New Revelations through the Eucharist

God Uses His Simplest Language

November 13, 2013

Blessed Mother: My beloved L.,


This morning, I want you to be able to receive these words that I want to say to you, for all of My children in the world. I allow you to be able to report the things that you recognize, through the work of the Holy Spirit, the things that you report, feeling from your heart, the things which God is anxious about.  God is worried. He wants all of His children to look at the realities of the things that are happening, for them to be able to accept and to receive the messages that He sends to His children. It is the same for Me as well.


The Church had been established for many centuries, and I had sent to all the children who were chosen many meaningful messages, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to bring back souls, in a way that has lasted until this day.  In this remaining century, there are these miracles from God, Who wants to come close to you, Who wants to come close to His children.  He wants to come close to everyone, to all the classes in society, He wants to come close to all the poor, to all those who are forgotten by the world, to all those who do not recognize God in their lives, who do not understand the Love of God*, who do not understand that God is by their side. The teachings from God are easy for you to follow, they conform to your physical and spiritual lives, they are not complicated and they are not as difficult as you think. So, for all the classes in society, the works that God does, when coming to all the classes, God uses His simplest language**. God wants to meet all of His children in all the classes of society, and for everyone to understand Him.


This is something very simple, and yet people reject it. They do not want to accept the truth because they are learned.  If they know how to use their knowledge, they will attain the truth, if not, they will always err, because of their self-conceit, because of their pride, because of their haughtiness, and they will not be able to see their own shortcomings, and they will keep using their knowledge to rationalize everything.  They do not follow the teachings from God whose purpose is for everyone to have love, to have sympathy for the poor, to have sympathy for the needy, to have sympathy for those who are not learned, who are not as knowledgeable. The Love of God is not just for the learned, not just for the knowledgeable, not just for the righteous.


The Love of God is for everyone. The more mistakes people make, the more God loves them, because they do not know, because they err due to the wrong guidance, because they allow their ego, their interests to lead them, because they do not look at the current situation in the world.  The Good News from God is for everyone, for everyone to hear, to understand, and to learn. The people who are not able to hear, they act only for their flesh, for their ego. The paths that they take are the paths leading them to sin, to wickedness, but they do not pay attention, and they do not comprehend their actions. This is the reason why God is concerned, and I come to you to see this generation’s way of living.  There are so many of you who are living such a life, falling into the traps of evil.  You are being lured by the modern ways of today’s society, by the attractions of this world, and you continue to sin, you continue to walk in this path, instead of going back. You do not see the way out, you do not recognize from your consciences, from your hearts, from your will, so this is the reason why God wants everyone in this generation to recognize His words.  He is looking to meet everyone in the world, and He gives everyone the opportunity to meet Him, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. He gives everyone the opportunity to hear His voice, the opportunity to learn His teachings, for everyone to take action and to make the decisions for their own lives.


My beloved children,


The teachings are left for you to recognize the things that are right, to recognize the things that are wrong, to teach you to stay away from sins, to teach you to stay away from the traps, to teach you to avoid the sins that you encounter in your daily lives, the mistakes in the thinking of people. What God had created, what God had given, and what God had allowed mankind to use, everything is good in the eyes of God, but it was sin that cause mankind to err in everything that God had given.  People err onto the path of impurity, through the influence of the devil, in their minds, in their actions, causing them to act indecently.


You do not look with depth in your souls, you do not look into the virtues that everyone needs to have, you do not look into the righteousness that was taught to you, and you continue to fall into the traps set by people who have the mind of the evil one.  They bring everything that is pleasant to this current, modern life, but along with this, they set up ways to trap the souls of the children of God. Because you are unaware, because you do not pay attention, because you do not recognize the truth, and you do not learn about God, and do not believe in God, you are easy to deceive.  You only look for the ways people live, in the present moment, you only live for the flesh, you do not take a look at your souls, at your consciences, so you continue to sin and to live in debauchery.


There are so many things in today’s society that I am concerned with.  I come to My children by this way or another way, for you to be able to see the divine appearances and the divine graces that are given to save those who err, in the hope that you will open your eyes to recognize the messages from God, to recognize My teachings to guide you, for you to come back to the truth, for you to come back to righteousness, for you to come back with the decisions, to recognize the events that you are encountering in life.


My beloved children, I have given many messages to this generation, with all the counsels for all classes in society to understand and to recognize, regarding the issues in society, regarding the issues in the life of each person, in all classes of society, in families, in communities, in the Church, in all nations.


The messages from God continue to remind you, to help you in your journeys in this life, because you still are not clear about the choices for your life of faith, for your worship, for you to know the truth. So, through many generations, there have been many mistakes made in the way mankind believes, in the way mankind worships, because you did not understand the truth, because you did not comprehend the power of God, because you did not comprehend the teachings and the love which God wanted you to know about.


It is the Love of God alone that will bring life, a new life, an eternal life, through the priests, through the people who have received the graces from God to go to all the nations, to proclaim the messages from God to all His children, for these children to come back, for them to know that in their lives they need to believe in God, they need to believe in the Second Person of the Trinity. You have to believe in our God Who is with us through many eras, and Who is present today, so that you will not err in your worship.


You definitely have to believe that your God is a tender Father. He had sacrificed His only Son to come into this world.  The only Son of God is Jesus Christ, Who had come to the world, and I had walked with Him on the path that God had chosen for Me, so that the mission assigned to Jesus could be accomplished 2,000 years ago. That was a fact, for you to recognize when you have to face the truth, when you have to face the arguments of people, when you have to face the things that God had given to you. The works do not end here, the miracles continue to happen in the world, and God’s goal is to bring you closer to His Love, to transform you, to give you life today, and to give you eternal life later.  There are so many offenses you have committed, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.


You have acted against His commandments, His teachings, and regarding the righteous ways that He wants you to return to, you did the opposite, you did it all wrong. The children who err cause others to also err, and you continue to reject the Love of God, you continue to be stubborn, you continue on the wrong path, living a rebellious life, maintaining a life in sin, imposing this way of living upon your bodies and upon your souls.


God loves everyone in the world.  His teachings are to bring you closer to Him, to bring you back to Him.  Everything that God did, He did it all for you. He wants you to see the miracles that He performed, inviting and calling His children to come closer to Him. Because you cannot recognize His Light, you cannot recognize the Gospel, you cannot recognize the teachings, so you are completely like the blind, you are unable to see, and unable to recognize anything from your consciences, and for this reason, in every era, the graces of God are abundant, for you to recognize, through the miracles, through the messages, through the prophets, through the messengers, the counsels to help you. You are able to recognize the truth from the Gospel, you are able to recognize that the path that you are walking on is a program that God had left with His words, which were His last words of counsel on the day He returned to His Kingdom.  He allows you to see the realities, the things that you need to know, teaching you what needs to be done, teaching you the truth, teaching you righteousness, for everything to be accomplished according to His Will.


This generation continues to receive the miracles written in the Bible, through the messengers, through the prophets, with the warnings that were mentioned in the Bible, for you to be able to recognize His graces, always inviting everyone to come back to Him. History is not something for you to learn and then leave it to itself, but history is for you to put into practice, so that from the things you learn from history, you will take action, and not just talk about it. Look at your own mistakes for you to change, look at all the things you have forgotten in your lives for you to do the things that God wants from each of you.  You have not realized all the things that you have learned, that you have heard, that you have known, so today you are given the opportunity to hear again.  You need to come back to the truth that God wants in this generation, to gather all of His children in the world, to gather all the sinners, to gather all the children who have gone astray from His teachings.  You still have the opportunity to change, the opportunity to come back, and you are able to have this opportunity from the Love of God.


There are many messages from God through the Holy Eucharist, through all of His children, to the world, for the things that need to be done, for the things that need to be practiced to overcome the ways of the ego, to overcome the greed in the human heart, to overcome the sufferings created by mankind.  You have destroyed everything that is beautiful and good that God gives to the world.  Because when you are living in sin, you no longer accept God, you reject everything that God gives to you, and you err, completely.  You walk in the wrong direction that ends up trapping you, and if you do not have God to save you, if you do not hear His teachings, if you do not have His Love to help you with your sinful ways, then how will you have the opportunity to come back to God?


This is the era in which God does not condemn the sins of mankind, the era in which God does not scrutinize the sins of mankind. God wants you to look at the mistakes you made, and for you to come back to the Divine Mercy of God, for you to come back with all of your hearts, for Him to heal you. He will bring you back from the place of sin, He will give you the opportunity to go on with a life in the truth that He had given to you, and gives to you.


There are so many things that God is inviting you to, because the period that you are living in, this century, is a century in which the coming of God is getting closer. He comes to purify everything that belongs to Him, He comes to support the truth, He comes to bring the righteous back to Him, and if there are those who live in sin, who live in stubbornness, who live with hardened hearts, who live a life for the flesh, if they do not believe in this, then that is their own decision. God does not force anyone, God gives everyone the freedom to choose.  You know about the infinite Love that God has for mankind from history, and you can look at that Love to see the light. God gives everyone the opportunity, for you to recognize, for you to take action, for you to make the decision for yourselves.


The Love of God always invites you to come close to Him, always gives you the opportunity to come back to Him, always gives you the opportunity to recognize His teachings, through His messages. His teachings do not end in the Gospel, He continues to bless His children, especially in this generation, to hear His teachings, to hear His invitations to meet His children from every class in society, so that no one will refuse or not understand, for He uses simple words that you use daily. The goal of God is to bring you back, to help you avoid sins, to help you to recognize the offenses that you commit daily, from your ego, sinking into sin, so that you can make the decision between right and wrong, between love and wickedness, to choose for yourselves the path that will bring you joy, the path that will bring you peace in your souls, the path that you should avoid if it does not lead you to the truth, but instead leads you to deceit, to sin, to passion, to fame, to greed, to all of the weaknesses that are inherent in your bodies and minds. If you can make the decision for yourselves then you can run to ask for God’s intervention. You have to make the decision to come to The Divine Mercy of God, to come back to God, to decide to choose Him to be the One for you to worship.


You are the children of God, you are the ones that He had to shed blood to bring you back, and to cleanse your sins with His Blood. This is the truth, the history of which cannot be refuted. The Love of God since the first creation of the universe, the Love of God throughout the generations, the Love of God till this day is a love that is everlasting.  You are the children who have changed, who have the right to choose, to either recognize or reject God. This is something that you need to have and that you need to know in this life. When you reject God, then do you know what will happen to you?  You prefer the things of this world, the things that you are passionate about, money, fame, interests, and everything else that you run after in this modern world, instead of looking into spiritual things, instead of looking at the truth. You do not look into the things that the Love of God can bring to mankind. But which will last forever?  Which will remain? You have forgotten that this life is only temporary, and then you will have to face God.  You will have to face the truth, the justice, and the righteousness when you are standing in front of Jesus.


You can make the decision now to choose the right path to take. You can easily see what is evil, what is good, and if you cannot make the decision by yourselves, then listen to the counsels that you have had the opportunity to hear. You have looked for God in your lives. You have learned through the Gospel.  You have heard the messages from God through the Holy Eucharist, to remind all of His children about His teachings and the path to take.  In this revelation today, I am also reminding you to recognize the truth, for you to come back to God, for you to come back with repentant hearts, for you to reject sins, to come back to God, living a family life, with love and harmony.  If you do not agree to have God in your lives, if you do not agree to receive the help from God through His graces, then you will not be able to forgive and to forget, you will not be able to have a family life, with love and harmony.  You do not think about the things that you do in this world, while you are still alive, you can either accept or reject so that is your decision, but think about the day when you have to leave this world, then you will no longer be able to make a decision, and even if you have any regrets, it will be too late for you to do anything.


The sufferings of this life, once you accept them, you realize that they are not too heavy for you to carry, this Cross that God had planned for each person, for each person to encounter the situations they have to face in life. So, when you look at things spiritually, take a look at the history that God had given to mankind.   There are many things that if you look with the eyes of faith, you will be able to have a clear explanation, but if you look at them with your human eyes, with your limitations, you will continue to search and you distance yourselves from the joy of receiving the graces from God. You are the children of God, the children for whom He had to shed His Blood for the salvation of your souls, so find a way to listen to His teachings, for you to be able to come back to God, one way or another.  Especially during this time, He wants to remind you to come meet Him through the Holy Eucharist.  You have to come back to the Church, you have to come back to reconcile with God, you have to come back to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, to receive all the sacraments He gives to you through the Church. You are Christians, you are Catholics, you cannot reject the sacraments that God gives to you to help your spiritual lives, for you to recognize the things that come from the truth, the things that you need to follow for your spiritual lives, and to help you make the decisions about the things you need to avoid, so that you will not err from the teachings and the commandments.


God is not demanding, but you are too demanding regarding each other. These demands have created a distance between yourselves, and have caused your divisions. You do not use love to treat your brothers, you not do use understanding to recognize and to forgive your brothers, to be patient, to teach your brothers, to tell them about the path that God wants them to take, the path that will lead them to the truth, for them to no longer err.


Mankind lacks humility, lacks a spirit of service, lacks devotion, allowing all the mistakes to be made in this generation, in every class of society, in the Church, in families. God sees all of this. He had to speak up.  He had to remind.  He is meeting His children, the organizations, the priests in the Church, to remind them of their faith.  This is a grace from God, through the Holy Eucharist, to meet everyone in this world.


I also come to meet My children.  Do not be proud. Recognize the messages from God. Recognize the counsels for you to see your mistakes.  You will recognize that the main purpose is that God wishes to be in your lives, for you to act with love, following the teachings of God. This is what God truly needs, so that through His priests, through the people who have received the grace of teaching, to bring to His children the messages from God, to heal them for them to recognize God, for them to see His concern, for them to see God’s Love, for them to witness the power of God in meeting His children in this world. The power of God will help you recognize the mistakes, the pride, the foolishness, the sins, the wickedness, and will help you to come back to God. God wants to gather all His children, from the farthest corners of the world, to come back and to unite in one unparalleled love, in the sanctity that God had given to the world.


In this era, you have received many miracles. These miracles are to strengthen your faith, for you to have a deeper faith, for you to recognize that God is not just like a painting to be hung on the wall, that God is not just like a statue set there for you to go through the motions, out of habit.  God is alive, God comes to each person, God is speaking to each of you, God is performing the miracles for all of you to see. God is healing this world, healing the bodies, healing the diseases, healing the souls, for all of His children to be united in the love that God had given to the Church, that He had given to His children who are serving. God, through the people in all classes of society, is meeting all of His children, for you to hear His voice, for you to hear His counsels, for you to listen to the messages.


Come back to God.  Trust and come to God.  God wants to meet each of you, for all the works of the Church to be accomplished.  You have to follow exactly the teachings given by the Church because these teachings are from God, the laws of the Church are the laws from God.  You can recognize the Divine Mercy of God, to meet all of His children, in every class, so that the children who have never known God can also come to The Divine Mercy to ask God to forgive them, to ask God to sanctify them, to ask God to transform them.  God is showering His graces upon His children who need these graces to be able to recognize God as a Father, to recognize His Love, to recognize His Mercy, waiting for everyone. This is the period of time for you to stand up and to come back with confidence, to come back and to reject the sins of the world, to unite in love, if you want to have victory. This world today is having a battle between good and evil. This world is annihilating humans. So only God can intervene and can help His children. You have to come back and be united in love, for you to understand that the events that are happening in the world are not from God, that the annihilations do not come from God, but they are caused by humans, the ones who act under the influence of the devil, because you have not recognized the warnings from the prophets, so you continue to believe in science, in technology, to follow your own thinking, and you reject the spiritual life, you reject God, and you end up being trapped by the evil one, to lead a life amid the annihilation by the hands of the evil one.


For this reason, I want you to lift yourselves up to God, to meet God through the Holy Eucharist. With a heart trusting in the messages that you have heard, spending time each day to meet God, putting aside all your sufferings, all your worries, to give your souls rest, to allow your bodies to receive the graces.*** This will be the miracle that you will be able to receive in this generation.


God is working a miracle in this generation to meet His children.  Come back to God with your hearts, and you will not be empty-handed when you look for God.  God’s Divine Mercy will help this generation to be sanctified, to be transformed. Those of you who believe and come back with your hearts, trusting in God, you will definitely receive the graces that God gives to help you in this life. Offer up your sufferings, your trials and God will help you, for God sees your past, your present, and your future, and you will definitely receive the graces that God gives in this era. I am also by your side to help you, for you to recognize that this is a grace from God. Continue to pray the Rosary, for you to be protected by a divine armor. I want you to pray the Rosary unceasingly, to pray for yourselves, to pray for your families, to pray for the brothers, to pray for the world, and to pray for all those who are victims of the natural disasters, the flooding, the tribulations caused by humans, that keep going on from one era to the next.


You continue to not recognize the things that come from God, the things that come from humans, you continue to be deceived by the people who are running things under the influence of the evil one.  There is only one way for you to come back to God and for you to be close to God, and that is to believe in God, to believe in the Gospel, to believe in His Truth, to believe in the plan that God wants to meet you in this era. You have to love each other. You have to live a life supporting each other. Forgive everything that you can from each other. You need each other. You need to help each other to walk on the right path, with God’s intervention.  God will help you on your journeys and the purification will come for you to be able to come to the place that God had prepared for you. If you are still living in this world, you will be able to live a peaceful life, full of love.  God wants to see a world where there is no more rivalry, no more killing, no more sins. What God wants for us is love, forgiveness, support and unity. This is the world that God is waiting for.  He will come to the world when there is no longer evil in the world. That will be a day of joy, of glory and also a day of the coming of God, for each soul to have joy, for each soul to have peace, with the recognition of the truth and the righteousness that God wants for each person to practice, to decide for for yourself in the present.


This is My message for today.  I hope that you are able to understand and that you are able to find the simplest ways to come to God, to meet God, through the graces that He gives to mankind in this generation.


I am ready to wait for My children.  I will help you. I will help each of you. I will help each situation if you listen, if you come to God with your hearts, to receive God and to reject your sins to become a righteous person.  I will definitely help you. I will pray for the graces of God, through Divine Mercy, for this generation.


May My peace be with you all.


I love you very much.


Goodbye children.





* As St. John teaches, “God is love” (1 John 4:7-11). Love is the essence of God; therefore throughout these messages “Love” is almost always capitalized in relation to God to express that “God” and “Love” are practically inseparable. He is Love and is the Source of all love. To love God and our neighbor is “the Greatest Commandment”; love is the essence of Christianity. (Attributes, etc., such as God’s Mercy and God’s Justice are also capitalized since they are also part of God’s identity.)


** This is one reason why God has chosen L., who only has the equivalent of a third grade education, as a messenger; as such, heaven speaks in her simple language since God’s Will is to reach all His children. As with the sacred writers (the human, secondary writers whom the principle author, God, inspired) of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit breathed through their individual human language. As the famous dictum says, “Grace does not destroy but builds upon nature” (Cf. Blessed John Paul II, Fides et Ratio, 43, and St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, First Part, Question 1, Article 8, Reply to Objection 2).


*** These graces flow most abundantly in Eucharistic adoration.

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