New Revelations through the Eucharist

I Love You Unconditionally


December 18, 2017

L.: O God, it is 4:32 p.m., Monday, December 18, 2017, at home. Today is Monday, the first day of the week; we are ready to celebrate the birth of Christ this Sunday. It has been a while; except for the meetings, I did not set aside the time to receive the words from God for myself as well as for all the brothers and sisters in the group.

O God – every year, when Christmas nears, I always receive a message from God with His intimate words, with the teachings that He always gives me the opportunity to hear. As for the words when He feels lonely, when He feels sad in the tabernacle, there are certain moments that do remind Him of the preparation, over 2,000 ago, of His coming. Though today, over two thousand years later, He is our God; the Church continues to reiterate and remind the world of His redemptive work, of His incarnation, but He looks back with what was in the past and He always gives me the opportunity. Especially today, through the Holy Spirit speaking clearly in today’s First Reading as well as in the Gospel, for us to be reminded, the Holy Spirit teaches us to ready our souls, to ready our hearts, to make amends with the day we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, to rejoice and be guided in renewal, for us to be born again in the redemption. For so many years in the span of our lifetime, for many years, we celebrated Christmas, but those were years of indifference and negligence, and we persisted with days without emotions, without feelings. Definitely, this year, let us be motivated by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help us in the days of amendment, of improvement, and also remove the reasoning, the justification, and the lack of faith in our imperfection, to hold back and not fully desire to reconcile with God. There are many people who already transgressed as well as offended; with a lifetime of so many days of indulgence, people are living in wickedness, fostering sin, sustaining evil, and carry on – thus they lack the enlightenment to recognize and be thankful for the gift that God granted, for us to unite to celebrate the most important day – His coming into the world. Since then, we were liberated by the redemption, restored by the incarnation, forgiven by God who remained with us to support us, to enlighten us to have more wisdom and insight in order to reject the ordinariness, banality, and unrighteousness of sin and death, so that we may return to the God whom we trust and whom we worship.

Then we have a day that begins as of this day, which is the history to recall the God who loved, who sacrificed, who became incarnate, and who assumed human nature, to love us, to redeem us, to give us a doctrine to protect and guide us, and a precept to prepare us for the journey. Each one of us (1), when the days of exile in the world are over: then we return to God, to the promise, to the love, to the mercy in the gift that God granted, for us to acknowledge Him, to believe in Him, to live in the doctrine that He taught and gave us, in order to protect us on our journey of exile on earth, to strengthen us in the days that we must face adversities in life, to enlighten us so that we may differentiate between good and evil, and to choose between sin and the existing path. That is the path for which God sacrificed for our sins, so that we can be redeemed, so that we not go on living in wickedness, fostering evil, committing sin, and remaining as in the first days when our first parents disobeyed, because the decision of each person and of each soul, at this time, is for us to recognize God, to be close to God, and to receive God.

At this moment, I ask God to come to me. God already manifested the words of God for myself as well as for all the brothers and sisters and particularly in this century; He allowed us to receive His message and His teaching. Today, I listen; in the most recent days, we were busy; it has been a while – there was no time set aside to receive the words that God has for us in particular as well as in general, and everything we were able to see and experience at the time God manifested and allowed us to receive His words.

Father: L., My beloved child,

I know, recently, there were so many teachings that you yourself and all the brothers and sisters received together – explicit as well as implicit. The Holy Spirit and the saints come to help you and it is also time for Me to grant you favors; since you listened, you saw, and you believed in submission, you understood what is in the divine realm yet present. It is also a time in which I let the truth of the heart, of the soul, of the mystery, to be revealed to this world of humanity; thus, I also gave you the opportunity; if you truly set aside time and you come to Me, then I never refuse the words that I have for you.

My beloved children, I always love you, and I am always by your side, ready to support, to protect, to consistently help you, and subdue what happened and is happening. All things considered, in life, what is most essential is for you to pray and recognize that is the time in which you need to be constantly alert; and as you pray, then you always encounter the divine presence in an intimate way, not distant, because I already bestowed and gave you this from the beginning. This is for you to understand that everything you are receiving and practicing is to awaken the brothers and sisters to embrace everything that leads people back to holiness to receive great graces and return to My Divine Mercy, and to remind people of the love; remind them that those are the gifts that I continue to grant in particular, pouring them down over you through the graces that all classes and all roles already obtained.

My beloved children, I am the Lord of the heavens, but most of the time, in life, I am yearning and waiting. I wait; I wait for your absolute trust; I wait for you, in determination, in faith, to come to Me; then you will hear, you will see, and you will understand many things; indeed, not in the way your eyes see, too far away, too remote, too distant, the God whom you deem not present, absent.

My beloved children, I continue to come back, I continue to be present, and I continue to wait for you, in the tabernacle, in the monstrance. In the moments you unite and lift up prayers, I listened; and I want those words to keep resonating in this world, on behalf of your brothers, on behalf of this world in general, and also on behalf of the people who denied Me. They followed the ways of reality in the worldly life; they gave in to intemperance and they gave in to greed and desire; they walked away from My open arms, from My loving embrace. The salvation that I granted to them remains, to redeem them and hopefully they accept, but what I desire is your heart, your determination; the longing and a heart that truly desires to amend and come back in remorse and in repentance, to be forgiven. Remove, forget, repudiate, and reject what belongs to the past, for you to come forth; what is most needed for you is to have peace in the soul, to receive the Spirit, to have the Holy Spirit teach you holiness and guide you in the commandment, in the precept you neglected, to be lively today to help you understand the journey of a lifetime, the meaning of being human, the significance of the soul, and the purpose of the present life.

I do not refuse anything. I simply want you to know that I love you and I love you unconditionally. I love you infinitely; I just want you to awaken, because at this time, I do not look at your sins, I do not look at your imperfections, as you are still weak in the days of exile on earth, in the days of being ensnared with all aspects in a life of reality: wealth, fame, ambition. Besides, there is lust and greed inherent in your sinful condition so that you still live in days that – if without decision, if without determination, if without trust, if without collaboration and obedience – then it is the same as if you are living in the midst of a way of life while you cannot define what belongs to you, and you still live with days that are indeed divided. Moreover, I cannot accept when you are children who belong to Me, yet you continue with days of deceit, days in which you still foster all the wretchedness and wickedness, in all aspects, all classes, all roles. Therefore, it is time for the light to appear, then the darkness must disappear; and I have used My light to shine on you and drive away all the evil spirits that entice you in every way – but you must collaborate, you must accept, you must obey, for that to be realized in the design in which I granted you the special favors that you heard, that you knew, that you experienced and saw. Thus, once again, My Heart begins to return to the first days of My ardor as I look forward to come to you; I want to transform the world, I want to convert the cold and hardened human heart, I want to change the stubborn viewpoint that people still persist in till this day. I do not want anyone to leave My loving embrace and My salvation; so today, up to this moment, I continue to wait and to be patient.

My beloved children, everything has a definite date of its own; there were beginnings and there will be endings; the day that I came into the world, I also died and resurrected; and I did promise to remain with you till the end of the age. What will happen, and what is happening? I am waiting for the day that I want you to become part of the new earth, the day that I want you to officially enter a place that is completely Mine; you are the people, My sheep, the children whom I select to enter a new land, a new world. I want to behold you, I want to dwell with you, and I want to bestow all that is the best to you – the people who persevere, who are faithful, who reject the unrighteousness and unruliness of iniquity, and return to the Divine Mercy that I am opening wide to welcome you.

My beloved children, because there still are many people who are righteous, still many who are humble, still many whom I love, I do not have the heart to strike when today’s mankind is indifferent, cold, and disobedient. People greatly offended Me; people totally disregarded My rules; today, they completely failed to obey, and they allowed the licentiousness of the world to be in control. How pitiful, how unfortunate for the souls I redeemed; I died for them and I offered My Blood to cleanse them, for their souls to become righteous, for their souls to be purified from all the ordinariness and banality of sin that they still have. Somehow, today’s humanity failed and perpetually fail to recognize what is insignificant, vile, and wretched in the indulgence that they continue to enjoy, with days in the flesh, with fleeting days on earth. They live against My precept, practice against My doctrine, reject and neglect My love, totally discount the salvation that I granted to each heart, to each soul, and indulge in the days of the world, indulge in the iniquity that is lust and greed, indulge with what does not belong to the truth and righteousness that I taught. You have been deceived by the devil; he has used you like prey and he will completely ruin you, with the earthly days, with the temporal days, but after each person returns to dust, then the soul lives on and must suffer from what you did and are doing, on the path where you completely erred and opposed My laws.

My beloved children, indeed, what a grief; I want to behold the people that I cherish and yearn for. You must remember – that is your worth; people who are loved and cared for by My hands; it was I Myself who redeemed you, for you to have life, to live with prosperous days in this world, to live heavenly days in this world, and to live endless days in heaven where I already prepared a banquet table, waiting for every single person. Nevertheless, at this moment, I feel that the time I waited for you is sufficient and is also ripe; the time has come for mankind to recognize what belongs to the wrong decision and the choice made aside from My laws. You are proceeding and sustaining for yourselves days that are days in which you presently live to satisfy the flesh, but the soul will be inevitably doomed, with the flame that never goes out.

This is not what I want, but because you had the right to choose, you have decided for yourselves; and in the present life of faith, the majority among you has been completely cold and indifferent. Speaking of the life of faith, it appears that only a portion in the human world, all those whom today I want to invite and select: indeed, very few are able to come to the place that I already plan for the new earth. Thus, today, what you still have the opportunity for, then treasure; choose for yourselves and decide soon; do not let yourselves be too late and do not wait for the tribulations to happen to the world, because these are reminders that everything is set in the predestined plan along with all the revelations written in the Gospel and the Good News. The time has come for mankind to recognize the divine wonders and extraordinary signs, which is also the ending of the earth, the ending of an existing world, and then a new world will begin. The new world will no longer have hatred, will no longer have war, will no longer have suffering, will no longer have stubborn and hardened people, but will be people who live in harmony and love, who live in truth and righteousness, in justice, in holiness, and live a life that has My blessing and grace.

Today, there are many things I desire; you are people who hear, people who know, these are the truths from God who grants, for all classes, all roles, to hear, to understand what is essential and is needed in life. In particular, this Christmas, I am waiting for the return of mankind; this Christmas, I am waiting for the indifferent hearts to come to Me; I will heal them, I will fill the empty spaces of the soul, I will bind the wound. I will bestow in a special way to you, because I poured down graces to wash away sin, to give you more strength, to grant you more courage, to further bestow upon you great graces so that I only look at your return and forgive everything that you did and are doing. Still, it is so unfortunate, so pitiable, and regrettable for the souls who fail to recognize, who fail to experience, who remain hardened, who remain stubborn, who still indulge in a life of fleeting pleasure, because they fail to understand the important value of the soul thereafter.

Thus today, I just want to remind you and let you know about everything that you need to do, must do, to help your brothers, in time; to help all classes, all roles, in time; including My priests, including My Church, including all the messages reminding that the divine presence has come close, with the last graces that I Myself grant to the entire world, to prepare for a new earth, to prepare for the tribulations, to prepare for the unexpected events that will happen. So, today, in daily life, treasure what you presently have; devote all of your time to achieve meaningful and fruitful deeds; seek what consists of the treasure to invest for yourselves as of this day. And be prepared – each person, each role, throughout the country and the whole world – for the day that suddenly may be the day when you will see that unexpected event. If you are not readily prepared, then where will you end up? Because of the current matters, I come to remind you and to let you know; and I hope that this Christmas all the souls will let go of the past and return to the banquet table along with all the gathered brothers and sisters, to receive My graces, to receive the blessings that I grant to the hearts that are suffering, the hearts that are stumbling, the hearts that still do not understand, and the hearts that totally ignore and reject. Nonetheless, come; come and see; come taste the sweetness that I offer you. There is no one else besides Me; only I alone redeem you; I alone understand you; I alone love you, and I love you unconditionally.

These are the truths I want you to know. I do not look at your sins, but I want to see your amendment, I want to see your repentance, and I want to wait for your heart to make the decision for your own final hour. This Christmas, I want to be present for you to hear My voice, for you to recognize My presence, by the love, by the grace I pour down in this Christmas season for you to understand that I want you to belong to Me.  I want you to understand the heart of love that I grant to you, and I want you who had the opportunity to choose, to awaken soon and decide soon. Do not delay, do not let the days go by as you continue to wait, continue to procrastinate, continue to observe and guess, because you cannot predict what tomorrow will be.

Thus, today, I desire and yearn. I want to look at you as the Holy Spirit said to you: “I want you to be reborn in Me.” You need to understand; I come to you as a newborn baby, I want you to trust in Me and come back to Me, to be renewed and to be reborn in the special blessing and grace of this year. I want to look into the soul of each one of you; come to Me, and follow, and embrace, and accept the teaching of Mother Mary, which is a grace. I want to meet you; I want to see your devoted hearts; I want the heart to truly seek and encounter Me. I will definitely lift you up, support you, and wait for you to receive the great graces that I pour abundantly over today’s humanity – to redeem you, to deliver you, to help you repudiate evil, avoid sin, stay away from the devil’s snare, because you are unable to guess his evil intention and his pitfall that has totally covered up the human world to lead you away from God’s love and salvation.

Regardless of anything, I respect you; I see what is threatening you; you are living with a life that is simply mortal in days that are fleeting, but the soul lives forever. Look at Me; look at the God who became incarnate because of you, to assume human nature to come to you on a winter evening. The winter evening does not make Me even feel chilly, but rather, your rejections, your hardened hearts, your stubborn hearts, your denials, have grieved Me, made Me feel cold, and caused Me to continue to suffer with the anguish of the day I was born. Then was the day that I finished in the glorious victory of the resurrection; I thus triumphed over death and I want you to live with Me, to resurrect with Me, and to return with Me. Do not allow what belongs to the mortal world control you; do not yield to the pleasures of the world; do not give in to lust and greed; do not let what belongs to wretchedness and wickedness remove what is eternal that your souls receive. This is the opportunity for you to understand that that is the privilege I granted you through the redemption and it is also an everlasting covenant, because I cannot turn a blind eye, not help, not rescue, and not intervene. However, I need your collaboration, I need your acceptance, I need your obedience, and the rejection of all that is vile and unrighteous in life, for you to be worthy to receive the light, the love, the redemption, and the Divine Mercy that I granted and delayed for you till this century.

Today, I end here. I hope to inflame the soul of those who receive and listen, and I hope that the world hearkens and embraces what comes from God, who is not that distant and is the God who still waits for you daily at the Blessed Sacrament. I come to you in particular this Christmas and I remain close to you for the graces to be abundant, to guide you and for you to recognize that besides Me, there is no one else who protects, there is no one else who can bring you back from the darkness, there is no one else who is compassionate and clearly comprehends, and there is no one else who loves you unconditionally as I do.

Come back! Return and reflect upon what is in the present for you to have joy and receive the graces that I grant in particular to today’s world of humanity – to all classes, to all roles – and give to all the repentant children who return with the heart. When you recognize the presence, for you to receive, that is your duty, that is the precious gift that you already receive, and you have the opportunity to understand what you had, what you have, and what you need to have to stay away from the days of wickedness, the days of iniquity, the days of materialism and wealth, the days of lust and greed, of passions, of fame and money, of ambition, which lured you and led you away from My commandment, My precept, My love and My Divine Mercy.

Children, remember; I forever wait, and I am always ready to forgive; I always guide you back to Divine Mercy for you to be purified, to be sanctified, to be transformed in the water of rebirth, because that is the most important decision that you must face, which is to improve life, to give up what is worldly, fleeting, and come back, because the soul that you presently have is a precious gift and you have eternal life. If you do not treasure this sublime gift, then living in the flesh is indeed meaningless and, thus, the soul would be damned because you already chose, not I, your God, but you are choosing wealth, fame, lust, greed, pleasure and breaking My laws. Today, I mention this for you to understand, the yearning and longing, only I am the Person who quenches and is full of compassion and abounding in mercy to bring you back, if you can recognize My invitation and My patience through Divine Mercy, which I give to all of you, and give for the encounter in faith, and the personal encounter at the Blessed Sacrament.

Come! Come to experience what I granted to each one of you, each soul, and every single person who yearns to recognize My gift, offered to all of you, and given to all classes, all roles, when they listen and seek Me this Christmas. I wait for you at the manger of each church; I wait for you to be ready; I want to come to you to warm your souls, to remove the darkness, to help you mature and rise, in order to recognize and awaken soon.  Do not let it be too late and do not let it be too tardy; I am ready to help you in this; I am ready to help you understand this, because I redeemed you at the price of My Blood; I treasure your souls, and I love you. Do not despise yourselves, do not take yourselves for granted, and do not neglect the gift, even though you already offended, are offending, and rejecting My love, My Divine Mercy, and My salvation. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O God – I thank God for granting to me. I did not know that at this moment I can listen to the words from God, and the number 1111 is the exact sign for me to know that the four choirs of angels are ready. They represent us to reverently lift up to God, and they let us know that they are present and are prostrating, for God to come to us and for God to grant us a message to remind the world in general and for each person in particular. Especially, this Christmas, what was granted continues to be given for everyone to understand the meaning of the awakening, to know the meaning of the entrustment, to recognize the meaning of the return, and to grasp the meaning of the mercy that God bestows. This also strengthens us in our conviction to be grateful to God, because He already granted everything, and gave us the opportunity, for us to believe, for us to clearly realize what comes from God, who used all kinds of ways and poured down abundant blessings for us to become stouthearted people. Let us come and return in an absolute way, for us to be forgiven with the mercy that God bestows to every single soul, grants to every single person, every single class, every single role, and every single function, for us to be worthy of the love and the salvation that we receive at this moment, in this year’s Christmas season.

May everyone awaken; may everyone reconcile with God; may everyone come to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for the soul to be pure, to prepare the way for God to come to us, and for us to be ready, along with the Church, to unify the world, to lift up words to praise, to exult, to glorify, to honor, to celebrate the coming of the Savior, to rejoice for all the blessings poured down; to enjoy the peace that the Infant Jesus brings to each family, to each person, to each community, to anyone who believes and welcomes Him, and to the entire world. We thank God, praise God, glorify God, and honor God, our Lord, now and forever.

L. completes at exactly 5:04 p.m., on Monday, December 18, 2017, at home, where I received the words from God; especially today, Monday, God allowed me to also receive the words from the Holy Spirit as well, which I just heard. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God; in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

L., in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank Mother. I ask, in the Sign of the Cross, please keep us from all evil, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. We thank God for the words God gave to me today as well as to all those who have the time to receive and listen. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. This is assuming, of course, that one is in the state of grace.


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