrighteousness, between truth and falsehood.

The time has come for Mother to teach us to pray the Rosary and amend our life, to return to God in contrition and in repentance, to come to Mother’s Heart.

These things help us practice, because we know the urgency of the times, but we still have not acted.

We cannot continue with the days dominated by a human world, with a civilized life relying on science and technology.

If we are not righteous and ethical, we will gradually and slowly die. We will lose our faith. We will lose our brothers, our sisters, and today’s youth, because they are entering a life without faith.

With this situation, we will become heretics, people who completely reject all the great works that God has accomplished to save everyone in humanity.

We cannot let the devil control us according to the ways of the world, which human beings deem logical.

We still have a life of faith in which Mother Mary is the Mother of the entire world.

Mother cannot let Her children stray into the places where they will lose God’s grace.

Mother does not let us become blind. Mother does not let us lose everything we have received from the Savior, from Her Son, who has given to the world.

Today, what Mother teaches is very simple.

It is not too difficult, but not too easy.

We just need us to be humble. We just need to spend some time.

When we are alone, when we come to the Blessed Sacrament, when we come to a place of reverence, let us proclaim God by a life of prayer, by the prostration and submission, by the proclamation.

With that proclamation, the Holy Spirit will not refuse us. He will give us what we need to know.

From there, we will understand what repentance is, and how to live to please God.

The time has come for Mother Mary to help us.

That is the gentlest method for us to return.

Because we are human beings, all of us are at fault with God. No one is perfect.

Most of us are people who have offended, who are offending, and who will continue to offend God.

So, there is only one way.

We must absolutely lift up to our God by a contrite heart, with determination, for us to deserve to be accepted from Mother Mary’s teaching, for God to intervene and help us on our way back to our heavenly home.

We are the blind who are living in wickedness.

But no matter how sinful, God still grants us a special favor, which is Mother Mary’s teaching through The Six Kowtows.

This is for us to repent, for us to recognize what Mother Mary teaches, for us to know the love God gives us, in every way.

We need an example. That is Mother Mary.

God wants Mother to be our helper.

Mother is a person who is pure, complete in holy virtue. Mother is perfect in all aspects. Mother is the Person most suitable. Mother is gentle and lives a life of humility and entrustment.

Mother lives for love. She Herself has responded to God’s love.

Mother is the only Person to represent mankind to pray for the world.

Thanks to Mother, Her beloved Son always bestows great favors to Mother who then gives those special favors to our human world.

This is an opportunity for Mother to pray for the world to return.

Mother also wants us to realize that, apart from God, there is no one who can give us eternal happiness. This is very important.

Mother is bringing us back in a period and also in a time in which we are present, in this century. We are fortunate people, because we have this covenant only in this century, the covenant that today, God gives to the human world as a special favor.

Thus, we have the opportunity to come to God, for us to recognize our condition.

We are no longer afraid of a human world with the public opinion.

We do not follow the rules in the overexaggerated way.

We do not overdo anything to displease others or go against the teachings of the Church.

What we need is to show some respect to God.

He is the only God, the Supreme Being whom we worship.

There is no reason for us to fear anyone, because He is the Supreme Being whom we come to pray to.

We come to offer a reverent heart to compensate for the countless offenses toward Him.

Mankind continues to offend God gravely – the unrighteous and disobedient people, and those who still remain cold and indifferent toward Him.

So we must represent them to earnestly pray to God.

We represent them like Mother who today, represents the entire world of mankind to remain with the Eucharistic Jesus, to be beside Him, to serve Him, on behalf of the ungrateful and thankless people like us.

It is time.

We must accept this gift from Mother Mary.

Only with this way can the world be saved, can the world receive the intervention, for God to forgive and lead us back.

This will appease God the Father’s wrath, in the justice to the human world.

God the Father has waited too long, and even the Lord Jesus, His Son, has waited too long.

It is time. All things must conclude.

Jesus said: “I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

The phrase “end of the age” has been reminded. That will come.

We must know that God the Father has His own plan.

He brought His Son into the world, and after 33 years His Son returned to Him.

He also chose Mother Mary in the same period, and He also brought Mother back to heaven.

But in the lofty spirituality, Jesus is still present through the Blessed Sacrament.

From the godlike presence of Mother Mary, today we have the gift of The Six Kowtows.

This is a special favor.

In spirituality, if we believe, then we will receive.

When we accept, then we will be saved, in God’s plan.

What we hear, what we receive, is perhaps a surprise to the present human world, but that surprise is also a confirmation for us to recognize that in each era, God grants us special favors.

God also manifests to us through messengers and prophets.

God continues to pour blessings and graces for us to recognize that He always makes things anew.

The doctrine is the Gospel for 2,000 years and continues to remind daily with the Word of God, but He continues to pour out graces from heaven.

He is a generous Supreme Being.

He bestows abundant and rich graces.

He grants more and gives more for us to practice, for us to receive.

Thanks to Mother Mary’s teaching, this is something spiritual yet actual, amidst the human world, when we believe and practice.

For those who believe, we have received, and that strengthening will help us in our faith.

We also know that this special gift is given to everyone in the world, without distinction, because everyone must pray, everyone must repent, everyone must return and strengthen their faith, when the events happen.

We do not know what tomorrow will be: earthquakes, rains, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, or the predicted disasters.

The day will come when all things conclude and end.

When each event happens, then we will also learn that a new world will appear.

In the present time, we see countless miracles happen; countless things are impossible yet still happen in the world.

Though evil is widespread, there still are extraordinary and marvelous miracles, from the divine work of God and the heavenly kingdom.

It is time for us to see that all things follow a plan and a life in which the events are happening and will happen.

Today, Mother wants us to strengthen the life of faith to prepare for the events.

Let us not be afraid.

We are people firm in faith since we always belong to God in the prostration and the submission.

We are the repentant people.

Let us always trust, for God to have mercy and forgive.

Let us be confident that when we pray by the method of The Six Kowtows, we will have Mother Mary.

Because the gift of The Six Kowtows comes from Mother, Mother will not let us be afraid.

Mother’s virginal mantle will cover humanity.

With those who listen and practice, God will never refuse us.

He will intervene for us, but we must live in contrition, in repentance, in amendment, and in a firm purpose of improvement.

These are the essential things we need to have, to be worthy when we respectfully offer The Six Kowtows.

At the same time, today, we clearly understand that Mother wants us, in compassion and tenderness, to know God’s infinite love and Divine Mercy.

It is not mandatory, but we must know what is needed, because the actual spirituality remains in us.

The final decision is also up to us.

Let us return to God by the method that we respectfully offer, which is the prostration and submission.

From there, the Holy Spirit will enlighten us to become children of God, to become His own people, and to become the people that Mother leads to the God of love and Divine Mercy, in a more deserving way.

Even if we are unworthy, at least we have something to beseech and offer to God in the days of blessings and graces that are poured down upon the human world, through our submission and prostration.

Let each one of us have the opportunity to meditate, to grasp what we have today through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

There are the brothers and sisters who are daily nourished through this gift, for them to pray, to repent, to be reminded of the presence, to avoid sin, and to not tolerate sin.

They are also the people who mature in these Six Kowtows.

Miracles have happened, and countless things have been bestowed through The Six Kowtows to help people return to God with their heart, with their soul, with contrition and repentance – with mind, reason, body in submission and prostration.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this will be accepted.

We will understand more, be maturer, and know the great treasure that Mother Mary offers, which is the gift of The Six Kowtows.

Let us become humbler, entrusting more, and trusting more. Let us show the respect and the reverence due to God.

We need to repent in our life and ask God to manifest what we are practicing to profess Him among all people.

That is the love we have received from Mother Mary.

Mother teaches us and the entire world to respectfully offer to God.

He Himself gives His infinite Divine Mercy to us.

This is the moment we need to thank Mother, to be grateful to Mother, because through Mother, we will have the saints.

That is St. Joseph, the one chosen to become the foster father of the Lord Jesus.

In the most recent days, we just celebrated the Solemnity of Christmas.

There is St. Joseph.

Let us pray to him and learn from him integrity and righteousness, learn from him a life of responsibility.

He is also an example to the world, to the families without a father.

Let the heads of families learn about duty, learn about responsibility, learn about a pure and righteous life, which is a faithful life for which God chose St. Joseph.

Let us look back to what we need to learn as God also chooses the righteous.

Let us rely on the intercession of the saints, rely on the examples of the saints.

By their intercessions, we will receive, we will change, especially our Church, to have the heads of the family.

Of those who run to St. Joseph, no one returns empty-handed. Let us pray and lift up to God what we cannot do.

God is the Supreme Being who will grant what we pray for.

God looks at us and accepts our prayers through the saints.

We rejoice because we have heaven’s help, which comes from the three archangels, the guardian angels, and the heavenly court.

They are always ready to help us when we pray to them.

We know this, because Mother teaches us. We have the heavenly court helping us. We keep on beseeching and praying.

Though we do not see the spirituality, but they will not forget us.

The devil is also spiritual.

When we do not have spiritual eyes, we do not see, we do not understand.

We are lured by things in this world, but the angels and the saints are the beings who hold the balance of justice, especially the archangel Michael.

He will use the means that God has given him, and through that authority he will help us.

We will not be attacked.

We will not be subject to all things that the angels see clearly, with spiritual eyes, for them to dismantle the snares that we had fallen into and are falling into.

Let us pray and ask the archangels to help us, to lead us out of the devil’s snares, entrapping us everywhere; by the greed, by the addictions, by the pleasures, by the desires, by the immoralities, and by the deceits.

All belong to the devil’s snares.

But when we pray to the archangels and the guardian angels, they will definitely intervene and help us.

May the archangels and the guardian angels pray for us to live in righteousness.

Thanks to their help, we will not be bound or fall into the snares of the devil that always seeks to trap us.

We thank the saints and the angels and we pray for them to remember us, and pray to God for us.

Especially in our present mission, for us to continue to bring this gift to the world, so that our brothers and sisters can move forward steadily.

Let us not allow anything in our ego and personality to pull us away from a life of witness at the end of history, which Mother Mary has given to us through this great and precious gift of The Six Kowtows, to bring to the human world.

We thank the saints, for they are the shining examples in our life of faith. In our mission, we also rely on their life of faith, because when they totally belong to God, they are no longer afraid and they do not retreat when they fall into a predicament.

Even if they die or must submit to torture or persecution, they are still happy because they accept, because they see that only God is above all.

May we live a life of faith, of virtue, of holiness, like those saints.

May they remember us in this day and age, which is not like their time.

With many things in science and technology, we do not see the snares that the devil leads into reality, using all ways to harm us, by the means of science and technology.

So today, we ask the saints to pray for us to be brave, to be strong, for us to continue on the path of witness and in the days of exile in the world, to be faithful and persevering.

We pray to live with trust.

The saints trusted in God so they were not afraid to die and they never backed down.

Please help us learn from their example.

On the path of the beginning days, The Six Kowtows were a surprise, and also a very difficult practice.

But all things come from God, for us to be saved, to be renewed with a life of faith and spirituality; then surely no one will refuse.

So what we ask for is the support and the help through the prayers of the saints, for us to continue.

No matter how rough, no matter how difficult, we must overcome the challenges, to bring the gift of The Six Kowtows to the world, for everyone to receive and for our brothers and sisters to also accept so that we become human beings united in the prostration and submission, in the days of repentance, for us to receive God’s mercy.

May God accept and intervene for the entire world.

Please save us and lead us away from the traps of civilization, of ingenuity, of sophistication, of a liberal life that corrupts our faith.

Our life is in turmoil, which is the situation that people are falling into nowadays.

The daily abortions are crimes.

Mankind has entered into a state of rebellion against God’s law, living with lust, with immorality, which they advocate as appropriate.

There are countless crimes that countless people accept and deem appropriate in a civilized age.

Thus, may the angels and the saints help us and pray for us to bring the gift of The Six Kowtows to the world.

This gift will help people awake and turn around, will help people stand up and be enlightened through the Holy Spirit’s grace, for them to identify what belongs to the spiritual life, what is noble that God has offered.

They will recognize the salvation from the Lord Jesus, for them to have life in this world as well as the next.

May they decide soon, to not be too late and too tardy, to soon return to God’s Divine Mercy.

We offer countless thanks and unite with the angels and the saints to offer to God praise, exultation, honor, and thanksgiving.

We offer the prostration and submission to God, on behalf of the world, of all classes, of all roles.

We are the pioneers, and soon there will be many people who will continue, and return to our God.

May God touch their hearts, for them to repent, to amend their life, to soon return in the submission and prostration, for them to be saved, when the human race still has time, when the human race still has the years of graces and blessings.

Do not let it be too late.

Let everyone who has ears then hear; who has eyes then see; who has a heart then feel.

Let us prepare right now.

Let us not be too late, nor let it be too tardy, when we no longer have the chance to choose for ourselves, and when the heart no longer is beating.

Today, this is what we respectfully offer to God with The Six Kowtows, with love and with heart, on the celebration of the Sacred Heart, the Heart of love that God gives to humanity, the Heart that God Himself has given to every sinner to become a penitent and become a witness.

Mother Mary’s Heart has helped the world of mankind, and, especially on every First Friday of the month, we come here to respectfully offer to God, after everyone leaves the church.

We lift up and we offer, on behalf of the world, of the Church, of all classes, of all roles, with earnest words to God, with voices echoing from this earth to heaven, by the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother teaches us.

May we courageously continue on the path of witness, for many to hear and for many to return to God, with the prostration and submission.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, may we unite with the heavenly court, with the nine choirs of angels, all the angels and the elders in heaven, to prostrate and adore the Lord God as we proclaim: Holy! Holy! Holy Lord!

The Lord is the God of hosts. From heaven to earth, in the world, everyone prostrates and adores the only God – the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit – now and forever. Amen.

Lucia, Maria N., Maria T., Anna, Ignatio, who are present, as well as those who are not present – on their behalf, we respectfully lift up, on the First Friday of the month, the day of the Sacred Heart and the first Friday of the year 2019.

We lift up all trials and challenges. We lift up to the merciful Heart Jesus gives to mankind. We lift up all of our works, the progress in the past year, in the witness life to spread the Good News of The Six Kowtows.

We respectfully lift up to God.

God, please have mercy and accept, for us to continue in the mission of witness, to proclaim and continue to pioneer the gift of The Six Kowtows that Mother Mary offers to every sinner, every witness, every victim, and to the entire world, for us to return to God.

We conclude at 3 a.m. on Saturday, January 5, 2019, at St. Theresa’s Church, in unity with the heavenly court. Please intercede to God for us.

Today is also the day to venerate Mother’s Heart. These are also the first days of the new year. Mother, please bless us through The Six Kowtows.

We respectfully lift up to our God, the Almighty – the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In His Name, please continue to come to the world. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, may everyone hear, know, and believe in Him, for everyone to return to our Lord.

We ask for the sign of the Cross to heal us from all evil: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  1. Two days before this message was given was the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus.

The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of


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