New Revelations through the Eucharist

Let Us Return to the Lord of Love


January 21, 2019

(This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger, Lucia Phan).


Lucia: O God, it is 9:42 a.m., Monday, January 21, 2019, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

We just attended Holy Mass. We come here to attend Holy Mass.

Thank God for the last days. He granted us so many unexpected surprises. He arranged all things for us. Now, it is almost complete.

I pray to Him for the brothers and sisters who are waiting to hear their names in the plan to go on a cruise, to all be included, to unite in His decision for us to go to this place.

May we unite, recognize, and be conscious, to continue in our role and our mission.

Daily, God wants us to lead a missionary life – for Him to strengthen and grant us more knowledge and wisdom.

We will become people who are called, but we must collaborate in terms of reality as well as of life, for us to serve according to His calling.

Moreover, He already reminded and taught us countless things.

Since the first days God called us to this day – we will reach the phases in which we must mature and grow.

There will also be a time we must be separated, to do the most important works that He calls us in the mission of each.

Last night there was a lunar phenomenon.

We never heard of this before and were never able to take a picture.

The moon became dark red, as if reminding humanity of something.

Though science always has an explanation by the way of reasoning in the order of the world, but to us, we do not see it as what people say.

To us, the moon, the sun, and the entire universe were created by the almighty and powerful God.

We see the figure as well as the face of Jesus in the moon.

This is a phenomenon to warn humanity of the days ahead.

There are many problems. Mankind must awaken.

We are not surprised when we live in America, a prosperous place where God granted us to reside in.

In the past days, there were many changes in the government, particularly with the current president.

In the past days, what he did, was not done by him naturally, but was a program from God.

We see hope and good resolution in the program of God.

Moreover, we see what is happening today, but with our limited knowledge, we cannot recognize what exactly happened.

At least spiritually, we know that all things are in God’s providential hands, and moreover, this gift of The Six Kowtows also contributes in silence.

However, it is time for me and the brothers and sisters to go everywhere.

God wants us to practice, and in the divine realm, He will have many ways to save and help humanity.

If the brothers and sisters return by this way, which is to pray inwardly, that is the returning heart, the repentance that mankind needs in order to profess God in the midst of all.

Each person has a different way to serve and worship God, but what is most needed is the calling.

Though we are disciples, to God we are all equal in the love that He grants.

O God, the Lord Almighty, we offer to You everything – the silent wishes of the brothers and sisters present here today, as well as those from the group who are absent.

Each day we come to attend Holy Mass.

Each one of us has intentions: intentions for the family, for society, for the parish, for the priests, for those in the ranks of our Church, for the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the clergy, and all the parishes where we are active, and the entire world.

Moreover, all the laypeople, in all classes, in all roles, the poor as well as the rich, the righteous as well as the sinner: may God have mercy on us.

May God daily look at us and forgive our past – in the life of needs, of necessities, and all problems happening to us, from the family to society,

May we pause at this present moment, to thank, praise, and glorify God.

Besides this, mankind has nothing worthy to respectfully offer to Him.

Because of these things, we see our weak and sinful condition.

The only thing is to ask God to forgive, to repent, to prostrate, to surrender, and to profess faith.

We affirm that we worship the God we believe in, whom we trust.

He alone has the right to forgive and is the Supreme Being who loves mankind infinitely, the Supreme Being who always waits, and the Supreme Being who is always patient with us till this day.

Whether we come to Him or not, He still gives opportunities to everyone and He waits for our maturity particularly.

So, we rely upon Divine Mercy to respectfully offer to the Lord Almighty.

May we call You “Abba,” because we were Your children from the beginning.

Unfortunately, the words as well as the ways we use nowadays to express ourselves seem to simply be habits in life.

But today, it is time for us to no longer hesitate.

Because there is only one Supreme Being who loves and forgives, the Supreme Being who gives us countless opportunities, the Supreme Being who urges us today to have the courage and strength to overcome all public opinion to profess God.

We are simply the first lit torches – there will be other torches that will be lighted continually all over the world.

What must be done is to submit and worship Father, which is the sign of both soul and body, mind and heart, belonging to Him.

May we lift up to Him and pray for Him to accept.

In our sentiment as sinful children – everyone in all classes – Father, please accept our prayers.

Please have mercy, sanctify, and transform us daily in Your grace, in the love and the Divine Mercy.

We hope and trust in You.

The time has come for us to see all things that are coming soon, like a warning to humanity.

Mankind must return, must zealously come to Father to profess.

May those who still do not know, recognize; those who still have not returned, come back; those who live in division, be united and return in the surrender and the prostration.

This is the sign of our submission to the Lord, the sign to return by a profound prayer with our heart, the sign of repentance – both soul and body, both mind and heart.

Father, please accept and sanctify us in Your infinite love and Divine Mercy.

Father, please allow us to pray directly, and respectfully offer to each Person, as we often do.

Let everyone know, hear, and receive Your blessings, because what is of this day is not from human knowledge, but from the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Let us be bold and brave to witness.

Let everyone start by this prostration, for their soul to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, like us and many other brothers and sisters, in deep prayers.

Father, please help us become a new person who puts You above all things.

Father, please accept our praise, worship, and reverence on behalf of ungrateful sinners.

We were also sinners whom You called back.

Certainly, in life there are many things we still do not yet understand.

Our brothers and sisters do not yet understand, so what we practice is something that is incompatible to the normal life of those who do not yet know and do not yet practice.

But this is a sign to help us in this life, for we have nothing to respectfully offer to Him.

We have nothing worthy, besides empty souls and frail bodies.

What we can do is prostrate and worship Him, to pray for Him to sanctify us daily in His grace, in His blessing to us.

At this moment, I lift up to God the Father.

Father, please accept our prayers, with thanksgiving, appreciation, and gratitude for the Lord, our God.

O God the Father – I worship Father, praise Father, glorify Father.

We received the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, particularly this morning.

Many things surround us, in the personal life, the family life, the life of the brothers and sisters. In the past few days, many things happened.

Our mind is affected by negative thoughts, and the service and work in our mission is delayed.

However, there are also many positive things that happen unexpectedly.

Ultimately, we trust in His Divine Mercy. We believe in His Love.

We come to Him in prayer, in beseeching, and in the daily prostration.

Because we trust in Father, He finally removed all the burdens from our brothers and sisters. He also touched each heart, no matter how stubborn.

His love stirred our heart, and from that feeling, we became those who know to look back at themselves – to return with a reformed heart, though still very immature.

Our soul is anxious and pondering before deciding, because nowhere can we have peace – a serene and happy soul – apart from Father. This is a confirmation, for people to know.

Because life has become a habit, controlled by reality, with habits and rules in our weak, lustful, and greedy flesh, with many things covered up, between truth and falsehood, between good and evil, between right and wrong.

When we are without His love, without His enlightenment, we are blind, so our decisions are wrong, our actions are wrong, our works are wrong, and we are always negative.

But with God, only one word from Him then my soul will be healed. Only one word from Him then everything will become beautiful and perfect.

Father just needs us to know that He is the Supreme Being who grants us all blessings, holy things, good things.

He never refuses us, but He wants to train us, for our life to be steady and firm, because this life is days of lure and snare, of debauchery and lust.

We lived according to habits in life.

So, to leave a place – though miserable and deficient – is indeed a difficult thing to do, due to our habits over the years.

We were born into iniquity and lived in iniquity, but thanks to His love, thanks to His Divine Mercy, and thanks to His only Son, the entire world is redeemed.

We are people who still live in habits.

We learn from history that countless people know but do not believe, because they are stubborn and stiff-necked.

Due to pride, arrogance, haughtiness, rejection of love, up to this day, mankind still has not recognized God.

Though through countless centuries, with the Good News, the Gospel, the history, and a clear affirmation from God granting the doctrine of love to deliver mankind from the darkness of sin, we still are indifferent.

So, O God, we thank You for everything we have, and for our existence.

We thank Your immeasurable Divine Mercy, which is so lofty and so wondrous.

We are so wretched and weak – how can we understand the graces God bestows with our limited knowledge?

Through the Blood of the Lord Jesus, we become God’s children, but today we still remain in shortsightedness, relying on science and technology, relying on reality more than thinking of belief and faith.

But to God, He just wants us to believe and practice, to become righteous through His doctrine.

Particularly when we live by a heart in the truth, then everything will have an answer.

When we return to Father as His children, then graces from heaven will be poured down every second, every minute over each one of us, though unworthy.

Father is the Father who created the earth and the universe, created each person in His image – with a heart to love, to live in the truth, to live in peace and happiness, which is what He always yearns and wishes for His children all over the world.

Unfortunately, since we are foolish and arrogant, we separate ourselves from Father and reject His doctrine.

We rely upon reality in the desires for money, fame, and materials, so sins and wrongdoings have defiled the body and dimmed what is most noble.

But, O God, it is time – mankind must awaken.

It is time – mankind has nothing left to keep for self.

Though having talent, though having science and technology, though having all the money and fame, one cannot buy the spiritual life or buy joy, love, truth.

So, only this is confirmed and affirmed: only the Lord – the Supreme Being whom we worship, the Supreme Being to whom mankind must prostrate and surrender, the Supreme Being to whom mankind must bow to in gratitude – He is the Supreme Being before whom mankind, even prostrating a thousand times, is still not worthy regarding the love and the Divine Mercy that He granted to humanity in general and in particular to every class, every role.

But today, Father does not use the method of an earthly king to reform us.

Father uses love.

Thanks to that love, mankind still exists. Thanks to that love and that benevolence, sinners like us have the opportunity to return. Thanks to that love, sinners become saints, and today, are present in heaven.

Indeed, God’s love is immeasurable.

Today, mankind must know, must listen, must recognize, in order to choose.

In the end of history, nothing is coincidental – the program was planned.

So today, to mankind, the prostration is something new, but to us – we are people who must practice from the beginning.

Because Father is the Lord over lords, the King over kings and over all leaders.

The other religions do not have a clear and genuine history, but people have prostrated daily and by the multitude.

Why is it that Father is the Lord, yet today people still have not opened their eyes, their hearts, and still cannot see that truth?

Father is clement.

Father wants us to choose what we want. Father wants us to recognize what the truth is, who God is, what mankind is, what idolatry is, what falsehood is.

Why are people scattered and divided?

There is only one God, full of might, but human beings of this world are greedy according to the practice of reality.

So we are separated in every aspect.

Still, God is the Supreme Being who respects each person. He lets each person choose what he wants.

But in the end we will see who God is.

Who is the Supreme Being who loves? Who died for us to have life? Who alone is the Mighty One?

Let us open our eyes to see the moon turning into dark red.

Who can grant that? What is reminded to us?

There were many wonders that happened through the Lord’s Eucharist over the past 2,000 years.

The Word of God: today He came and appeared by a light in the dark night; like something that illuminates humanity, the entire heavenly family appears, to help.

It is time to awaken and strengthen the life of faith for mankind.

It is time – mankind must respond to that love, to arrive at the day Father prepares to give mankind the great favors of the blessings and graces at the end of history.

After that will be the day of judgment for mankind, between good and evil.

So ears ought to hear, eyes ought to see, and hearts ought to rise.

Because the remaining time consists of the shortest moments, each of our souls must retain what belongs to us.

When we listen to the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, let us not hold onto our position and status, let us not hold onto what is shallow in a life of immorality – with sin, nourishing sin.

Let us return to the Lord of love.

This is the opportunity for us to submit, to improve, to bow down – both body and soul, both mind and heart – to return to Him.

We must repent in order to meet our Lord and to receive the words granted to mankind in this century.

We learn much, we hear much from the Gospel.

Daily, we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, but our heart is still frigid, our heart is still indifferent.

We still have a barrier with God, because of the control of the ego and the personality within us.

From all things in reality, our days become days of truly yearning for a lofty spirituality – we must receive the love bestowed from God.

Today, why do we still see many things happening?

Why can we not clearly see the truth through things that happen?

Thus, all of us are inadequate, imperfect, and sinful people. No one is perfect.

If we practice His law, keep His doctrine, and experience His love, we certainly will become righteous – because we had and have the example of the saints in heaven.

They were able to and lived according to that way, so today they have earned their positions in heaven.

Do not answer to God that we cannot, that there are things too difficult and cannot be done.

We only do what our ego prefers, but God always opens the way for us.

Today is the opportunity for everyone to receive graces and blessings, which are so close and accessible.

Since God pours down graces for us to be conscious of what we do, let us step out of blindness, out of sin.

God pours down graces to help us avert the possibility of nourishing sin, fostering sin, because sin will make us distance ourselves from God.

His Divine Mercy does not end there. His Divine Mercy is boundless through all generations, and has authority and power, granting us time to turn back.

Awake and arise.

It is not too hard, but not too easy.

Remember that we have the right to choose our path. The path of righteousness from God.

We also have the freedom to make the right choice, and this is an opportunity for us to lift ourselves to God; lifting ourselves not by our will but by the soul, praying for God to forgive, praying to return to Him.

Apart from our weak condition, there is nothing worthy to offer Him.

May the Lord shine upon each of our souls and immerse us in His boundless Divine Mercy.

May we become new people with a sense of knowledge about the spiritual life rather than the life of reality.

All generations, knowledge, and learning remain, but faith consists of the depth, the height, and God’s infinity, poured abundantly over humanity.

What is trivial will become extraordinary and wonderful, but for those who have a wide knowledge then it is limited.

There is still something that separates from God.

We ought to let our soul and heart belong to God, we will definitely have a new look in the Holy Spirit, especially regarding the love of God for us, for every sinner, for every penitent, for every victim, for every witness, for every soul, for every person who is being victimized.

So there is an opportunity. Let us come to God. Let us see what happens, what we can recognize.

This is a special gift God offers to each person, for us to speak directly with the only Lord who created heaven and earth – and created us.

He understands everything – He even knows about each strand of hair that falls from our head.

Everything that we have is given by Him.

The time has come – we cannot continue with days of habit, under the control of the world. The time has come for God to give us the opportunity to see His glory, especially for today’s generation of mankind, with things taught by the Spirit.

We pray that the Holy Spirit helps us in this moment, because there is increasingly more wrongdoing spreading everywhere.

People start to destroy what belongs to nature and is natural.

The spiritual and physical plague spreads all over, and even the daily life of food and drink has been totally ruined by today’s science and technology.

So today, we clearly see what comes from God and what comes from human beings.

No matter how knowledgeable and learned, if we do not have love, if we do not have the doctrine that belongs to God, then surely we will be destroyed.

O Lord God Almighty, we are the most insignificant people, living in iniquity and ignorant.

Nonetheless, today God gives us all these things that are beyond imagination, exceeding our ability and our understanding.

Though the days of exile in the world are still in the flesh, we can distinguish what belongs to God.

We must be determined to continue witnessing, to overcome public opinion, to thank, praise and honor, on behalf of all classes, of all roles.

Let us offer to the Almighty Lord to whom we entrust the voice of the world.

So a history takes place in the midst of the world, for us to believe in God’s love – for us to be restored with joy, faith and hope.

Even if we must pay a price in return for our souls, pay a price to overcome challenges and hardships, we are peaceful and happy with God. No one can give us the peace and happiness that money cannot buy.

Today, though the number of people is rather small, they are the witnesses to the love the Almighty Lord has poured upon all humanity, for people to start witnessing through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

At this moment, there are so many things that we cannot lift them all up.

It is time for us to pray for Father to open our hearts, open our minds, open our souls, for everyone to recognize and return.

We must return. We must seek to return to recognize God. We must repent.

It is not by chance – we must let our heart feel and be touched by God’s love. At that moment, each person will understand.

His grace will pour down when we become children who come to Him with repentance, with surrender and prostration – by heart – starting from soul to body, when we understand the meaning of a deep prayer.

So, who can teach this?

God Himself gave us the salvation of the Lord Jesus. God Himself also gave us the love of the Holy Spirit. He is the Supreme Being who teaches us spiritually, guiding us step by step.

To clearly understand what we have and the importance of the soul, we must be determined to return – by action, by deed, by faith, by improvement.

It is the presence of His Body and Blood that nourished our souls and bodies. That is the mighty presence of the Eucharistic Jesus. It was He who nourished the souls of human beings continually for 2,000 years, with the sign that He brings to the world.

That is the salvation, the deliverance – to protect us, to bring us hope and love.

The great splendor is the heavenly world hidden in the Eucharist, for us to receive the words as on this day, for us to receive the liveliness as on this day, for us to overcome all things as we pray together.

Though small in number, we are the witnesses to this century of mankind.

The words continue to flow through the Holy Spirit’s teaching, to flow through each Person, to flow through each kowtow.

May we represent the world – all classes, all roles – to respectfully offer to the Lord Almighty.

We prostrate to respectfully offer to the Five Holy Wounds.

The Five Holy Wounds are a narrative granted to mankind.

The Five Holy Wounds give us the depth of the love that God grants to mankind in all generations.

Especially in this generation, the purpose from His doctrine is to save our souls, to lead us back in maturity, to lead us back to the teaching.

He manifested from heaven, in a holy and spiritual way, granting mankind the seal of forgiveness and the covenant.

Mankind must return to receive the crucial significance, till the last moment of life.

Who can grant us that? Who can give us that?

An entire narrative through the Five Holy Wounds: it is a sacred history book, for us to recognize what God grants us in the most pressing days.

May we understand and return, because that is the explanation God gives us.

The Lord Jesus does not come to destroy the world but He comes to strengthen the world. The time has come for the world to be strengthened.

The time has come.

Mankind must mature, to understand what God gives.

The words were recorded through countless centuries and He continues to grant in a vivid way.

He continues to pour down upon mankind the words to remind – words given abundantly – for mankind to clearly understand His power.

All things are basically simple.

All of us can acknowledge that, and, moreover, it is the truth through all generations.

Today, this goes on.

Who can grant us that?

The history book in which mankind writes about great men or writes about all matters is still limited.

To God, it is forever and ever.

For centuries and till this day, God remains, who commands and bestows to mankind.

We are simply those who carry out.

Ultimately, the Five Holy Wounds demonstrate God the Father’s love and Divine Mercy, and testify to the Savior who came to deliver and save us, for us to have this day.

He Himself redeemed us by the price of Blood.

Forever and ever, we live and are saved when we awake, repent, and understand the meaning of the salvation.

The next Holy Sign is the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment through all generations.

Today our Church continues to exist.

This world still has righteous people, good people, people who belong to God, people who believe in God, and people who die for faith.

Therefore, what is found in a lofty spirituality comes from the Holy Spirit’s work.

The Holy Spirit enlightens the world and saves the world.

The Holy Spirit is lighting the flame in the heart of every man, the sheep of God. He is lighting the flame in the heart of those who do not know, for them to know – and those who do not believe, for them to believe.

Because the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus motivated and gave us the liveliness, what needs to be done must be done.

Before the power and the glory of God, what do we have worthier besides the prostration, besides the submission, besides the prayers?

Let us respectfully lift up to God, with a repentant heart, with a sincere heart, body and soul, mind and heart. God waits for the heart of mankind to return.

He waits for our mind to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, between God and human beings, and between the power of darkness or the glorious God.

Thus, the Five Holy Wounds do not stop there.

The shining example of the chosen Mother is Mother Mary.

The Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of each one of us, and the Mother of all humanity.

When we come to Mother, no one returns empty-handed.

So today, things Mother teaches, things Mother advises, things Mother guides are the methods from the most exemplary and exceptional Person in the world – Mother Mary.

Today we have those favors, those graces through Mother.

So, the program of God through the Five Holy Wounds is like an open book of history for humanity, starting from a special concept in this century of mankind.

Thus, there are many who speculate, who infer, who are pondering whether this is appropriate or not.

Let us look at our condition to know what we need to do to have eternal life.

To God, whether we kowtow to Him hundreds and thousands of times or not, whether we prostrate to Him hundreds and thousands of times or not, we do not add or take away anything.

Let us do our duty, with all things.

God is still the Lord, for He has the power.

The only thing is, God wants us to receive what He bestows, and that grace is coming to us in the end.

As He begins to prepare for a new world (1), what has been arranged in the Gospel continues to be given to us.

But what do we have, in response to the Divine Mercy in which God gives us a special program in this century?

So today, Mother gives us the Fifth Holy Sign.

The Holy Spirit wants us to know that Mother is the Person who continues to pray for us to have this opportunity; praying for us to be in the end of history – praying for us to have enough in this time.

It is time for us to repent and return. Apart from this, we have nothing more.

The prostration of both soul and body is nourished by His grace.

May we be prepared by the deep prayer of that prostration.

So, there are many things that we need to understand ourselves.

We are sinful, obstinate, stubborn people, but when we prostrate, we have been touched, and from there, we will be shaped to return.

Our brothers are among that number of people.

As for those who are stubborn and obstinate, because of their weakness, their depravity, their wrong decisions in desire – in greed, in personality, in things against morality – they will fall.

So when mankind truly returns, then God gives us enough grace to exist, enough grace to overcome challenges, enough grace to do all the work of witnessing.

This world looks at us as peculiar, but to us it is happiness and joy in God, with God, and for God.

We place Him above all things. We worship Him, profess Him, and we call upon His Name in the midst of the world.

We know that the Five Holy Wounds are proven through the Cross. The Cross is a promise for all of us.

We have the opportunity, with the prostration and submission, to return to our Almighty God.

It is a great heavenly family, with love from a Father to a child, from a big Brother to a younger one – a love divinely connected through the Holy Spirit.

The presence in the great glory through the Eucharistic Jesus, a love through a great example along with the logic, meekness, tenderness, and gentleness through Mother Mary: it is the glorious victory of the salvation granted to mankind through generations, and also an achievement with the death of the Lord Jesus who took on human nature to save us.

He triumphed over death, to bring us from sins back to the light.

Death will not destroy us, if our mind and heart are determined to acknowledge that God came to save us, that He came to deliver us.

Let us act, practice, and decide to return.

No matter how sinful, God is the compassionate Supreme Being.

He forgives, saves, and frees us from the darkness.

Today, there are many things that need an explanation, as it is a book that summarizes everything.

Today, we no longer hesitate, we no longer reason according to a human way.

We no longer calculate or speculate or judge according to the way of the order in which mankind remains in the misery of weakness, of familiar rules from the beginning.

Our hearts are indifferent and cold.

We follow a religion, but all our faculties are totally disabled.

Our lives only know the law.

If we do not live in the liveliness of God’s love, how can we meet Him?

God wants us to live with a body in which blood flows vigorously; in a practical way, by practicing, by meeting, by faith, by a dialogue through prayer.

How do we pray to meet God?

How do we pray to know what we do?

How do we pray to be confirmed, to be enlightened, and to be sharp to understand the works God grants?

God always shows us the dangers ahead. God always gives us His protection. God always lets our mind know what to do.

The daily arrangement in our life is in His providence.

Why do we reject all these good things from God?

We seek human wretchedness, because, in our human way, we have limitation.

God gives us many things for us to come together and receive the confirmation from the Holy Spirit who enlightens and guides.

Because the life of habit still controls us, we are hindered by weakness, iniquity, and wretchedness.

So we do not see, we do not know; but as long as God illuminates, that veil completely disappears.

We meet God conspicuously.

He loves mankind. That love will shape us into a new person.

We still have opportunities.

Let us not be afraid of our sin, let us not be afraid of the past.

Let us return today, return in this moment, be determined to return to our Father.

Only Father can save us, only Father gives us life, only Father can journey with us in our life.

Whether success or failure, whether poor or ill, whether spiritual or physical, Father accompanies us.

So, let us pray, offer, totally lifted toward God to beseech.

Father never denies us.

The Five Holy Wounds have rescued us. The Five Holy Wounds that Jesus received on Calvary were the covenant to lead mankind toward God, lead mankind out of human wretchedness in wrongdoing and return to the love and happiness that we had and have.

O Lord, we cannot understand this, without the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, without Mother Mary’s help.

When someone offends God, then Mother replaces us beside God.

Daily, Mother is near the Eucharistic Jesus as the Person who endures and intercedes for mankind to turn back.

Mother replaces us, because we are those who neglect, who abandon, who lack duty and responsibility toward the Eucharistic Jesus.

The same is true for those who have functions, living in accepted habits.

This has caused the Heart of God to bleed each day, as He still yearns and waits for us in the tabernacle.

Mother Mary has cried with tears of blood.

Mother Mary has cried each day, because of humanity’s indifference and coldness.

On the other hand, there are certain people who live a holy life, because Mother has prayed for us to be that way.

In this world, most people live in theory more than in the truth.

We are conquered by the devil that has controlled and dominated us. For that reason, we are in trouble, at war, hateful, vengeful, and envious.

There are many negative things in life, as we destroy each other according to a foolish and senseless method and viewpoint.

God is the Supreme Being who enlightens.

He allows us to be free, but what needs to happen will come.

We have the freedom to choose.

If we choose the righteous path, we will receive righteousness, which belongs to the truth; if the truth, then God will never ignore, and protect the children who choose the way of the truth. This is the path of truth and righteousness that God grants to humanity.

As for those who choose the evil path, the consequence of wrongdoing is death.

That is what was recorded in the Gospel.

But He is still the merciful God who loves those who are immature.

He gives us a lamp, even with the last drops of oil. He still gives us the opportunity to become the lamps that are lit when oil is applied.

When a reed is about to be crushed by the wind, God is the Supreme Being who helps lift that reed.

These are typical examples of God teaching mankind.

God loves mankind, for we are God’s masterpieces.

So we have something in the lofty spirituality that God does not want to destroy.

We deserve to die and deserve to be destroyed, but as of this day, we still exist.

His love and Divine Mercy give us the opportunity.

We cannot by ourselves, but we still have a Person whom God choses.

That is Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is a human being.

Mother understood how ungrateful our hearts are and how we offended God.

So today, Mother endures on our behalf. Mother always prays to and beseeches God – the only Son of God, the Second Person of God whom we worship.

This arrangement was realized and lasted for generations. It is ongoing to today.

So it is time – mankind must mature.

We cannot remain in a state of days surrounded by argument, by reasoning, by habit, and by rule.

Let us live by the heart and return, to support and love.

Let us use all that God gives, to glorify Him through our daily life.

In our mission and duty, let us recognize that sin leads us into death.

Let us step out of our physical and spiritual illness to receive God’s grace, His enlightenment, His healing, and the endless love of His Divine Mercy.

We must thank Mother, listen to Mother.

May we learn from Mother gentleness and meekness, learn from Mother humility, learn from Mother prayers, learn from Mother the way to pray, learn from Mother the determination to prostrate and surrender.

Let us prostrate and surrender – we will see the great divinity granted in a special way to the human world today, by His grace.

When we prostrate ourselves with both body and soul, we will understand how weak our condition is, how we stumble.

God mercifully waits and gives us the opportunity.

At that moment, we will understand what humility is, what repentance is, and how love nourishes us.

Even though unworthy days, days of sinners, yet we are still forgiven and loved by God.

We must know that what we have today and what is taught comes from Mother Mary.

Let us listen – then we will be free from the wretchedness and evil that have become a habit through the years.

We cannot free ourselves with our human body, but Mother will be the Person to guide us out. Mother will be the Person to lead us to God. Mother will be the Person who speaks to God, who prays for God to help us and intervene for us – particularly in the end of history in today’s world, to prepare for a new world, to prepare for a new program for everyone, regardless.

Let us return, and from that return we will know what we must do, what we must practice, what is in our role, and how to live righteously in the program that God has set.

With all our hearts, may each one of us recognize from God and from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, especially to the human world today.

This gift is a proof of God’s intervention and also a return to those who practice. It also has a sacredness to it.

Through the seal received from it, when we face the moments of danger and at the times of the tribulations, we will know.

This gift will be a help to us, when we listen to Mother Mary’s teaching.

There are many unexplainable things, and even if explained, mankind still does not understand.

We only know that when we believe then we will receive, when we seek then we will find, when we knock then it will be opened to us.

There is only one thing: today mankind must unite to prostrate, to worship, to honor God in His Name, and to profess Him.

Then we will be saved, we will receive the intervention. We will be helped in the spiritual life that God offers.

Let us look at what is happening.

So many things we have never found in history books, but today were revealed through the great messages we hear.

They are a motivation to the soul, to the mind, through the Blessed Sacrament (2). So everything we have today is offered by God Himself.

Let us meditate. Let us have the goodwill to seek the truth and give ourselves a chance. Let us pray – then God Himself will answer each person.

O Mother Mary, I thank You for The Six Kowtows You gave us, for us to express our gratitude, appreciation, and thanksgiving to God.

I also thank You, for us to continue to have the saints.

That is St. Joseph, the saint whom God chose to become the foster father of the Second Person of God, and also the foster father of the human world.

If we run to him, no one will return empty-handed.

St. Joseph, please intercede to God for our Church to have righteous and honest people, who are responsible, who live as you lived in the Holy Family.

May we in our roles live wholeheartedly, through the intercession of St. Joseph.

Certainly, God will intervene and grant to those who seek, who believe, and who are determined to practice.

We also ask for prayers from the saints, the three archangels, the nine choir of angels, and the guardian angels, along with the heavenly court.

They are the ones whom God assigns the mission to help the world.

They passed on the portrait of God to the world.

Today, all things in the world are ruled by the devil according to his own way, according to the methods that mankind prefers – very logical and attractive.

With a foolish viewpoint and without faith, we have fallen into his snare.

We know that snare caused us to be in disarray, caused the world to enter into war, caused mankind to face adversity, danger, suffering.

But we are the children of God – we have hope, and we pray for the saints and the holy angels to help us, to destroy all the traps and snares.

We are being lured, because of our blindness and our wretched life that made us live in wickedness, unable to distinguish good from evil.

So it is time for us to rely upon the saints, the archangels, and the entire heavenly court to help save us.

In the end of today’s history, those are our prayers, on behalf of the brothers and sisters.

What is known, what is heard, and what is revealed through the sacredness, Mother Mary Herself teaches the human world.

We rely on Mother to ask the angels and the saints for their help, though they are in the divine realm yet present.

With faith we beseech.

We firmly believe that we will not fall into the snares that are set all over the world to entrap us.

As long as our brothers and sisters and the world gather, return and unite, to pray to the angels and the saints, then definitely, they will help us step out of that trap.

Then the eyes of faith will light up, the heart will return to its master, and faith will recognize God with a heart determined to practice.

We will be freed.

We thank God’s love and forgiveness through the Divine Mercy, for us to meet the angels and the saints, to dare approach each of them.

We come to ask the angels and the saints to help. In the past, when they were in the world, they also lived in the days of exile on earth.

Presently, these are days of blessing and grace, so mankind must stand up and mature, to understand what we have that is bestowed by God.

Thus, in each era, God sends heartfelt words through the messengers and prophets to remind, to teach, and increase our faith, because God is very generous to us.

So what we receive we ask from the saints, because they are the ones who are in heaven now. May they look at us and pray for us, who are still weak.

We are those who know but have not yet done, understand but are not yet bold, and we still remain in limitation, bound by the reasoning of the world.

There are many things that we are stumbling into, in the life of the family, of society.

There are many vile things in life, and we do not have enough faith and are not strong enough to entrust and trust.

So, we pray for the saints to help increase our faith – to be like theirs, for us to keep the laws as they did, living in sacrifice, always believing in God’s love enveloping them, as well as covering us now.

Let us become soldiers and valiant warriors.

Let us say what is heard, what is taught, what is witnessed, and what is true.

Today, the Lord gives us the opportunity to be the pioneers, the first in the century of mankind through the gift of The Six Kowtows.

Let us meet heaven and confirm what we have that God grants to help mankind return, to recognize the invitation through the gift.

Let the sinner become repentant, from a penitent become a witness, and from a witness become a saint in heaven.

The saints are also those who pray, so that the victims may believe, may know, and may return, through God’s Divine Mercy.

Let us be together in unity, prostrating, worshiping, and glorifying God.

Thanks to the help of the angels and the saints. May we be united with you, even on earth.

But with the eyes of faith we see, we believe, we experience, we prostrate, and we surrender.

May God accept the gift of The Six Kowtows, which many people are doing, and will do, will receive, will practice.

So many people are determined, in the prostration and submission, with repentance. May God save and intervene, for us to be worthy to respond in part to the Divine Mercy that God granted to humanity.

At this moment, I offer a myriad of thanks and blessings, and I conclude.

Thank God for granting to us.

There are certain things that are impossible, but we have become possible, in things that we cannot plan and arrange.

In the end we become united – though little, it is a flame that starts to burn in the world, and from that fire, torches will be lit all over the world.

The prostration, the surrender, and unity are needed to live in the days in which God has given us the doctrine of love, the doctrine of solidarity, the doctrine of a charitable life, the doctrine of service and ministry, and a doctrine for us to profess in the arrangement and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

We will definitely become the children, though utterly depraved, yet once we repent, God forgives.

Let us become a new person and become God’s own people, to prepare for the moment we must stand before His righteous and fair court.

May we be protected by God.

May we persevere until the end, faithful and persistent, with unwavering faith.

Please help us become the pioneers for today’s generation.

May many people rise and return to God in unity, to honor and worship.

There is only one Supreme Being whom we worship – God; one Supreme Being whom we seek – God; one Supreme Being whom we love – God; one Supreme Being who died to save us – God.

All that is the best belongs to God, which today we receive, through the return by The Six Kowtows.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Lucia concludes at 10:37 a.m., on Monday, January 21, 2019, at St. Theresa Church, before the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the icon of the Divine Mercy, and the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

This is also the place where The Six Kowtows were revealed, the place where we were taught to prostrate from the beginning, the place where the miracle of the Eucharist still comes to visit the world and still radiates light to the world, to kindle the life of faith.

Mankind must be strengthened from this moment on, for there are great things that God has manifested to remind humanity.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, I conclude through The Six Kowtows, before our sister leaves this place, to return to her position.

All things God has arranged through my sister, for us to have the opportunity to continue to glorify God everywhere, as He grants us.

May God bless all the brothers and sisters in the group, who are called and chosen to become witnesses.

I hope no one will refuse when we witness for God.

May God send us, for us to have the opportunity to become the lamps that are burning bright. From the lamps, we will become the torches for the world, to invite the repentance and return of mankind.

To God, this is something that is needed that mankind does not yet have.

May God sanctify, transform, and heal both soul and body, for us to be worthy to receive the grace that God has planned and arranged for all humanity.

In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen.

  1. The Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima
  2. All the messages in this private revelation come through the power of the Eucharist.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of


New Revelations Through the Eucharist

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